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Apple Buyout Targets Could Include Sonos, JPMorgan Says

Ya never know. It would suck big time, though.

Sonos Moving Into Headphones


Google Assistant is finally coming to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam

Google Assistant is finally coming to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam It's a CES miracle. A lot of announcements have already come out of CES 2019, but without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting...

IKEA will start selling its Sonos-powered smart speakers in August

How do you Symfonisk?

Chrome Extension for SoundCloud : Add To Sonos Queue

Just got a ChromeBit for the home office, so I can browse to Facebook and other sites blocked by my work laptop, and not have to deal with its VPN, which doesn't let me cast to my home network. Found...

Google Kills the Chromecast Audio

Wow. May have to stock up while they’re still available for $15.

Alexa will work with Apple Music on third-party devices 'soon'

How soon? Only Apple and Amazon know at this point. Sounds like the overpriced HomePods are a disappointment to Apple, so they’re going to try to sell more subscriptions to Apple Music, attempting t...

Pandora Premium now available via Alexa

Play albums and stations, set default music and/or radio provider to Pandora in Alexa app. Working fine with Echo and Sonos.

Apple dictates that all new apps must fully support the iPhone X screen

For those who can’t quite seem to grasp why Sonos can’t support older versions of iOS. Apple’s policies dictate. Sonos must play by Apple’s rules.

Tidal now available as Alexa skill

I've enabled the skill, but don't have an active subscription to test it. It does provide a "don't have permission" message on Sonos One when I ask Alexa to play anything "...on Tidal", so I assume i...

Spence: The Future of the ‘Sonic Internet’

Interview from mid-October

Alexa Guard

This is pretty cool. Wonder if it will be supported by Sonos One/Beam?

Bose Discontinuing Soundtouch

Was in BB the other day, checked the Bozo display. Noticed it had been completely updated, yet again. After three... three!!! generations of their miserable Soundtouch multi room system, they’re final...

Sonos One Alexa skills: What works, what doesn’t

Working Box of Cats Bird Song Most skills that don’t open a continuous audio stream Not Working Radio Paradise - commands working, including setting stream quality to FLAC, but won’t play anything (...

SuonO - Sonos controller app for AppleTV

Looks interesting. Wonder if it properly supports stereo pairs? Also, can it use Siri to search Music?

Amazon Alexa amplifier, receiver, subwoofer

This is getting very interesting. With the addition of Alexa Cast, which IME works better than Chromecast, and certainly better than AirPlay, Amazon is building quite a system. Obviously they don’t...

NETGEAR Debuts the World’s First Mesh WiFi System with Alexa Built-In Smart Speaker and Audio by Harman Kardon

Um, what? Which part of this qualifies as “World’s First”? Mesh WiFi? Sonos has had that for 15 years. Alexa? Nope. Audio by HK? Samsung subsidiary now, hardly a big deal. https://www.nasdaq...

Meet the Man Who's Building Sonos' Audio Internet

Great article in Wired.

Amazon Music can finally cast to Sonos (and Echo)

They’ve supported Chromecast from Android phones and tablets for a while now, but as of today’s update, the Amazon Music app can finally cast to Sonos and Echo. About time, Amazon! And thanks.

Sonos IPO?

May be in the works.

Get a Sonos One and $50 Amazon gift card for just $199

Sweet Prime Day deal


Just noticed it's available on Sonos Labs. Signed up for free trial, then applied promo code for full 60 day trial. Works great in iOS, Android, and can also login to their website: https://www.weyv...

Spence interview with The Verge Third party audiophile speakers, IKEA, Onkyo...


As a Jazz fan, I frequently listen to records, because of the sometimes excellent liner notes, which were intelligently written by some great critics. TunesMap is trying to bring back that experience...

Sonos Invites Media to June 6 Hardware Event

New Playbar?


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