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Temp move of a Sonos One

So a friend of me was interested in getting a Sonos One, and I let him borrow one of mine. For various reasons, we wanted to have the Sonos One setup without doing a factory reset and without using a...

Headphones idea

I'll preface this by stating that I know Sonos headphones has been requested from time to time, and it's probably never going to happen. I'd also say that the particular idea I have in mind doesn't e...

Sonos Apparel

Is the new? I like! Only thing I'd say is... more options, more colors. I think "Listen Better" will be added to my Christmas list. Maybe a h...

Sonos controller ideas

With Sonos announcing that are expanding their developer program (Click here) and created some new API that operate through the cloud, it has me thinking of would want out of new/party controller app....


So Alexa and Cortana are now starting to integrate It's very early in the integration, but you...

Sonos controller idea

I had a thought this morning regarding the Sonos controller. From time to time, there are requests to have the Sonos system password protected. This comes from employers who want to control employee...

Power cord

Yes, this is sort of a ridiculous idea, but there's a minor issue I have regarding the Beam's power cord. Let me explain. For one of my setups, the TV is mounted on the wall. So of course, I have...

Amazon Prime deal on Sonos One

Not sure if y'all noticed, but there is currently a deal on the Sonos One for Amazon's Prime Day. The normally $200 Sonos One is still $200, but Amazon is throwing in a $50 gift card. Limit One per...

In the bedroom...I can't decide.

So my bedroom is a pretty typical setup. ~300 sqft. Bed and two nightstands on one wall, a dresser on the other. Above the dresser is a tv mounted on the wall. The tv is rarely used. When it is, it...

FireTV Cube and Sonos and Beam

So FireTV Cube arrived today and I've been playing with it for awhile. Overall it's a rather amazing product. I'm going to enjoy using it. It changes things quite a bit. I'm trying to look at it fr...

A few random questions around the Beam

I say random, because they are questions about configuration and setup that I wouldn't, and I'm not sure there is a good reason to set it up this way. Still, in hopes of better understanding the pro...

List of Onkyo receivers that work with Sonos

Onkyo said theywould release their list of onkyo and pioneer receivers that work with sonos and they did.

Various layouts for Beam

So i was hoping to get some opinions on a couple different options for using the new Beam. I have 3 different rooms where i am considering using the unit. Option1: bedroom. This isthe home for beam....

Apple AirPlay 2: Does it change things for multi-room audio?

From what I've read on airplay 2, it is believe that apple will have the ability to send audio from your iPhone/ipad to multiple speakers and have them play in sync. Now, this could be just a feature...

Problems with tv audio

I believe there may be a bit of a wireless interference issue, but I wanted to ask a few questions before I address it. I have a playbar setup in the living room, some other zones, and a CONNECT:AMP...

CONNECT and CONNECT:AMP on product page

I'm sure others have noticed that the Sonos website (US) has changed over the weekend. The CONNECT and the CONNECT:AMP are now absent from the product page. I can see a couple different possible rea...

Thought on possiblities for new Sonos product announcement on 6/6

So, because I can't stop myself from speculating, I've been thinking about what exactly the new product coming out on 6/6 is going to be. Here is basically what we know about it... - It will have an...

API update features

Forgive me if there is already a thread on this topic. I see the thread regarding how the API update effects the CR100, but I wanted to discuss the new API features, if announced and what that means...

Volume related issues.

I'm see two issues (maybe the same issues) regarding volume in my 5.1 setup. In the first case, while playing audio from the tv (line in to playbar) the volume will raise suddenly without prompting f...

Sonos One vs Homepod release date

I hadn't paid too much attention to the Homepod release date, but just checked and saw that its 'December'. I'm not a retail marekting expert, but considering that the Sonos One, all new Echo and Goo...

How do you plan on changing your setup?

In the wake of the Alexa integration, release of Sonos One, and really, the new Amazon products (and Google, Apple), what are your plans on adjusting your home audio setup? I'm curious, because my ho...

Sonos One general release date

I know the Sonos One is available for pre-order now, to be delivered as soon as Oct.24th, but I am wondering when it will be available in brick and mortar stores. That's assuming that it will be sol...

Syntax issues

I'm interested to hear people's stories (preferably humorous) of syntax issues when giving Alexa commands to play on Sonos. Whether it be hard to pronounce, duplicate names, or odd responses from Ale...

Echo Plus integration - smart home automation

I had a thought regarding how the sonos integration may factor into the Echo Plus. The Plus is supposed to boast to have a smart home hub built in, so you don't have to have a separate phillips hub (...

Is the interface only one way?

From all the features that we're hearing about, it seems that the Sonos/Alexa integration is only one way. Alexa can talk to Sonos (through the Sonos cloud), but the Sonos cloud cannot talk to Alexa...


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