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Your Sonos system does not contain any components that can play music

New stereo system just set up yesterday. Everything worked fine for about 16 hours, then I get the above message. Please help.

SiriusXM Encoding Error

I added SiriusXM to Sonus I can see the stations but whenever i try to play a station I get the message "unable to play '(station number station name) -the song is not encoded correctly" I deleted a...

New Update (8.1) Broke My Sonos

I can't add anything to my queue on mobile or desktop with the new 8.1 update regardless of what service I use. Basically, trying to roll out cool stuff for new Sonos users broke a reliable Sono 3 I'v...

I guess I don't get Chromecast Audio

OK, I have a 3 Sonos zones in my house along with the 5.1 system. What I'm struggling with is what seems to be gross ignorance in the press that writes about Sonos vs. Chromecast Audio. I don't have C...

Simply want it to play next track

Is it me or can sonos not do something basic like play next track. If I select a track in an album, playlist etc. It just plays that track and doesn't continue to play the next tracks. What's that abo...

Using Echo Dot with Sonos Line In

How well do you think an Amazon Echo Dot would work feeding the line-in on a Sonos Connect?

Sonos One problems

My Sonos One arrived this morning, I've unplugged my Echo and setup the One in it's place ready for use. I've upgraded to 8.1 Problems.... - You cannot change the wake word from Alexa. - Music does...

Honestly...does everyone just live with lip sync delay?

Incredibly frustrating. Trying to use Sonos PLAYBAR + SUB + 2 PLAY 1s for home theater. Have tried it on two different TVs (Samsung & Vizio) with HDMI inputted content (cable box & DVD player), also w...

Issues after latest update

Songs skip, drop, very buggy, anyone else?

Spotify not playing "connection to spotify lost"

Can't play Spotify through any devices to Sonos. No issue playing any other music services (Tunein, Google Play, etc...). Playing Spotify either through the Sonos Controller or the Spotify app results...

Voice is Coming

So glad to see that SONOS is getting on the voice train: Please create something that retroactively works with...

Tune In radio cuts out

When I use any radio station on Radio Tune In it cuts out fairly consistently. Sometimes it comes back, often not. This is annoying as I listen to a lot of radio, and wanted to use the Sonos for clari...

SONOS V6.4 update kills all iPod 4th generation controllers

I've been a SONOS user for any years and have 10 zones, including a subwoofer and L/R pairs. Like others, I was a bit underwhelmed by the new functionality included in update 6.4. It certainly wasn'...

Connect, Meridian and MQA

Will using a Connect with a Meridian Explorer DAC allow full resolution MQA?

Outdoor Weatherproof Speakers

I want to make two irrefutable statements of fact: 1) Sonos is the best wireless speaker system in the world with a very intuitive app that makes wireless audio amazingly simple. 2) Sonos management...

Playbar TV Sound cutting out on regular basis for past few days.

I am getting many 1/8 second cut outs of sound from Sonos speakers. This seems to have started happening at the last software update a few days ago. Lipsync is fine, this is actual cut out of the so...

Wall Control

I know this is has been touched on but has anyone figured out how to setup a wall controller of any kind for Sonos? I have Sonos in every room of my house and I thought it would be nice for the guest...

Why not to develop a Connect-Mini ?

I am new to SONOS system & loving it ! After getting introduced to sonos system & using it I have questioned myself as you might have been before "Why sonos Connect cost so much? But I realized that...


Will sonos be partnering with HomeKit like they have done with amazon???????????

Spotify plays 1 track then Connection to Spotify is Lost

I am having a problem with Spotify. I can play 1 track through Spotify (sometimes none) then the 'Connection to Spotify if Lost'. I have made sure everything us updated and turned everything on and of...

Another Unhappy and Frustrated Sonos User: Playing Macbook Audio through the Sonos System?

Hey Sonos, Two weeks into using my Sonos Play 3 Speaker I am finding it increasingly frustrating that I can't use my Macbook Pro laptop as the audio source. Not only is the functionality between the...

Play 1s kill my network when added to system

Problem started when a stereo pair of Play 1's that worked fine for months started dropping sound intermittently. Then I changed ISPs, new modem and replaced all my network hardware to support gigabit...

SONOS integrated with Echo / Alexa?

Can you integrate an Echo / Alexa to your Sonos system so that when you command Alexa to play music, it goes through your Sonos system??

Reauthorize Apple Music?

So I was going in to play some music and I get the message "your Apple Music account needs to be reauthorized, but one or more of your sonos products needs to be updated first. Please update your sys...

Sonos / Echo Private Beta

So how would one go about getting on the Echo control private beta?


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