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Western Digital My Clouid Home as a Sonos Music Service

According to Western Digital, all music present on the My Cloud Home NAS is available as a Sonos Music Service: I can't find this music service in...

Release notes 8.2.1?

Where are the release notes for version 8.2.1?

Update 8.2.1 - release notes?

Where are the release notes for app version 8.2.1?

Error in Sonos Desktop Controller and in the App

In my music collection on my NAS I have 6 albums with the title Essential. All from the year 2011. The artists are in alfabetical order: Kim Carnes, Billy Idol, Gary Moore, Gerry Rafferty, The Strangl...

Logging out

In the new Dutch and French communities the systems keeps logging me out. Every time I enter the forum I have to log in. A forum problem?

Multiple log-in still not possible

After months of waiting it still is not possible to stay logged in in more than one forum. Every time when I log in into the English part of the forum, I automatically get logged out in all other foru...

New app: errors in translation

On my iPhone I'm using the Dutch version of the new app. Some items are translated in Dutch (as one would expect) but some are not. For example, in my Muziekbibliotheek (Music Library) I tap on Arties...

Can't subscribe?

In the NL forum I can't seem to find a button to subscribe to a thread, as is possible in the original English-American forum. Would someone please explain what's going on?

One more problem...

I receive a mail, saying: Dear beynym, airforceteacher has placed a new comment in the topic “Tablets, devices for remotes”. View the comment here When I click on the link provided, it takes me to t...


I just answered a question and I get this: Your post has been submitted. It will be published after a review by our moderators. Something new? For the curious, this was my posting: What sort of contro...

No more quoting?

Quoting no longer seems to work. A forum problem?

Five ideas to make Sonos even better

Five ideas / suggestions / wishes: Make Sonos Playlists exportable, importable and editableExtend the Sonos Playlist name character limit from 20 to 50Have the new 5.0 option Universal Search include...

Where are the Sonos Playlists located?

I'd like to know the location of Sonos Playlists. I seem to recall there is a way to dump the entire library, but that doesn't suit my purposes. I'd like to dump my Sonos Playlists, as a way of backin...

6.4 queue problem?

My Sonos Desktop Controller is on version 6.4 now. When I have an album in the right pane and when I double click on the third song of the album because I want to play that song, the whole album is tr...

Problems with 6.3 and Voiceover?

Is there a problem with the combination of version 6.3 and Voiceover? On the French forum I came upon a blind user complaining about this. He reported that the Voiceover function prohibits the Lock S...

Four ideas to make Sonos even better

Four ideas / suggestions / wishes: Make Sonos Playlists exportable, importable and editableExtend the Sonos Playlist name character limit from 20 to 50Have the new 5.0 option Universal Searc...


So my PM's from the former Sonos Forums are gone. The Dutch Forum is gone, as is the French Forum. So I'm gone as well. I may drop in from time to time though, to see if things have improved.

Asking a question and requesting an answer

Kenneth R, a Sonos Staff Member, wrote: "We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here". ( Tha...


Question for the moderators: Where did my private messages on the former Sonos Forums go?

NL and FR postings

Can anybody tell me where all the postings & messages from the former Dutch and French Sonos Forums reside? I haven't been able to find them.

FYI: Path to Music Folder

The path to my Music Folder (as set up in Manage -> Settings -> Music Library -> Add) used to be \\IP address of NAS\Music and all was well. For a reason that is of no importance here I changed it to...

Matrix not visible

Trying to get a better insight into my network, I wanted to have a look at the network matrix. I typed in http://x.x.x.x:1400/support/review but nothing showed up. When I entered http://x.x.x.x:1400/s...

How to improving the Sonos Controller

Recently Sonos updated their controller app for iOS and Android with a brand new visual style and some cool new features. Yet some usability issues remained, so we spent some time figuring out how to...

Five ideas to make Sonos even better

Five ideas / suggestions / wishes: Make Sonos Playlists exportable, importable and editable Extend the Sonos Playlist name character limit from 20 to 50 Have the new 5.0 option Universal Search includ...

mute button

I finally started to use the (former) mute button, now the pause/play button. In my situation it functions like this: when I press mute once (on my old Play:5) the music stops and when I press again t...


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