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PLAY 5 (2nd Gen) connect to Samsung 7 Series

Please help me... I have a new Play 5 & I need to connect it to my tv. I bought an audio jack cable which connects from Sonos to TV smartbox but its not working! The cable is a Logik digital optical...

Time to Dump Sonos?

I have 3 Android controllers running Android Vers 5, 6, and 8. Since the last update they freeze constantly - all of the devices have now displayed "Sonos has crashed 20 times in the past week. Unins...

Sonos beam hdmi arc and optical outputs

Here's the issue. I have none of these ports. just hdmi. I need them for the sonos beam I just bought. I search for televisions with optical outputs but they are too expensive with my 100 - 200 dolla...

Pandora stops when using Alexa

I primarily listen to a Play 5, using an Echo Dot in your office. I also listen to a Play 1 using an Echo Dot in our master. The kids will also listen to their Play 1s starting music with Alexa us...

Sonos Beam with Xbox One - can't get 5.1

I have a Sonos Beam connected to my TV via HDMI ARC. I have added two play 1s as rear speakers. I have an XBox One connected to my TV via another HDMI port. When I go to the audio output settings in t...

App Freeze caused by bad WiFi on router

Just struggled through a problem with the Sonos App for ios and android. It was intermittently freezing up for the customer. Usually you could cause the error by pressing the phones home key to put So...

Can't add sub and surround speakers to beam

Hi there! Sonos newbie with a problem here I got a Play:3 less than a week ago and instantly got hooked, so I went out and got myself a beam, sub and two Play:1s for my TV. I hooked them up yesterd...

Apple music & Play / Shuffle all songs

In my collection there is over 12000 songs. When trying to play / shuffle all from Sonos Controler app it first gives an error (1002) and seems like it's unable to load the queue. But then after 2 -3...

Sonus One in Germany

Hi,I live in Germany and was about to order 2 x Sonus One until I read that "Voice control for Sonos is not supported in your country, yet" Looking at the threads I am left confused. So my questions a...

"On This Mobile Device - Playlists" Not Being Recognised

I have 3x Sonos Play 1 in my house and have the Sonos app on my Huawei P10. The app has stopped recognising any playlists in the "On This Mobile Device - Playlists" section for some reason. Has anyone...

Högtalare försvinner, låtar byts av sig själv

Hej, har haft sonos problemfritt i många år nu men helt plötsligt så har högtalare börjat försvinna från nätverket och låtar kan bytas utan anledning, ibland kommer det felmeddelande att det inte går...

Alarm not playing

Alarm won't play. My standard alarm is not playing. My phone says the alarm plays but no sound comes out. 3 days ago it suddenly just did the chime but now it won't do either

iTunes playlist importing issues

Hi - I used to have my iTunes playlist in the imported playlist folder. Noticed as I updated playlist or added new ones it would not update in the Sonos controller. I deleted my Sonos music library...

There is no Shared Folder on the PC

Since the update to the latest software version of the Sonos APP 9.1 on my PC I am unable to access any share including iTunes on the same PC. Nothing else has changed and the iTunes Music folder is s...

Connect:Amp Grouped with Stereo Pair Play:1's

Been using SONOS for a year or more and have drank the kool-aid... Got lots of SONOS throughout the house. Just added a stereo pair of Play:1's in the same area as my Connect:Amp which is hooked to...

Rear speakers cut out and intermittent sound from Sound Bar

Hey. I have having some issues with the rear speakers cutting out for short periods of time and the intermittent sound on the sound bar on occasion. I have a Sonos Boost in place in the same room as...

Inget fungerar efter sista uppdateringen

Kan inte lyssna på Spotify eller radiostationer sedan senaste uppdateringen försöker lägga till i mitt Sonos men det står bara att det inte är tillgängligt längre. Kan inte heller lyssna direkt från S...

Music keeps skipping and stopping

Hey guys. I have a sonos one in my kitchen and some bose outdoor speakers hooked up through a connect:amp. All run through a Sonos Bridge. Suddenly, music played via my iPhone music library skips in...

Airplay from Sonos One

Is there a way to airplay from Sonos One to other airplay2 compatible devices? For example stream a radio station via the Sonos app to both Sonos One and HomePod. I can do it if source is airplay from...

Faulty Play 3? No wireless connectivity.

Hi Guys, I have a play 3, which was working fine via wireless since we bought it, until recently. It just wont appear as a room when on wireless, it will when connected via ethernet. I have factory re...

TV sound to my Play 3 as well?

Hi! I have a Playbar and two Play 3's. I am using the Playbar to listen to my TV sound but sometimes group all the speakers together and listen to music. I would like to make it so my Play 3 outputs...

Alexa does not recognise and will not save my location for each device

Alexa does not recognise my location, any ideas on how to get to to work? If I ask what the weather is Alexa says set up location in settings. In the settings on the Alexa ap and on the alexa desktop...

Option to DISABLE Airplay or restrict access

Since recent software update and Airplay support seems anyone on same wlan as my sonos can 'takeover' the system from YouTube/iOS devices to play whatever they are listening to, whilst its great that...

Beam and Alexa not working

Spoitfy linked correctly. All was working fine till today. Alexa will not play what i ask from my spotify. If i ask it to play a certain playlist it say "i cannot find playlist in your music library....

Switching between queue and radio

I have about 40,000 tracks on my system and I use it most frequently to shuffle play all tracks. I also listen during each day to radio. If I am listening to the queue then switch to radio, when I swi...


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