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New Sonos device "S18" on FCC web site, with Bluetooth support

Hard to say what exactly this is from the limited documents posted, but it has 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios, and BLE (bluetooth low energy). The controls look like those on the One, but that's all I can rea...

Cannot add YouTube Music account

I get the authorization code, enter it into the web page, and Google says its all good. Meanwhile the Desktop Sonos app says "Error Unable to add YouTube Music account". Diagnostic code is 393688199

Announcement: Update to "My Speaker" Alexa skill for Sonos

I am pleased to announce a huge update to my Alexa skill for Sonos, "My Speaker". It allows you to do many things that the standard Sonos skill does not, such as playing your local Library, or Favorit...

Airplay on a Mac

I am an Apple ignoramus. My wife wants to use iTunes on her Mac to send to our Sonos system using Airplay. However the Sonos support page just talks about iPad/iPhone w.r.t. Airplay and when I look on...

Hey Sonos, how about a KB article or two on digital audio connectivity?

A day doesn't go by without some customer asking on here how to connect a TV that doesn't have toslink output or ARC, or it does but they can only get Stereo and not DD 5.1. Instead of us customers an...

How do I revoke Sonos Cloud API connection?

So if I have used the Sonos cloud API to connect my Sonos account to a 3rd party service or app, how do I revoke that permission?

Sonos AMP is on the FCC web site

Lots of details are still confidential, but you can see the FCC sticker for it, and the date for photos to go public is April 23, 2019 so that is likely the launch date.

Can we get a Third Party section added to the Forum?

Moderators: We aren't supposed to discuss 3rd party stuff on here, but now Sonos are actively encouraging 3rd party integration with their new programs, can we have a special area where 3rd party rela...

Why does the 9.2 update NOT have a huge warning about the Desktop controller?

I knew the new crippled desktop controller was coming because I read it here, but when I actually took the 9.2 update there was no warning at all. There are going to be a LOT of very surprised desktop...

Controller refuses to "Add Surrounds" because 9.2 is pending

So I am sticking with 9.1 for obvious reasons right now, but I cannot "Add Surrounds" because "Your Sonos controller must be updated before you can add and setup components". To be clear: my entire sy...

How to set wireless channel back to "automatic"

Since the 9.0 update I've been having trouble with my wireless network. Not SonosNet, but ths speed of my regular Wi-Fi (which tanks from 150Mbps down to 3Mbps when near two of my Sonos speakers), so...

Spam suggestion

How about only letting new accounts post, say, 3 times in the first 24 hours after the account is opened. That might stop the crazy spam, like all the junk that showed up in the last hour from the sam...

How do the controls on the top of the One work?

Seems like a dumb question, but the web site lacks a Product Guide and there's nothing in the box. Play/Pause is obvious, but the rest of it is a mystery to me.

Control Sonos with Alexa, Now

If you want to do this, right now, just enable the "My Speaker" skill. You'll need a Windows 10 PC to run the bridge app, but that's it. No technical skills required, just install the app and run it....

Amazon searches don't work if too long

Try searching using Amazon Music, for "Englishman in new York" (in the Songs tab on desktop) - nothing. Hit backspace a few times, and once you shorten it to "Englishman in new y" then eight results c...

All music services quit randomly on OSX

So my gf's Mac regularly, and randomly, is unable to access any music service from within the desktop app. It can still get to devices, but Apple Music, Spotify, and all of the other ~8 services on ou...

Amazon Prime not working on shared account (on 6.1): Bug or Design?

Last week I had my own Amazon Prime account and was running Sonos 6.0. All was good. Today my Prime account is part of a household account, and I am running Sonos 6.1 beta. Not good. While I can see A...

Looking for s/pdif converter

Finally got a SUB but then realized my TV (Samsung UN60H7100) only emits stereo over optical (grrr). Can anyone recommend an HDMI->S/PDIF converter that I can use to get the 5.1 signal?

CR100 flashing buttons

One of my CR100s has decided to flash all of its buttons for ~30 seconds after waking up. Apart from this it seems to work just fine. What does this mean?

CR-100 Battery Best Practices?

I had a CR-100 when they first came out, but I lost it years ago in my divorce. Just picked up one on eBay and was wondering what is the "best practice" to keep the battery working for as long as poss...

SMAPI changes for Google?

It appears that Google Play uses an updated SMAPI protocol. I checked the Music Partners site but couldn't see a changes-history, nor any obvious differences with 1.1. Anyone know?

FLAC in the USA?

Are there any Sonos-supported music services in the USA than can stream FLAC? I know that WiMP and QoBuz can, but I am geofenced from using those.

Failed device discovery on Windows: solved

Running Windows 8 64-bit on new laptop, with wireless connection. Sonos app cannot find any Sonos devices, though Device Spy can and so can my own Sonos app. I fire up NetMon to see why: turns out th...

Pandora can't play today?

I can login, enumerate my channels, but playback always fails with: Wednesday, July 3, 2013 - 8:18 AM Pacific Time Unable to play 'QuickMix' - the connection to Pandora was lost. for all Controller...

Do Bridges "Go Bad"?

I have a bridge that is


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