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Has anyone seen any adverts absolutely anywhere for Sonos? Help!

I was wondering if someone could help me. I am doing a music technology course in sixth form. Has anybody seen any adverts absolutely anywhere for Sonos? And how have you heard of them? I am doing an...

Picks up wrong radio station on same frequency

My sonos system picks up a different out of state radio station on the same frequency as the local AM station that I am trying to listen to here in Oregon. I can listen to the local station on-line f...

Sonos repeatedly seems to lose connection to the system components.

It's worked fine for more than a year, but now it will play less than one song, and suddenly say that it no components are installed. I usually can re-install them, but then it happens again.

prevent repeating songs in shuffle mode

When I shuffle songs, whether within a playlist, a queue, a genre, etc., it will repeat songs before playing all of the songs within the grouping. For instance, I purchased 4 new CD's and loaded them...

Why can't I get Slacker to open and play on my Sonos system.Now when I try to open Slacker it reads,Unable to Browse music.

My group disappear!

Hi, I have two zone, my office and kitchen. It is working fine when I'm using this but approx. once per day the group "disappear" and I have to re-create the group. Then everything works again for ano...

Adding iTunes from my wife's library to our connect

I have added my itunes library to our connect amp, but after donlading the sonos app on my wife's computer can not get her library added so she can play her stuff. Was up wit dat?

Cannot play iTunes music library

I have tried for 2 days now to get my iTunes library playing. All I get is a message IDS_NETSVC_ERR_CREATE_SHARE. I dont know what is going on, but this should be made so much simpler!!!

Play5 keeps dropping out

I have continual issues with one on my Play5 unit dropping out. I have an issue with the line in stopping any music that I have playing (such as Rhapsody) and I have issues with sluggishness and lack...

sonos doesn't find our system even tho its playing on our speakers

cant get system to work at all not sure if disabled by i phone up grade keeps saying unable to connect it does recognized my four zones but cant connect to internet yet I am on internet with my computer thru wireless in home.

Disappearing zone

The software update affected one of my zones and it has disappeared from my zone list. Tried to add it back and got a "zone added" message but it auto names it the same as one of the other zones that...

My Sonos stopped working right after I installed Dish Network satelite tv in my home Is there a connection? I tried disabling the McAfee firewall - it still does not work

Sonos stopped working I tried to re-run the set-up & I get the message "Sonos component not found" Is this a problem with my bridge?

Internet stream stops after an hour of play

When streaming music from Sirius or Pandora, the music stops and I must press the play button to restart. This happens several times per day. Internet connection is still up, just music stops. What...

Dashboard says we are connected to online station but no sound coming through speakers. Station is playing online on other computers.

Volume control is set midway. This is a retail space and we need to create the necessary ambiance asap.

MPR choral stream

I am attempting to add the MPR Choral stream as a new radio station, but Sonos indicates that it is not encoded properly. Can you please assist with getting this to work? Here's a link to the channe...

Radio stations continuously cut in and out

I am not able to play radio stations without the sound cutting in and out. (There is no sound most of the time.) Whether I use local stations or other stations, they all seem to have the same sympto...

Problems with Control Amp losing connection to bridge.

BRIDGE: UnnamedSerial Number: 00-0E-58-4D-FF-CC:CVersion: 3.8 (build 19353220)Hardware Version: Address: 3.8 build 19353220bIP address 192.168.... Plays fine on my computer but struggles on Sonos....?

The internet radio plays fine on my computer but my Sonos system can only play it sporadically. any thoughts?

Cannot play podcasts- Cannot connect to server

I can't seems to play podcasts on sonos. When I do I get a message along the lines of: " cannot play xxxx, cannot connect to IMAC/Music, because the server cannot be found" This happens when usi...

Sonos is having trouble viewing some files on one hard drive and will not view the contents of another hard drive at all. (Using WDTV Live and WDTVLiveHub in a network)

Sonos is having trouble viewing some files on one hard drive and will not view the contents of another hard drive at all. The system uses an older WDTVLive with a wireless N USB stick attached to a WD...

Spotify login/password incorrect

can't add spotify Service, Incorrect login/password,of course no facebook account.

rhapsody connection lost - only at night

rhapsody with sonos works great during the day come night time - often get "connection lost" or insufficient bandwidth errors and music stops intermittently. Internet radio works fine (eg radioparadi...

Spotify connection issue with IPad and Sonos App

Spotify always loses connection to my Sonos app on ipad3, you can not flick from spotify app to Sonos app as it then displays message unable to connect and I have to power ipad right down and restart...

Sonos won't index. Say some file is missing?


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