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Connection to SiriusXM was lost

Can't get Sirius to play today. What's up?

Alexa groups question

Reading the Alexa groups thread, it is my understanding that I could group Alexa and my two office Play:5 (2nd gen). It seems to have done that. Then I set the office 5 as primary speaker. Seems to ha...

Alexa won't play Amazon Music

Tried to get Alexa to play a song and she says "Playing song on Amazon Music. Sorry device is offline." First, how do you fix this? Second, why can't this Sonos One work with Alexa for more than a fe...

Submit diagnostic from the app how? Sirius problems.

Sirius has been cutting out all weekend. The Internet connection is fine. Went to submit a diagnostic from the app and can't find it anywhere. Help? Had to boot up my laptop to get it done. Diagnosti...

App error wording problem

When trying to add a share that is incorrect, the app wording is misleading. I was trying to add \\ShareName\Jazz\Chris MacDonald and the mobile app and desktop kept saying there was no shared folder...

Setting up wireless in a mixed system

Trying to get my head around the wireless setup and hoping you can help. Here’s my situation: I have my home system that works great. It uses Sonosnet with a wired Boost, and some of the devices are...

Alexa's mic keeps turning off

Any reason why Alexa's mic keeps turning off? This is the third time it has happened. I can't tell if it is in response to a power outage or not, but no one can touch the top panel where she sits. If...

Register my speakers

For the second time in just over a month I have had to register my speakers with Sonos. This is the fourth time I've had to do so. Why do I keep needing to do this? It's getting old now.

Unable to submit form. Please refresh the page and try again.

I am unable to post responses. I logged in but can't post a response to any topic because it keeps telling me 'Unable to submit form. Please refresh the page and try again.' Trying to create a topic t...

Ghost in the machine!

Not sure how this is working, but it’s kinda freakishly awesome. Had a problem getting Sonos up and running on my local library in the RV. Ultimately I forgot to change the device name of my NAS after...

Lock screen volume slider not responsive

The lock screen volume slider seem to be malfunctioning in at least the latest update. For the third time in as many days I tried to lower the volume through it and nothing happens. I have to open the...

Ridiculously long time to index

On our recent trip I tried to add ONE album to Sonos in the RV. It was just one player, the Connect, with a bridge hanging off of the router. Everything was working fine, but then I decided I wanted t...

No devices at all after power outage

The power went out here for a few minutes the other day. My router is on a UPS so that stayed up and running for the duration of the short outage. None of the Sonos gear is on backup power so they wer...

Alexa on Sonos One responding, but not

Since yesterday, if we tell Alexa to 'play realjazz on SiriusXM,' she responds with 'playing realjazz on SiriusXM' but no music ever starts. If you start the music through the app using her as a zone,...

Solid green light on both Play:5s

Pair of Play 5 second gen have been paired and perfect for over a year. All of a sudden they both went silent and the LED turned solid green. Thinking someone muted them, I pressed the button on the p...

Alexa lost her hearing

All has been great with my Sonos One for months. Come in the door and ask Alexa to play stuff and she always obliged. All was great this morning while working in the kitchen and told her to stop playi...

App bug with scrolling through music library

Several iterations of the app ago, when you were scrolling through your music library artists list by running your finger down the right side of the screen, there used to be a visual indicator right i...

Connect keeps locking up

One of my three Connects keeps locking up. I've already contacted support and they want to RMA it, but I really don't want to spend the $250 on a replacement at this time so I'm turning to you guys to...

Fix for bright white of iOS app

If you have iOS 11 and can't stand the white of the Sonos display, you can set the iOS device running iOS 11 to invert the colors of your display and the app will go dark. Naturally, this affects all...

Is 'root hub' still a thing?

I have a 2800 square foot house. The WIFI router is on the second floor on one end of the house. Years ago to get equal coverage to my Sonos gear on the opposite side of the house on the first floor I...

Bug in latest desktop controller update

The latest desktop controller update has a bug preventing a successful music library setup. When you select the option to setup the music library, choose network device, and click the add button, you...

Maybe losing the CR100 wasn't such a bad thing...

I'm in my tenth year with my Sonos kit. During that time, I can count the exact number of times my wife or family touched it on one finger. They weren't fond of the CR100, and didn't want the app on t...

Renaming a Sonos One so Alexa says it right

When I set up my Sonos One, I wasn’t sure where it was going to live so when asked for a name for it, I chose ‘garage.’ I’ve since renamed it in the apps, and it is reflected in all the apps, but when...

Sonos shop not in US currency?

I received the voucher for the CR100. It is not is US currency, and neither is the Sonos shop. Is this correct? If not, how do I switch to the US side so I can place an order? I don't want to pay for...

Desktop controller local library bug

After the update to version 8 of the desktop controller, occasionally when I bring up an album from my local library in the right hand pane and double click 'Play all,' the album starts playing. Howev...


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