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Playbar still not connecting after much troubleshooting

After review through the steps for how to troubleshoot no sound from our Sonos Soundbar we are still unable to correct the issue. Roughly 2 weeks after installation the Soundbar worked for a few shor...

I am not able to reset my sonos system after the 4.1 2 upgrade to the software dont know if it makes any difference but its on a mac

Please help very unhappy without my music

Hi my sonos as started to stop and start when playing music it just plays for 5 to 10 seconds my ref 3040584

My sonos has started to stop and start it only plays for about 5 to10 seconds then stops then it starts then it stops my ref 3040584

Watching Movies on Nexus 10

I have a Nexus 10. If I connect it to a TV with the HDMI connector, the picture displays but there is no accompanying sound. Can I use the Sonos Play3 speakers to output the audio? If so, is there any...

Extremely Disappointed.

I am new to Sonos, having had a Play3 and Bridge for about a month. I was very happy with it, until today. First of all I was rather surprised that it no longer works and that I needed to update the S...

Also the same issue. Diagnostic #2337259

Also the same issue. Diagnostic #2337259 This has happened before, but it was due to a security feature with my Internet provider that required devices to log in. I'm contacting them as well to de...


I have at last been able to sync my itunes playlists with my ipad and finally got my new Sonos Play 5 to run. However 50% of the songs on my playlist are "unplayable"!! How can I resolve this ?

4.1 Update - Elegance has been fired from Sonos????

What a bloody, bloody awful experience this has been. Everything stops working, iOs controllers hang. No Sonos system found. Resets all round. I have to download the OSX controller software (what...

What is the power rating of the amps and speakers in the Play:3 and the Play:5?

Logging out of a Music Source (ie Spotify, Sirius, Pandora)

How do I log out of a "More Music" source? Currently my regular Sirius account is up, I need to put my premium account info in and I don't know where to log out

Sonos Playbar with Apple Macmini

Hi there I watch some TV using various sources, such as EyeTV, DVD's and BBC iPlayer, through a MacMini. Will the Sonos Playbar connect successfully to the Mac? Cheers Milt

How can I keep Sonos minimized on task bar?

After I launch Sonos and minimize on task bar, and then go to email or web browser, the Sonos window pops back up. How can I keep it minimized? Thanks

I have Sonos System operated with my iPhone. I wish to get the new Win Phone 8 the Lumia 928. When will Sonos have an App for this phone?

I would like to be able to use a Windows 8 phone as the controller for my Sonos System. The reviews on Phonos look sketchy and I am reasonably satisfied with the iPhone experience.

Win controller fails, error 1101 and can't find the internet, Sonos works with iPhone controller

I cannot get the Windows controller to run on either of two computers. It used to run fine. I have changed about every setting I can find. I've turned off firewalls, etc etc. The Connect Amp runs f...

Can't play SiriusXM

SiriusXM won't play -- I just get the error: unable to play - the connection to SIRIUS was lost.

android controller missing some album art

Several art thumbnails are visible on every track (and entire album) on iTunes, Sonos PC, and iPad, but missing on my Android 4.0.3 Asus tablet controller.

the correct Audible account is not activated for this system.

Get the following results"5/22/13 9:03 PM Unable to play Farmer in the Sky (Unabridged) - the correct Audible account is not activated for this system." Can you assist me with this issue? I have regis...

I can't play my local iTunes library

When I try to play music from my iTunes library, the music skips and finally drops and tries to move on to the next track. Sometimes it shows an error message about not enough buffering, or another on...

No sound from playbar

TV plays through the Playbar, but no music. I assume I do not need the TV on for music

Radio Stops

Hi Pierre, I have the same problem as these guys. I have tried to submit a diagnostic but keep getting an error message - "there was a problem submitting diagnostics" Can you please advise? My ema...

Sonos can't find my PC

I have search many forums without success. Sonos can't find any of my audio files as it says "Sonos can't find ____ PC". If Sonos can't resolve this, I will be sure to return as without my itunes li...

Poor feedback offered!!!!

Android user here unhappy with lack of streaming service to Sonos devices. You stated it planned but no dates given? That is poor customer service and very short term. Surely a bracket date with a buf...

Wrong plug supplied, poor after sales service

My Play3 arrived with a European plug. So I can't use it. I emailed Sonos immediately to request a replacement and haven't heard a thing in 5 days. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

my Sonus won't connect with my itunes account

Sonos home theater

I love Sonos. I recently added a PlayBar and SUB to my home system. Here is my question. I read on the forums that only Play 3's can be added to the sound bar for immersive theater sound. My question,...


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