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RARA not working on Sonos

why do you list RaRa as a music channel when their service hasn't worked on the Sonos platform for over 3 months and they seem incapable of providing a time by which their service will work again on t...


I am in the US Army and I have been looking at your speakers for awhile. Now that I do not have any stereo equipment to support my music listening experience, since I just moved to Korea, I was wond...

Installing Sonos in a roofed backyard?

I'm planning to put sound in my backyard which has an part with roof and a fully open one. The roofed part has a TV and I was thinking to put a playbar with the tv to sound all the area. Two questions...

my system "cuts out" frequently.

songs are cutting out, like you might hear from a radio station that is not coming in well. like static. it does this with my music library and playing from another source such as "line in" through my...

Sonos and iTunes problems

Sonos was working fine and accessing music from a NAS. I have transferred the music to iTunes and now I am having problems The music library on Sonos is set to music/itunes. My music in iTunes is hel...

play:1 drops out and can't be added back in

I have a Sonos system with 6 different components. All work well apart from a Play:1 which keeps dropping out. If I try and re-connect using Add a Sonos Component, the LED flashes red for a while bu...

incompatible with ios 5.1.1 on ipad

I tried to install the Sonos Controller app on my ipad but it says I need ios 6.0 or later. The problem is I have the original ipad and just updated it to ios 5.1.1 and I don't think a later version...

does the connect amp work by wifi to my modem

my speakers are away from my modem so does the connect amp use wifi from my modem

Line in mode

I can't separately control the volumes of my 1's from my play bar using audio line in mode ?

how do I change my password?

can I use my two Play 5 's as surround sound speakers with my sub and Playbar?

spotify & songza connections lost

I purchased the PlayBar a few days ago and have had issues with Spotify and Songza. Both apps disconnect multiple times per day. Error is "unable to connect to Spotify - connection was lost". I d...

Connect getting very hot

Hi there. I am on my second Connect, sadly my ZP90 died. My concern is that it gets very hot, even when it is on standby, it gets hot. I am fearful that my previous ZP90 died due to over heating, alth...

sonos controller, and amps, pulling 169 IP address.... Bridge is hardlined and pulling correct IP address

cannot connect sonos to wifi

music sounds better through the app versus fiber optic

There is a dramatic difference on how my sons surround system handles music directly through the app versus through the fiber optic. When I play music through my apple tv directly from fiber optic the...

why does the sonos app on my ipad have to be opened to play music from a que that shows up on other controllers I have?

I apologize, I don't know if this issue existed prior to replacing the app on my ipad recently. I have the controller on a windows pc and on my ipad. the que was built using the ipad app.


i can't get my sons system to work. checked power supply, internet and wifi working ok….. is it possible to speak to a human being at Sonos to sort it out?

Help! Want to play my sonos playlist

Can't play sonos. "Rhapsody login info not valid" is displayed. Yet, I can play Rhapsody using my password. Would like to play my sonos playlists. Thank you!

Sonos speaker does not work

Our Sonos stopped working. The bridge unit is connected to our wireless network and the light is lit. However the speaker unit is unresponsive. The message on the iPhone is that we do not have a sons...


Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to link the Sony CMT-X7CDB to Sonos speakers so that music could be played through all speakers at the same time and if so, how would this be done? Thanks

Updated android app does not see .wma audio files on phone

Most of my music is .wma file format to save space on my phone. Unlike the previous version the updated android Sonos app does not see these files, just mp3. Also still no volume or pause control wi...

Where is the Manage setting in version 5.0 on iphone?

Need to re-install Pandora. How do I do that in version5.0 on iphone? Where is the Manage setting?

Line in failure after software 5 update

I have two play 5's in the media room linked together as a stereo pair they have been working like this for 18 months with no problems. Since the ipad software update to version 5, when using the lin...

Cannot control volume from going to maximum on its own

The controllers on All my apple devices iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, will not keep the volume level where I set it. They all go slowly left to right to the maximum volume no matter what I do.

Where can I get a Sonos controller app for iPad iOS 5.0.1?

I have an older generation iPad that I want to use as a dedicated Sonos controller, but I can't use the latest Sonos app on it. Is there someplace that I can get an earlier version that is compatible...


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