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Sonos Amp: Get More Enjoyment with IR Control

If you are not using the Sonos Amp in conjunction with a TV via the HDMI_ARC port; but instead to power your favorite speakers, you'll still want to avoid the hassle of getting up from your listening...

Fix Beam_After Losing Recognition with TV via HDMI_ARC

So you finally received your new Sonos Beam and connected it to your TV via HDMI_ARC. Everything is working perfectly until one day it isn't (for no apparent reason). Regardless of the "Why" here's a...

Sonos Amp Release Date

Just finished a Sonos chat session_USA. The agent stated the release date for the Sonos Amp as December 1st. I hope that’s right.

Beam vs Playbar/Playbase - My Opinion

Hello There are a lot of threads asking the question_”Beam vs Playbar/Playbase which should I get?” We all know that the Beam offers more features (i.e. HDMI_ARC, Alexa and AirPlay2). The biggy is s...

Sonos Amp vs Connect Amp: Feature Comparision

The big day is fast approaching for the new Sonos Amp official launch. Exciting times to be sure. As with any new product there are bound to be questions. The most obvious IMO will be how do the two a...

Product Request: Input Selectable Dock for Sonos Amp

Now that the Sonos Amp has launched in the USA (orders ship 12/3/18) a nice companion product would be an Input Selectable Dock. The dock would accommodate at least 3 sources (i.e Phono, CD Player, Au...

Rename the Sonos: Amp_Poll

Hello There's a thread where a few of us were discussing Sonos naming of products as to how they can sometimes cause confusion for the poster and those trying understand exactly what is being asked....

HDMI_ARC and Audio Drop-Outs. Is it the speaker (Beam) or something else?

Hello It’s been my experience going back to the days of analog that speakers were rarely at fault for audio drops. In the majority of cases it could always be traced back to the source component or t...

Block Explicit Lyrics (Content)

Hello While Sonos is able to filter explicit lyrics (content) for some music services there others it cannot. Below are two links that may help: Parental Control Option by Sonos:

Router vs Modem 101

Hello I've come across a lot of threads where it appears that Modem and Router are being referred to incorrectly or are being used interchangeably. Hopefully, the following information will make clea...

Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stands - Impressions

Hello I purchased a pair of the Sanus Adjustable Speaker Stands_Sonos One/Play 1/Play 3_to mount a pair of Sonos One's. In the past I'd always gone with Flexson but I decided to give the Sanus brand...

Sonos One's w/Alexa as Surrounds_Playbar vs Beam

Hello This topic is scattered throughout the community; but typically shows as "Oh BTW" or "in addition to what was said" . So, I thought I'd post it using the verbiage as shown in the title which pr...

Philips Hue and Sonos One w/Alexa... Light Command Not Responding

I have Philips Hue with Smart Bulbs throughout my home. Majority of commands for lights are given through my Sonos One's and Beam. I have a lamp on one of two night stands in bedroom that was not res...

Sonos Controller 8.1.1 Upgrade and Sonos One Speaker

This may be nothing at all and just a coincidence related to another undetermined issue. That said after upgrading the Sonos App to 8.1.1 my Sonos One (Stereo Pair) would only play music located on my...

Wi-Fi vs Internet Connection_What's the Difference or Should You Care?

Hello Let’s talk about Wi-Fi the Internet and how Sonos interacts with both. I invite other knowledgeable members to offer their opinions. First here are Wikipedia definitions of the Internet and Wi...

AirPlay 2 - Apple Support Link

Hello If you are having issues with AirPlay 2 the link provides Tier 1 Level Support. Just select your Operating System. May save you some time posting in this forum or calling Apple. https://suppo...

Tips About Router Maintenance

Introduction The information shared is not intended as a tutorial but tips on how to get the best performance out of your Wi-Fi. Some of the information provided is not detailed and may require you...

Sonos Play 5_2nd Gen Defective WiFi Cards?

I've read several posts about the Play 5_2nd Gen suddenly having problems due to a defective WiFi card. Although it appears that Sonos has been replacing the defective units (when notified) it still g...

SONOS Trivia

Hello Everyone Besides the fact that SONOS as a word is a Palindrome meaning it reads/pronounced the same spelled backwards and forwards (pretty neat marketing) I’ve always wondered from whence the...

Tip: Grouping a Sonos Home Theater (Playbar/Playbase, Sub, Surrounds) setup via a speaker's Pause/Play button

You may have already figured this out; but for those who have not here's something you may find useful.... As you know if you starting playing music on a Sonos speaker you can group other speakers (b...

Sonos One_Trouble Shooting Alexa Issues

Hi All This may be helpful to someone... As most know all too well One-Size-Fits-All is not always the rule of the day when resolving a tech issue. The other day my Sonos One regarding accepting A...

PLAY:5 is Moisture Resistant!

Learn something new everyday! I guess I need to surf the Sonos product site more often . Have always recommended the Play:1 or Sonos One for areas where moisture is a concern. Most scenarios were fo...

Routers and Compatibility

The question has been asked about which router is best for Sonos. For the record the link below lists KNOWN network products that are incompatible or have a work-around with Sonos. The list is by no...

Which Ethernet Cables_Cat 5e or Cat 6?

I've seen the question asked as to what type of Ethernet Cable to use Cat 5e or Cat 6. The first criteria to understand is that Sonos Ethernet ports are 10/100 Mbps (100 Megabits per second). That is...

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