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New Google Home Hub

google home hub looks interesting.

Automatic updates - good or bad thing?

So Spence says sonos are thinking of making sonos updates automatic. Maybe it was all the emails he got over the death of the Cr100 Most of my other stuff does auto updates, skyQ, google home, LG tv...

Sonos -my account - my data beta graphs

Have you looked at this? Lots of interesting data, Saturday is our busiest day and mostly GPM...

Sonos forced V8 update, sonophone google play music no longer works?

After sonos forced a v8 update last night, no choice to just carry on without updating, Sonophone on GPM home screen is just white with lines on ipod touch 4th gen. All the favourites i made with GPM...

8.3 killed these controllers in late Jan18, who knew?

Found out yesterday that my Samsung note tablet has been dropped completely as a controller when I tried to update it, not even partial. Sonos likes to blame google play music as one reason the CR100...

10%off at currys this weekend, sonos one, play1 £134

Enjoy Amazon black play1 same £134 price.

BBC radio & podcasts joining Alexa, wiil this mean on sonos as well?

"Use your BBC account through your Amazon Alexa device. Sign in to your account through your Amazon Alexa to access all your favourite BBC radio stations and podcasts." Will all the bbc radio iplayer...

3months Amazon music unlimited with Groupon

This might be useful for all you new Alexa/sonos people ;O)

Recent sonos email survey

Anybody else done the survey? I thought it was really thorough, one of the best thought-out ones I have every done. Lots of insightful questions into what sonos users would like to see happen in the f...

Google Home working through Sony Tvs hopefully sonos will join in next year

Google Home - a good thing?

Video half way down Is it me, or is it the over the top American thing, but half way through I became annoy...

Yet another sonos look alike, chromecast ready

Apple stores & online to sell sonos
Question No mention of play3...

Beta 6.4 & iOS 6 ipod touch gen4 controllers, still work or not?

First time I have joined beta program and installed beta 6.4 from email. My ipod touch gen 4s are stuck on iOS 6. They now just come up with a warning sonos home screen saying update iOS, or send in d...

Av forums PLAY5 review

RYAN - what happened to "play on sonos" ?
Answered Wouldn't this overcome problems with bbc iplayer podcasts, Audible etc ? Like chromec...

Google chromecast audio, will cast to Play:1,is now half price

Interesting discussion here:- £15 CCA at currys/pc world. Discovered last night that Samsung tablet...

Sonos online store emailing 25% vouchers?

Seems they are sending out emails to random customers.

Sonos and google chromecast audio

I think sonos should consider joining with GCA. Sonos still has the market for best quality "all in one" speaker streaming units, but the cost of bringing non sonos kit on board with the connect £279,...

Could sonos develop auomatic update warning checks for controllers etc

Seeing as all controllers must have the sonos app on them, could not sonos keep a log of all controllers used on the system, so that when an automatic update is actioned a warning list would appear fi...

Will using ethernet connection, on connect give me sonosnet?

Is it only the bridge, boost or players connected to Ethernet that provide sonosnet? What are the 2 x Ethernet ports for, if not to provide sonosnet? Would I need to get a boost as well?

PS4 media server & sonos?

Just got sonos starter and a PS4. Downloaded the PS4 media server, and it could see both my Play1's. I could see albums and other folders, went into album folder and it actually tried to play somethin...


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