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How to obtain surround 5.0 or 5.1 sound with Samsung QLED TV while keeping Samsung Smart Remote as the only remote control?

Hello All, My living-room is equipped with a Samsung 65’ QLED TV and 5 Sonos Play-1 (2 in the front, left and right to my TV, 2 in the back, left and right to where I sit watching TV, 1 just below my...

samsung nu800 tv not controlling sound bar

just set up new 55" Samsung NU800 TV and i cannot get the tv remote to control the sound. Any ideas?

Samsung TV remote not able to sync with Sonos PlayBar.

Sonos App->Living Room-> Tv Remote setup As per the instructions i pressed Volume + button and tried to sync up. It is not working. what is the issue ? I have the below TV samsung 65 4K SUHD LED L...

Sonos one routines

My sonos one says “audio actions and routines are currently not supported on this device” when i give it the command. What should i do?

EST (Eastern Standard Time) on my Sonos Play:1

How to change my Sonos Play:1 time zone from GMT to EST will this fix the problem for me to play my Amazon Music Prime account Canada?

Addiing iTunes library to Sonos

I'm just trying to access my iTunes music library, but the default path to the library that Sonos uses is not correct and it doesn't look like it is modifiable on the phone. Any suggestions? I tried...

Disappearing system and Sky Q

Hi I have Sky Q for my television system. They Sky Q boxes act as WAPs. I have my Sky router, the main Q box plus 4 mini boxes. In essence this means that I have six WiFi access points in the house....

SiriusXM - Unable to Browse Music

For several days I have been unable to access SiriusXM on my iOS app or MacOS app. I receive the message "unable to browse music". My Sirius subscription is up to date and I am able to access streamin...


Have been unable to use my SONOS since this past June. Repeatedly get the error message I posted above. SONOS support has been useless. Unable to get through on phone, on hold for more then 45 minutes...

Playbase has disappeared from Sonos App

Hello My Playbase has suddenly disappeared from the Sonos app. The sound comes through the Playbase just fine when watching TV but I can’t play music through the app on my system. It’s also no long...

Sirius XM not encoded correctly

Hey Sonos- keep getting and error message for Sirius XM songs not encoded correctly. Diagnostic: 1770843822.

Unable to connect to Sonos player

I own 5 Play:One speakers, all used wirelessly. My issue initially started with the speaker in my bedroom. After some troubleshooting, I thought changing the wireless channel might help. I went int...

AMP compatibility with Sony Bravia Sync

I cannot get my Sony UHD tv to play audio via AMP. Although AMP is recognised by the tv's 'Sony Bravia Sync' and can be seen listed in the Sync 'connected devices list', when the 'Sync Menu' is select...

The App -WaCKy

Craziness. The App on my iPad plays fine. App on iPhone can’t find Sonos system. I resented the router, rebooted by phone, turned off the WiFi. All other linked apps work perfectly between the two de...

When I play music from Apple music app, my TV gets switched on and plays from playbar instead of playing from all devices

Hello all, I am a noob Sonos user so excuse my ignorance. I have been trying to play music on apply music from my iPhone or ipad and choose Sonos and the sound device like I do in Spotify app, but ins...

No sound through Netflix

Turn on TV, and the sound through the TV is working fine. Audio is crystal clear, and can even change the volume on it. But when i change it to Netflix, no sound comes through the speakers at all. A...

Sonos Beam slows down WIFI Ethernet

Hello! I have a strange problem. Recently I bought Sonos Beam to my 2 Sonos Ones. I have successfully connected them together, but there is one big problem. My WIFI speed drops from 25-45 Mbps to 1-...

Sound ok Sonos Beam with Firestick

Hi , if I run Plex or Netflix on firestick the quality sound on Sonos Beam is poor and low respect to quality sound when I run Plex or Netflix directly from App my Tv! It’s a firestick or SonosBeam pr...

Beam suddenly doesn't turn to on or off

When I first installed the beam I was able to turn on and off my TV through the Alexa and Arc HDMI port. Now however I get the error message "sorry the hub that device tv is connected to is no longer...

Beam Newbie

I connected my Amazon alexa to my Sonos Beam. There is no sound coming out of my Alexa. How do I get it to play while to Beam is also playing?

play 5 and single speaker all drop out....

play 5 and sonos single speaker all drop out when playing from line in. tried different router channels, different sonos channels, unplugged, re-plugged in, reset controller, doesnt matter...this son...

Controlling Playbar with Firestick Remote

Anyone know if you can control a Sonos Playbar and Fire Stick 4k remote? I want the remote to control the sound through Playbar only and not the TV speakers. I have a brand new 75" Samsung TV (bough...

Docked Ipod

What happened to my docked ipod in Sonos?

TuneIn radio not connecting from ISP, but works over VPN

When I try to play a station fro TuneIn radio it does not connect over my standard Internet connection, but I am able to connect if I am on a VPN (this works on my PC or iPhone). My SONOS system is no...

Trouble with second connection

I just purchased 2 Play1, 1 sub, 1 playbar. Connected first Play 1 without any difficulty (had to use ethernet cable). Now cannot connect any of the other clients. Rebooted router, rebooted tablet,...


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