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Home network stability and a few tips to help resolve many issues

Those here in the Sonos community, who may still be having one or two stability issues with their Sonos System, in almost all cases in my experience, may just need to take a few steps to get their sys...

Sonos and Alexa don't work

Have you asked Alexa to 'scan for devices' to add the new speakers to the Alexa App device list ?

Adding a Dock

I have purchased an almost new Sonos Wireless Dock and was wondering how I add it to my existing sonos network? It says in the instructions to go to any controller (I have tried the one on my PC and i...

Amazon households and family sharing

My wife and I each have an Apple iPad with the Sonos Controller App installed on them and connected to the same Sonos system around the house. We each however have separate Amazon accounts for shopp...

Amazon Alexa App - Smart Home Devices & Scenes

In the past week or so, Amazon have updated the smart home section of the iOS Amazon Alexa App (see screenshots) and there is currently no way to 'forget' existing devices or scenes. That feature has...

Playback Encoding Issue With Amazon Prime

I have recently switched my streaming music services to Amazon Prime and I pay an additional yearly subscription of £21.99 and have uploaded some 22000 plus tracks to their cloud servers. The subscrip...

Conceiva Mezzmo UPNP Media Server & Sonos

For sometime now I have been using Conceiva's DLNA/UPnP Mezzmo server software for Windows PC, which has built in hardware/software profiles for transcoding media files to different hardware/software...

Is there a Sonos search issue?

I subscribe to Apple Music, but if I search the word 'jazz' either under song titles or genre in the Sonos Controller App, I get few or no results... See screenshots attached. However if I perform the...

Spanning Tree Protocol and Hopping

I know very little about STP, but have read some of the past posts here at the Sonos community on the topic. I have looked at the Wikipedia article too and viewed a short video that helped explain a f...

Sonos Ports 1400, 1410 and 1443

I have seen many of the advanced and long-term users on the forum here, in the past, have talked about the Sonos Speaker web services interface on port 1400 and the various end-point URL's that can be...

Sonos Folders in Network View

In my network view on my PC I can see that my Sonos Play-5 and Play-1, each have a set of folders as follows: Attributes Favourites and Presets Internet Radio Music Shares Queues Saved Queues I thi...


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