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Intermittent problems Connecting to Sonos music system

at times cannot connect to sonos system or the connection get lost/music stops - any thoughts?

sonos will not connect to ipad 1

Since upgrading my system with new sonos software my ipad 1 asks for the controller to be upgraded but the app store won't let me upgrade as I have an iPad 1? So what do I do and how do i use my Sono...

play music from laptop

I want to use a jak and plug it from my laptop to my speaker as i need the sound from a video

sonos doesn't show my complete itunes library

My Sonos Library does not show all my Itunes Library. All id3 tags are the same and less than 65000 songs. please help

How do I access Pandora partner branded radio stations?

How do I access a Pandora partner branded radio station on a Sonos home system? Specifically, Peet's Coffee and Tea has a "Peet's Eclectic Classical" station that I can access over the web at http://w...

Samsung s4

When I am on sonos app on my samsung s4 and want to add a song from my device it says cannot add song to queue please can u tell me what the problem is

Jriver works with Sonos?

I have 3 sonos, I just bought Jriver which is the best player so far. Can I play JRiver through Sonos?

Silence on the Sonos Play:3.

I have a sonos system running 3 Play:3's and a Playbar, all off one Bridge, spread out over 3 rooms. It has worked well for 2 years. But the house is a second home and we rent it, and now at the end o...

Drop outs?

sonos system keeps dropping out and reconnecting.Is not an internet issue as laptop remains connected.Have tried changing wireless channels but issue remains.


Now that sonos has messed up the ipad app with their abomination, I am looking at sonopad. Can any users give any feedback or share their experiences

Incorrect track name issue

If purchased an album for my little girl on Itunes and the track names don't correspond to the actual song that is playing. I have just edited the entire album to the correct song names but when I add...

Surround sound

I have a Play Bar, Sub and 2 Play 1 speakers for the rear. Having trouble setting this up to work properly and when I use the remote control that I set up for the play bar, it does not operate the 2 p...

Sonos cannot find my computer

My Sonos stopped accepting music from my library. It sent a message saying cannot find server. Then when I removed my library to reset it, the message read cannot find computer. All this while the rad...

BBC iPlayer on Sonos

Ok , my Squeezbox is playing up so I ask for advise on alternatives , Sonos is mentioned but after a bit of research I find out it will not support iPlayer , I think I'll have to look at other options...

Connecting Smart Tv Wireless to Sonos Speakers

Can you connect your wireless Sonos Speakers to a Smart Tv Wirelessly. I've read you can connect certain speaks using a cord but I want to do it without wires. Please kelp.

Correct set up to use existing CD player & amp

I want to play my CDs through my existing CD player and amp. I have purchased a SONOS CONNECT, so what is the correct way to connect the CONNECT to the amp and the amp to the CD player and how should...

after app update, why when grouped units can you not mute individual units at the unit?

It was possible to mute a single device when a number were grouped together by using the speaker button on the device. Now doing this mutes all grouped devices. Why?

iphone app regularly drops connection

Hi guys, My good lady and I both have the iPhone 5s and the iPad 2. We have the Sonos Play 3 in the bedroom and the Play 5 in the living room. However, whenever we play any form of playlist or albu...

Multiple independent connects on the same network

Can I have multiple Sonos Connect Amps each setup as an independent system on the same home network? Each member of my family has their own and duplicate internet music service accounts. We would neve...

Do you have a wireless speaker system that I can plug a couple of microphones and/or computer input to play presentation audio?

I conduct presentations in a lecture hall and I've historically been lugging a huge Bose system to plug my wireless microphones and laptop into. I'd love to have a light weight alternative and sync 2...

When will an app for Wp8 come?

Sonos and wifi wont connect

I cannot connect my Sonos on my laptop to my wifi. Sonos does not accept my password. My iphone and ipad are connected successfully. Please help. Noni

Why won't work?

For the last few weeks, when I try to play, I get a message that says "unable to play - the connection to was lost." I have deleted my account and re-set it up. But it still won't wo...

Anyone know if Sonos can be setup to use the GD app for iOS?

GD App for iOS

Rears in Traditional A/V System

Sorry if this came up twice. Play:1's as Rears in Traditional A/V System I need a pair of small rear speakers that are wireless to go with my traditional Audio/Video system for TV and movies. I have 3...


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