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Apple tv4k/digital audio optical

My Samsung tv has no digital audio optical cable connexion so I used to plug in my Playbar into my old Apple tv for managing my tv sound. With my new Apple tv 4k, there’s no way to plug in the cable a...

Connecting Sonos One with Apple TV

Guys, help me out... And if this has already been asked (I'm sure it has), can someone point me in the right direction? I'm trying to have my Apple TV (which i use to stream music through my TV and...

Apple TV 4th generation

Is there any plan to launch Sonos Apple TV App using Apple Tv 4th generation interface and Siri ?

Apple TV

I have my music library on an iMac desktop in the office area of my house. I have the Play bar, sub and two Play 1 speakers in a sun room. Until i got the Sonos components I would listen to my libra...

Sonos + Apple TV

I’m new to the sonos ecosystem. Just got a playbase + 2x play:1 + sub. When I play music from Sonos app the sound quality is great. But there is a clear worsening when I use Apple TV (4th gen) to Air...

Sonos Connect with Apple TV

Dear all, can I connect my Apple TV to transmit the sound through my Sonos Connect to my speakers?

Playbase + 3rd generation Apple TV

I have recently purchased a Sonos Playbase, but have yet to unpack it and set it up. Prior to doing so I am wanting to check in whether a 3rd generation Apple TV will work with this system, given the...

Music delay when playing music from my MacBook Pro through Apple TV .

My System: Sound Bar & Sub, two Play 1's as a stereo pair, another Play 1 and Play 2 in other rooms. I have a Boost as well. When I stream music from my MacBook Pro through Apple TV I get a delay on...

Wired CONNECT & wired Apple TV - can they be connected?

I recently installed a ethernet wired CONNECT to my Yamaha receiver along with a One to stream music to existing speakers in 2 zones - all is sounding great & I can play my music library on my Mac & s...

Sonos setup with hdmi switch

Hello, I am trying to find a way to have audio (best possible) from all the following devices: 1) Panasonic Viera plasma Tv 2) Apple TV 3) other HDMI Following discussions on other topics, I bought...

Apple TV 4K AirPlay 2 and Sonos

Hello to all. Let’s assume I’m going to buy an Apple TV 4K, and connect it to my TV via HDMI. The TV is connected via optical to Playbar, and I have both Sub and 2x play:1. None of my Sonos speakers i...

New Apple TV - send IR

Hi all I'm having an issue with the Playbar and the new Apple TV. I'd like to add the Sonos as a controller in the Apple TV's settings, but the ATV only accepts IR signals. Is there any way around th...

Using Apple TV get a delay on the speakers

I have the Sonos Soundbar, 2 Play 1's as a stereo pair, a Play 2 and another Play 1 upstairs. When using Apple TV to play my iTunes Library I get a delay on the speakers. The soundbar works fine but...

apple tv as controller, please

port your IOS controller onto Apple TV, please; allowing display of controller's album art onto a large flat panel

Volume on TV/beam always resets to zero when TV turned off/on

I have the new Beam, play1s and a sub working with the LG TV. All generally works well, but I have found recently that if I turn off the TV, or if it goes into sleep mode, that the volume is set to z...

Help, Connecting to a Sonos Beam Via Apple TV

So we have the problem where we are connecting to an Apple TV and sending a video to a TV through the Apple TV, when we do this it doesn't use the Sonos beam as the sound out put even though that is w...

Sonos + Apple TV4

Hi All, I just replaced my old Apple TV (with optical connection) by an Apple TV4. Since Airplay2 is now available on Sonos I thought I would get rid of the optical cable. So right now I have a Sonos...

Apple TV 3 to Sonos connect through DAC

I’m trying to get my Apple TV 3 Into my Sonos connect line in through a DAC going from optical to RCA. It isn’t working. I know sound comes out of my Sonos and my Apple TV. I read elsewhere to chang...

Sonos One problem with Apple TV gen 2

Hi! I recently bought a Sonos One to use with my Apple TV 2nd generation. It is up to date. I find my speaker in the AirPlay menu on my ATV. But when I choose my speaker, and it is connected, it stil...

Can the Sonos Beam help simplify my home theater system?

I have an older home theater system that is fairly complicated, not to mention bulky. I'm considering a Beam to help simplify things and conserve some space. When I first set this up 6 years ago, opti...

Samsung JU7100 TV + Beam + Apple TV 4K mute on startup

As stated. When I power on my system via the Apple TV 4K remote the Beam is muted. Beam is connected to the Samsung TV through HDMI ARC. I turn off the system by putting the Apple TV to sleep with the...

Sonos Syncing

Can I sync my Sonos speakers with my Apple TV and Amazon Echo? Will these play as seamless as the Sonos speakers do?

Need Help - Sony TV Apple TV and Sonos

Hello, I have the current setup: Apple 4K TV connected to the Sony XBR65X930E TV using HDMI 2 XBOX One X Connected to same TV using HDMI 3 TV connected to playbar using optical audio Sub and two play...

#featurerequest Sonos App for Apple TV4

HI, I know this has been discussed before but did not see an answer, Is there a Plan to have a Sonos App for Apple TV 4? if so when should we expect roll-out? It would make absolute sense to have the...

Audio dropout from Sonos with Apple TV 4k

Since purchasing the Apple TV 4k, I get about 1/2 second audio dropout once every three songs or so and during shows or movies. I don’t have this issue if I am streaming to the PLAYBAR from my iOS dev...


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