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An Overview and Explanation of the new support for Alexa Grouping

When initiating music via voice control, the behavior of the Sonos Grouping of Rooms is now driven by the Preferred Speaker within the Alexa App Group - Please see:

Outage issues on SirusXm and Alexa

Please be aware that there are problems being experienced on both Amazon Alexa and SirusXM. Please monitor progress via this status page:

Does the new Alexa "Announce" feature work with the Sonos One?

I understand what you are saying but I feel you are missing a few points: - Your first comment referenced the demise of Sonos if they didn't address specific minor complaints from customers not the a...

Location setting removed after last Alexa update

I assume that this is as a result of the 8.2.2 update as I had set my device location within the Alexa App but now it is missing and I'm not able to set it up again. Things I've tried: - Forget the...

Possible info on next Voice Controlled Sonos player

Just seen this link: Ambiguous on what player it is but at least a new one committed to.

Control Fire TV via Sonos One now available in UK

Amazon have now released the functionality to control Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Sticks via voice control in the UK. (This functionality was only available in the US until now) If you have a Fire T...

Playbar Ausio drops out when changing channels on Sky Q

I have my Playbar connected directly to a Sky Q mini box and about 2-3 weeks ago, I started to get issues with no Audio on certain channels and recordings. I rebooted everything and the situation imp...

Spotify playback issues

Does anyone else have an issue playing music from Spotify at the moment'. The Spotify app works fine but can't control Sonos, the message 'The sonos app has stopped working' is displayed and when try...

Alexa Commands Feature Request

The integration with Spotify is great but there are some additional elements that I would like to get voice control over and thought that we could use this thread to capture some future enhancements....

Beware Forget All if using new Routines

Hi all If like me, you are starting to use the new Alexa Routines and your default position when encountering playback problems with the Sonos 1 via Voice Control is to 'Forget All' and then 'Discove...

System expansion

Hi all I currently have a Sonos system throughout my house and would like to add a Playbar to a new TV with a couple of Play1's. My understanding is that the Playbar would be a new controller? My q...


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