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Sonos Connect with Apple TV

Dear all, can I connect my Apple TV to transmit the sound through my Sonos Connect to my speakers?

Music delay when playing music from my MacBook Pro through Apple TV .

My System: Sound Bar & Sub, two Play 1's as a stereo pair, another Play 1 and Play 2 in other rooms. I have a Boost as well. When I stream music from my MacBook Pro through Apple TV I get a delay on...

Audio dropout from Sonos with Apple TV 4k

Since purchasing the Apple TV 4k, I get about 1/2 second audio dropout once every three songs or so and during shows or movies. I don’t have this issue if I am streaming to the PLAYBAR from my iOS dev...

Using Apple TV get a delay on the speakers

I have the Sonos Soundbar, 2 Play 1's as a stereo pair, a Play 2 and another Play 1 upstairs. When using Apple TV to play my iTunes Library I get a delay on the speakers. The soundbar works fine but...

Sonos 5.1 and Sky/Apple TV set up

I'm attempting to set up proper 5.1 on Sonos using applet tv (4th gen) and Sky HD. Ive got the play bar, sub and two play 1's. The system won't work out the box i.e with my tv (Panasonic A47 series)...

Surround sound without PLAYBAR/BASE

Hi, is it possible to setup a surround sound with a PLAY3 and 2x PLAY1? Or do you specifically need a PLAYBAR/PLAYBASE? I own 1 of each and am looking to repurpose and group them (plus one more) with...


I've searched quite a bit (and the Sonos community search doesn't seem to be working) but can't find an answer to this: does the new Apple TV (sans optical) send all audio via DD 5.1? Specifically won...

Tv remote controller does not control sound played from apple tv to playbar

I have a samsung tv + playbar connected via optical + apple tv via hdmi to tv. When I watch tv my remote controller is able to control the volume of the playbar, when I switch to my apple tv, I hear t...

Projector/Apple TV/MacBook/Sonos hook-up

I am trying to set-up a home theater, and would like to utilize the Sonos speakers that I already have: Play 1, Play 3, and Sonos Connect. I am looking to purchase a projector to use to stream video...

Streaming Sonos speakers to other areas of the house from Apple TV connected to amp/wired speakers in Living room.

I have been reading related answers to this question, but being so new at this, I am still not certain. I currently use Google Play on iOS to stream music via Apple play to my Apple TV which is conne...

Apple TV 4K 5th Generation Remote Controlling Sonos PLAYBAR Volume

The Sonos instructions to use the Apple TV 4th Generation remote to control volume on the PLAYBAR don't seem to work with the new 4K 5th Generation Apple TV. Has anyone gotten the remote to work to c...

Playbar will not detect Apple Siri Remote

My Apple TV 4K (5 gen.) remote will not connect to my Playbar. The Apple Remote have no mute button wich make pairing the device impossible.. Is there any work arounds? I’ve tried all these followi...

Audio with Apple TV 4K

When watching movies via Apple TV 4K, be it Netflix or iTunes movies, I get no audio through my 5.1 setup unless I have 'stereo' selected in the Apple TV's audio menu. DTS and "best available" either...

Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups or details on PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, our home theater solutions? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the re...


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