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Blast from the past!

Nostalgia from the BBC about how we listened to the music in the past makes for interesting reading. See the bit about how useful a pencil was as a tool in the signal chain!

Spotify Connect & India

Spotify has just launched in India; for Spotify Connect to work, is it necessary for Spotify to be added to my music services in Sonos? If yes, when will it be visible for selection under music servic...

Recommended music - other than classical and pop

I am not sure there is a thread on what Sonos is truly about - the music, so this might be an interesting thread. I have left out classical because that deserves a thread of its own and modern pop bec...

Proposed Sonos 5.1 HT system

I keep seeing two issues that prompted this thread: 1. The Sonos solution for HT is not as good for 2 channel music as a dedicated to music Sonos system can be 2. Dialogue is too low to be easily hear...

Where are buzz, ratty, majik...and others of their ilk?

I don't see these unpaid forum stalwarts anymore and I miss their posts. In my early days here, and even later, I learnt a lot from their posts on various issues related to both Sonos and home audio i...

Microphone sensitivity for the “Alexa” wake word is low

I still have to use either, but here is the Stuff magazine take on this, from their review: "Finally, Alexa seems to be less responsive on the Sonos One, at least compared to the Echo, meaning you hav...

Which router to replace 2011 Apple Time Capsule

I am using the Time Capsule with two AEX WiFi extenders for WiFi needs at home that also serves Dots around the home. Sonos is served via Sonos net, with a Boost and a WD My Cloud NAS wired to the LAN...

Play 5 pair or Play 1 pair + Sub

What's a better set up?

Loss of support tickets history

As I recall, in my account I was able to see all the email conversations of all my support tickets from day one, 2011 in my case. While submitting a new ticket I am not able to see it in that database...

Automated Spam filters - Boon or Bane

Ryan sent me a message yesterday clarifying that some recent moderation I had complained about was an aggressive automatic filter at work, and not a moderator action. As I have written to him, I am p...

Sonos V HomePod

As good a start as any - assuming that it is indeed from the Sonos ex CEO, a cut/paste of his tweet, to kick off proceedings: "Got my HomePod. First impressions... Good packaging, easy setup. Great so...

Play I stereo pair does not go low enough - Parallel Universes proved?

Since this keeps going around, I did a good test today for the 1 pair that sits on my desktop, from the desktop which is about as close as anyone would get to their units. I started the play of a well...

Moderation etiquette

We know that moderation here is random as often as the spam filter is ineffective. Even if it that was not to be the case, is it not a courtesy to notify posters whose posts have been swallowed up by...

The case for making Line In a standard feature

To address the following frequent requests to extend the Sonos use cases: 1. Using Sonos, and in particular play 1 units, as computer speakers. 2. To use a play 1 pair with/without Sub for audio as we...

What exactly does integration of Google Assistant mean?

A question or two/three to Sonos: Today, anyone that wants to use the Google Mini with ANY third party speaker has to also buy the CCA puck from Google. But since Sonos users have been given a way to...

Play unit power delivery question

Sonos does not specify this and I can understand why - what matter with play units is how loud they can go without clipping/distorting. But Sonos does not specify this either. It would be interesting...

Music for the holiday season

I haven't seen such a thread here and it seems to be a good time to start one. I doubt there is much value in suggesting the pop carols and tunes by all the usual suspects; I reckon that albums that...

Automatic switching to Line In isn't working?

The Line In on one of my Connect Amps, to which a Dot is wired, is set to Autoplay. With grouped speakers also checked. It works fine except when switching back to the Dot after music play via the app...

Version 8.2 broke my system:-)

Unless the rare thing has happened and I am an outlier that is far out, the very useful part of the app - Favourites - is now messed up for playlists, though it appears to be ok for Stations, though t...

Recommended music: Blues

While Jazz continues to rule my listening hours, I recently chanced upon Different Shades of Blue by Joe Bonamassa. I liked that so much as a change from Jazz, that I looked up more of his work. Which...

Death of the Local NAS via alternatives and strangling?

This is what my experience tells me and the process at my home has begun after Google Play Music with its Sonos Cast + Sonos app integration - Apple Music offers just the second - feature was release...

Vaux speaker+ Dot compatibility with Sonos

I am being careful before buying it in asking what is probably a silly question. I came across this: If I was to use a Dot in this fashion, permanently wired...

Limitations of Voice in general

I will start this with a caveat that all of this is speculation because I still have to see Alexa working with Sonos, so anyone that has is encouraged to shoot it down in a hurry if it isn't valid. It...

Sub maintenance

Does the Sub need any maintenance in terms of ridding it of accumulated dust where visible? I have mine under a cloth cover that is effective but over the years, dust penetrates. I am a little relucta...

Integrated portable speaker

Seeing that Sonos isn't making and does not look likely to make such a product in the near future, the answer to this may be useful for many of us as an adjunct to our Sonos systems, to take music out...


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