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my sonos unit will not let me "create" a new station

why can't I edit or create new station

Music sounding muffled. I have tested my tv which runs through my preamp & into power amp & into speakers fine. However sonos to preamp into power amp to speakers sound muffled. All cables are working. I have a NAS drive connected to Sonos & Sonos is

Both the NAS deive connection & BT hub connection on the Sonos have a green light on the left side & a flashing amber light to the right. I can see the tracks on my computer & music played but muffled...

I have it set up and installed but don't know how to start playing music?

I just set my system up; it is ready to play music. I have my itunes account open. I have asked it to update my music library. It says it is indexing but it never finishing indexing. How do I start...

My Sonos isn't picking up Spotify. I recently unplugged the docking station and speaker and moved them to a different part of the same room - do I need to reboot the bridge unit? There is no issue with internet connection.

Can't play music...

We have just purchased a Sonos system, two speakers and a bridge to play our music wirelessly through the house. I have quite a vast iTunes library and have added that to the Sonos controller, however...

Updating software is stalling

I can't get the controller software to update completely on my mac mini or on my iPhone. The mac mini update gets stalled .... and now we can listen to nothing. It's a screen that says it's download...

can plug my iphone into one set of speakers, and then be playing my play 3 in a different room playing with the same ipod so that all speakers are playing the same music?

Upgraded home Router Sonos Stops working

today I upgraded my broadband connection to a Virgin Media Super Hub. All my home devices (iMac, iPad, iPhone) connect to the internet and work just fine. My Sonos bridge is connected to the new com...

Sonos freezes when trying to browse Stitcher stations.

Since the last update, Sonos apps on both my Android and on my MacBook freeze when trying to browse Stitcher stations.

Version 3.8.4 Upgrade

I was prompted on my iPhone to upgrade to version 3.8.4. I was wondering what the upgrade is for since the latest version posted on Sonos website is 3.8.3.

speaker stopped syncing with controller

Play 3 speaker was just given to me as a gift and stopped working. The speaker stopped syncing with controller no matter how many times I try... reset everything including modem, router and bridge....

lastFM usage

I just renewed my lastFM subscription, and attempted to use lastFM on SONOS. Message received: unable to play. Upgrade your account at Sonos.

How do I connect the play 5

I have tryed numerous times but everytimme it doesnt work

I cannot delete my playlists on my sonos.

I created these playlists on my own sonos controller - they were not imported. A number of them will not play anymore either - just gives me an error message. So now I want to delete many of them an...

Running Play 3 set up via Bridge, Sonos is not importing all of ITunes and is missing tracks from ripped CD's and playlists. How do I import these tracks?

Hearts of Space "Unable to browse music"

Error message... your site indicates the problem has been fixed.... I am still not able to connect.

Rooms dropped, then switched

I ran most current update. After the update I noticed my Living Room and Deck speaker options were dropped. Attempted to add Living Room speakers back, tested by playing a song to LR speakers, but t...

Play iTunes on my Mac on Sonos?

Where can I change settings so Sonos can play my music on the Mac? It shows my playlist etc. but whenever I try to play anything from the menu, I get a message that the system cannot connect. Where ca...

can't remove music folders on sonos controller for mac

I have the Sonos controller for Mac and have synced up to a NAS drive. However, I want to remove the music folders on the controller. I go the the relevant place, select the folder and click on the...

Cannot detect Autoplay room.

I have a Bridge and Dock only. Both will connect except when connecting the Dock, I can't connect it to my room. There is no available option from the drop-down menu of available autoplay rooms.

update problem

after updating system today, the desktop controller and the control handset either cannot find any connected components or will not update (error 1101). My internet connection is working ok. Any sugge...

Bricked sonos after software upgrade?

Was upgrading component. Now I can not get it to stop flashing nor join my network.

E-Mail stop Sonos playing

Everytime when I get an e-mail my Sonos Play 5 stop to work. What is going wrong?

SiriusXM won't play

I keep getting 'unable to play, connection lost' message when trying to play SiriusXM. All other music sources work.

Why won't it play?????

Pull up sonos icon on computer. All added libraries/stations there(SIrius/Pandora etc) Will allow me to pull up Sirius (or whatever). All my stations listed but when I hit play...nothing. Like there i...


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