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Tracks greyed out and unplayable - from iTunes Match / Apple Music

With version 7.3, many tracks in one or two albums showed as unplayable, and would jump to the next track. Now, under 7.4, they are showing as in the library, but unable to be played on Sonos. I have...

Changed Wi-fi, problem reconnecting a One

Hi, changed Wi-fi and when trying to revset up the app s not picking up my network, if I type it in it’s ignored and I’m prompted to do it again, any thoughts?

Controller skins

It would be nice to be able to select different skins for the controller on the desktop. The current skin is dark and small text. It's hard to see the subtext that appears to be a light blue on a da...

Wired speakers throughout the house how can Sonos

Just moved into a new house with speakers throughout, walls and ceiling. They decided to leave me some equipment (see attached) and set it up so all the wires come out in the same place(also attached...

Radio Stations Out of Sync In Different Rooms

I don't want group my living room and my TV room, but occassionally I would like the same radio station playing throughout the apartment. I added the radio station via the "Search Radio by TuneIn" op...

BBC Radio Issue with Alexa

Hi. Ever since I've had my Sonos One speakers I've said 'Alexa, play Radio 5 Live' (for example) and it says 'Playing Radio 5 Live from TuneIn' and away it goes. Fine. However, in just the last week o...

Trueplay freezes

Anyone else have a problem where trueplay stalls at the "Adjusting speaker sound..." screen?

Is Alexa Plex Skill Compatible with Sonos One?

I've enabled the Plex Skill in Alexa and am able to issue voice commands to play music from my Plex server on my Echo device. However, on the Sonos One, it goes through the motions and actually says i...


sonos play 5 gen 2. problem with connecting, while settin up light flashing red and white which the manual says speaker repartioning failed, i dont know what to do. i emailed at sonos support but didn...

Sonos PLAY 5 Power On Failure

Post a year and 2 months of use my 2nd gen Play 5 would refuse to turn on out of the blue. A quick google search confirmed a number of users facing the same issues across the Sonos product line. On c...


Is there a way I can manipulate the Sonos app so I can use my headphones -- instead of the speakers?

Harmful to repeatedly unplug Sonos?

I'm not yet willing to have a Sonos in every room and since my Sonos One is not rechargeable I move it to whichever room I'm in. Is constant plugging and unplugging harm my Sonos One in any way?

How do I add Pandora to my list of services? I originally bought and registered by Sonos in NL, where it was not available

Hi there, like mentioned above, I originally bought and registered by Sonos in NL, where Pandora is not available and I have since moved to the US where I still have a Pandora account. Pandora does...

So I went out Wednesday and got my new 75 inch Samsung QLED Q7FN, now I have a HT decision ahead of me.

Now I have my super size TV, and I move the my 65 inch to the bedroom. I decided to move my onkyo 2.1 with the 65 into the bed room. Because Samsung gave me a surprise offer. Get a HW-MS750 for 275...

Volume Decreases Automatically No Sound Orange Blinking Light

One of my speakers and units is malfunctioning. The orange light is blinking, the volume adjusts down by itself, and there is no sound coming from the speakers for that unit. I already tried a facto...

Samsung Q7F One Remote

Hi Have just purchased a new samsung QLED Q7F tv (QA55Q7FAMWXXY) to be exact. I note that this remote is different to all samsung / sonos related support topics currently available - I have tried the...

Spotify activity not shared with my followers when playing through Sonos speakers

Hey guys, I really would appreciate help with this issue. When i play spotify through my sonos speakers, my play activity does now show up for my followers, when i play spotify through my computer or...

Sonos disconnected from WIFI and wont accept Password that is correct even when hardwired

Sonos 1 disconnected from WIFI when router rebooted by ATT. Will connect okay as new device via Ethernet but won't recognize the WIFI password when doing WIFI setup even though is right password.

Initial Steps to allow Sonos to connect to my iTunes library on my Mac computer

Step-by-step instructions for connecting my iTunes music library on my iMac desktop computer to my Sonos home theater setup.

Apple Music does NOT work

Maybe it will work again with AirPlay 2, but Apple Music does not work with these speakers. I’ve tried all the channels, I’ve tried wireless connection, I even tried only one speaker directly to the...

Controlling Sonos Beam volume with Apple TV remote

I currently use only an Apple TV 4th gen to watch television. This means I use the ATV remote to change the volume of my built in television speakers with IR. I plan on adding a Sonos Beam to this set...

ability to add more than two spotify accounts

We have spotify family and it would be great to add ALL the accounts to the Sonos app. Currently we can only add two. Also the ability to rename the spotify icons would be great - currently they bot...

Adding iTunes library

I followed the instructions on how to load my iTunes library to Sonos and it has been "indexing" for 7 hours now. I do not have that much music that it should take that long it seems. There is no stat...

Intermittent service drops with four Sonos Ones and a Boost

I have four Sonos Ones around the house, all wirelessly connected to a Boost hardwired to my cable modem/router. Every now and then, regardless of the source of the music (Pandora, Apple music, Sonolo...

Router for two large USB3 hard drives as a media server in Sonos Windows 10 app

I have two 8TB USB3 drives (each a Glyph Blackbox) that I want to place on a network router to act as 1 one drive a media server: 2 the other as a back up drive for the first. Are there any experience...


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