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Podcast skipping

Hi, I set up the Sonos One today and my podcast restarted multiple times, I think it even changed episodes on me but that may have been novice error. I read through the community threads so here’s my...

Network Matrix

I know ! the old subject. I have a bridge connected to the router to feed 9 zones (2 of the zones are stereo pair + Sub) I have 3 bridges (large house) and 6 devolo wifi repeaters set up as the router...

Playlist only playing songs by certain artists

Whenever I listen to a playlist on my Sonos One it only plays the same 5 or 6 songs by 3 or 4 different artists on repeat. I haven’t got the repeat button selected. Even if I select a song by a differ...

Why don't you admit you have a major problem?

I want my money back because I am sick of my non-playing Sonos. I don't care what they say about wi-fi, I don't want to spend my time trying complex reconfigurations on my wi-fi set up because Sonos c...

cannot save playlists

it is impossible to save playlists even if i delete some of the existing. what can i do?

Surround setup error

I seem to have the same problems may others are having connecting their Play1s as surrounds to the playbar. The error I receive is "Surround setup error. There was a problem adding the surround spea...

PlayBar en panne

Bonjour, j'ai acheté un playbar en 2013, en même temps qu'un play3. Aujourd'hui, en regardant la télé, j'ai entendu un gros craquement, et le son s'est arrêté. Comme je suis repassé sur le son télé, l...

Audio actions are currently not supported on this device - Alexa and Sonos One

When I give Alexa a command on my Sonos One, for example "Alexa, Good Morning" she says "Audio actions are not currently supported on this device" but then strangely she carries out part the associate...

Sonos One + Sonos Play:1 + Alexa

Should I be able to command the Play:1 with my voice? I have Alexa set up on the Sonos One working fine, but the Play: 1 does not respond. I have voice services set up on the Sonos One, but there d...

Sonos One/Alexa

Hi, Does anyone else have an issue when using the Sonos one with spotify and Alexa? I seem to be able to play Spotify through the iPad onto the sonos one absolutely fine but the Alexa intergration se...

Alexa or microphone not working

I set up my speaker 6 days ago and the microphone or alexa has stopped responding. I have unplugged it but no change. The only buttons that seem to work are the volume buttons. All worked perfectly un...

Audio Dropout

I am experiencing Audio drop out with my music tracks. Before I include all of my operating system, can someone tell me if changing my wi fi channel will affect other wi fi products. For example, th...

Sync Error

When grouped and playing either Apple Music or FLAC or Tune in, one of my PLAY ONE loses sync with one or more rooms. One room has a PLAY ONE and if I GROUP (the erroneous one) with that or use it as...

Tunein BBC radio stations stopped working

Hi Using the BBC radio stations from Tunein has stopped working. If I say, for example, "Play Radio four" it replies playing "Playing BBC Radio 4 from Tunein on (Front Room)". Then silence. On all my...

Not Responding to Wake Up Command

I have the Sonos One with Alexa and most of the time the "Alexa" command doesn't wake up the player, I have to say Alexa many times like A L E X A , Alexa!!!, A-L-E-X-A, etc, I don't know why most of...

Album artwork distorted view

When browsing music libraries (either from my NAS or locally on my iPad) a number of album art covers are displayed improperly. This is not the issue with album covers associated with the wrong tracks...

Playbase WiFi connection permanently(?) lost

Hi, I have a TV surround setup with Playbase, 2 x Play:1 and a Sub which has been working perfectly fine for 3 weeks. A couple of days ago the Playbase lost the WiFi-connection; TV sound through optic...

Volume drop outs

Having issues with my two Play 1's that are a stereo pair dropping volume out in the middle of songs. It does it across all streaming sources and appears to be random. There is full strength WiFi avai...


I have sonos app installed on my ipad and android phone, i have 2 alarms, 1 that my weekly work alarm and one a once alarm. On the andriod app there no way of switching off the weekly alarm, you switc...

How to switch/share Play:5 speakers between stereo pair and surround speakers for playbar (& back)?

I have a pair of Play:5's (gen2) that I use a a stereo pair for listening to music and I have a Playbar attached to the TV that I use for normal TV viewing. On occasion of watching a movie (a couple...

Multi-Speaker 'My Mood' List...Is it possible?

Hi, I have multiple Sonos speakers spread around my house and quite often set a variety of different tracks & sound levels simultaneously to set a specific mood/audio atmosphere around the house. It c...

Some playlist shows blank in Xiami Music after Sonos 8.4 update

Xiami Music is a China Music service. There is a playlist on the top called ‘today featured’ when I added xiami music in sonos app. Everything works fine until I upgraded sonos app and sonos play1 sp...

Integrated system

Want to know if it is possible to integrate my computer based Sonos system and play music thru my two Sonos 1 speakers and Playbar as well as use the three speakers as a home theater.

Play by Album Year

Hi Sonos Gurus, When will we have the ability to utilize the Year tag and play albums by year? Regards Gerald

Muffled sound

I've just set up my Sono PLAY1 and within 30 seconds of playing a song the sound became very muffled. After looking on the forums, I've noticed this is a common problem. Can anyone provide me with a s...


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