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Missing from forum header: FAQ link

Would it be possible for the owner of the forum web page to add a prominent link to the FAQ section of the Sonos website, please?

iHeart Media (iHeart Radio) files for bankruptcy

What I've seen in the new so far, it probably won't have a significant impact here, but still, worth watching:

Feature Request - Mac App

While I don't recognize it as being an earth shattering "must-do-now" kind of thing, I'd love for the controller app to remember where it has been placed on the desktop for display. For instance, I ha...

More inSided issues

I'm getting things that I read 2 days ago suddenly show up as "unread" threads. This wasn't the case an hour ago, when I'd cleared the whole forum, but just started around 8PM Pacific time.

New inSided behaviour

The Forum software has just recently started adding http:// in front of web addresses that I type. Normally, I type the address starting with a triple w. While I only mildly object to that, would it b...

Insided feature request/bug?

I've noticed that links written in BBEdit code often have the words truncated mid-word, which seems odd. The software can handle line breaks properly in normal words, why can't it do the same in links...

New board behavior? Red backgrounds for certain posts

Starting today, I'm seeing some posts with a red background, and I can't figure out why, or what makes these special so that they're called out with a red border.

Alexa being incorporated in Amazon's iOS app

Not sure if this is the right place for this, but it appears that Amazon is incorporating the Alexa (Echo) voice control inside of the Amazon app on iOS.

Paving the way for an Amazon powered Sonos?

In light of Sonos' current effort in integrating the Amazon Echo/Alexa system as a control device, I wonder if this announcement might add some opportunity in the future to have it integrated inside t...

Forum Software not marking items as "read"

It's 7:30PM PDT, and I'm doing a run through of unread posts from today. Unfortunately, the software isn't marking them as read when I've actually read them. A few days ago, I ran into an issue simila...

Board not recognizing previously read topics Jun 6, 2017

Today, I seem to be seeing many topics as "unread", even ones that I'm the last poster to. Is there an InSided issue currently? Tried logging out and back in, no change. Using Safari 10.1.1 on Sie...

Interview with Sonos' Patrick Spence - The Verge

Here's an interesting article with some information on the Echo (and further) integration(s). OK, so, it won't let me post the link. Look for "The Verge" and "Patrick Spence". The article title is "...

Suggestion: Lock "Announcements" to Sonos staff posts only

One of the things I find hard to deal with is the inordinate amount of questions posted in the "announcements" section. In my mind, that area should be reserved for posts by staff that are actual anno...

Major change at Sonos - CEO Steps down

There's a big change happening at Sonos!

Still having board issues - day 2

I've PM'd this to Ryan, but wanted to post here as well. Clicking on the "new posts" link only takes me to the top of the last page on a thread. Does not automatically take me to the last unread post...

Beta Functionality question

Since I am an iOS user, I don't participate in the betas, so I don't know how it works. My question is, if you're on the beta software and they push out the new release, do you automatically get pushe...


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