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Feature request: Reboot All Devices Option

I have assigned new IP numbers to all of my Sonos devices so that they line up prettily in my DHCP server's list. I know that was totally unnecessary but I was bored. So now my system is glitching eve...

Blank widget fix?

I may have discovered something interesting or I may be an idiot but you might want to try this on your Android controller and see if it makes any difference. I have a bunch of different Samsung table...

Android Widget Dropping connection?

If I have one of my Android tablets' Sonos widget connected to a player and I remove power from that player the widget drops the connection to my Sonos setup. Powering the component back on does not r...

Blocking Sonos from the Internet without excessive DNS queries?

I've been seeing topics here and on other forums discussing the Sonos DNS query activity when the queries are blocked. In particular the which seems to generate queries at a h...

Changing WiFi router - Standard Mode

Reading other topics here in the forum on changing routers and looking at the FAQ I am left asking myself, "Why not just put the old channel, SSID and password in the new router?" That seems like a le...

Provide more Music Library Information Please

Please consider adding a bit of information to the "Manage Music Library" screen. It would be helpful to users to be able to see the current and maximum track count and the used and available memory f...

Why are the links not working? (Support site)

Why are all of the light color links on the LED Lights page, after the No Light link, no longer working?

TruePlay - Cheapest option to get compatible controller?

I'd like to try out the TruePlay settings for my Play systems but I don't have any Apple gear to do it with. Worse I know nothing about Apple products. I found the list of compatible Apple hardware h...

Thanks for adding the Support link to the forum pages

If you look in the top right of the forum pages there is now a link to the Sonos Support pages! Yea! We no longer neet to post links to the main page when telling folks about it.

Sonos Android Controller switched rooms

Diagnostics # - 1478282161 I was sitting here watching my Sonos controller (Android) when it blinked and said something close to "Connecting to your network" for a few seconds then went back to the M...

Preventing new posts to old - dead topics?

Is there any setting in this forum software that would lock dead topics after some period of time? It is frustrating to see new questions posted to years old topics because that is what the forum sear...

Internal web pages gone? Error 400 - Bad Request

Are the Internal web pages gone after the recent 9.0 update? I get this from every page and device (1, 3, 5v1, 5v2 and ZP-80) I've tried give me only an: Error 400 - Bad Request Diagnostic: 5835332...

Controller switched rooms

Came back to find my S2 tablet switched from the usual Office 2 Play 3 group to the Kitchen Play 5. The confirm room change pop-up saved me from blasting the wife so that was great but the room change...

Please copy/paste the Sonos CR-100 e-mail - I never got my copy

Would someone that got a copy of it please copy/paste the Sonos CR-100 e-mail to this topic. I never got my copy and I have 3 CR-100s and an irate spouse.

Support page update needed

The Cr-100 stuff needs removed from here and possibly other support pages.

So how do I clean up the My Account Products list?

Looking at the list I have several CR-100s that are now recycled as well as a CR-200 (Control) that died long ago. How do I clean out the old stuff?

Thin - Colored Ethernet cables

I got a flier from today that mentioned some thin Ethernet cables in multiple lengths and colors. If you are thinking about wiring your Sonos system one of these cables might be less vis...

Sonos Group Coordinator question.

I saw this posted in another topic and rather than confuse things there thought I'd ask in a new topic.

Boost or Play 1

Reading some other topics and seeing a Boost being recommended as a WiFi networking solution got me to thinking. A Boost is $100 while a Play 1 is $150, getting another speaker for $50 more might be t...

Extended warranty for Sonos devices

I was looking on Amazon and they are offering Squaretrade service plans (extended warranties) for a very good price and I wondered why Sonos can't offer the same plans when you buy a device directly f...

CR-100 rebate frustration

I have been going back and forth with Sonos Support for over a month on getting my rebate coupon for my three CR-100s and it essentially is me saying "I didn't get it." and them saying "Check your e-m...

Why can't Sonos sell me an extended warranty like this?

A longer version of this is stuck in the spam filter. I was looking on Amazon and they are offering Squaretrade service plans (extended warranties) for a very good price and I wondered why Sonos can'...

8.1.1 Android controller lost room

My 8.1.1 Android controller lost room a few minutes ago, nothing seemed to be working to bring it back until I rebooted the tablet. The missing room had been the one selected on the controller and I h...

Signal strengths with a Boost seem low, any suggestions?

I have recently added a Boost to my Sonos system in hopes of having less issues with connectivity. I am still not happy with my signal strengths, I have a very small house and can't seem to get good (...


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