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Enjoying the Alexa Integration

With the recent improvements to allow the configuration of default speakers and to address the global ducking issue, I just thought I'd state how much I'm using and enjoying the Sonos/Alexa integratio...

Sonos ONE responds to Alexa 'Play' voice commands with 'Undefined'

Both of my ONEs now respond to all requests to play anything with the voice response 'Undefined'. Other Alexa commands (such as 'what's the weather today') work fine. I recently re-enabled the Alexa S...

Is whole-house Sonos ducking with Alexa still a problem?

As mentioned in other threads, it's good that it's now possible to associate specific Amazon Echo/Alexa devices with specific Sonos speakers. This is a significant usability improvement. It has also...

No sound from RH speaker of PLAY:5 pair. Reboot required. Diagnostics # 1347104208.

I have a PLAY:5 (2nd Gen) stereo pair + SUB. On two occasions now, I've encountered a problem where I get no sound output at all from the RH speaker. The white LED is ON on the RH speaker, and the tou...

Hey Siri, ...

- Hey Siri, can I have a HomePod today? - Hey Siri, can I get a HomePod subwoofer? - Hey Siri, can I get a HomePod 5.1 system? - Hey Siri, does HomePod sound as good as a SONOS PLAY:5? - Hey Siri, do...

Can't add the Microsoft Groove service to Sonos to play music stored in MS OneDrive

I have a Microsoft Office365 subscription that comes with 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage. I've uploaded my music library, and I can access & play it via the Groove web player. However, when I try to a...

Can I connect headphones directly to the analog out of a CONNECT?

Could someone confirm whether I can connect regular wired headphones to the analog out of a CONNECT (using a suitable RCA to headphone cord adaptor)? I.e., that I don't need to interpose some kind of...

What happens if I string an Ethernet cable between my stereo-paired PLAY:1s?

I have a pair of PLAY:1s in a stereo pair. Both connect to SonosNet via a BOOST. What happens if I directly connect the two speakers with an Ethernet cable? Will one of the speakers receive its commun...

How are the 'Line-In Source Level' settings used?

I've recently splurged on some SONOS equipment (2 x Play:5 + Sub, 2 x Play:1, 1 x Play:5, Connect), and I'm finding my way around it. It's all working pretty well and the sound quality is impressive,...


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