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Playbase - Is lack of DTS an issue? Should I wait for a Playbar refresh?

Hello, I recently purchased the Sonos Beam on sale over Christmas, but I am considering returning it and purchasing a Playbase instead. I want a Sonos solution in my living room that can act both as...

Beam setup - confirming 5.1 is being sent and received correctly

Hello, This evening I have unboxed and setup my Beam system. I have done this after reading about issues some TV's have passing through DD 5.1 signals, as a result I wanted to get some feedback and c...

TV's cannot passthrough Dolby Digital from external sources - common problem?

Hi All, I have been researching soundbars for the first time ever the past couple of weeks and had come to the decision to purchase a Sonos Playbase or Beam. However, during my research today I red...

Playbase vs Beam considering the sale price?

Hi, I have been researching the Playbase vs Beam for a while now, and realised that the majority of the research I have done compares the Beam and Playbase at their full RRP prices, £400 and £700 res...

Placing Sonos Beam - To tall for TV so place in TV stand?

Hi all, I recently purchased a Sonos Beam and unfortunately I have unpacked to find that it is slightly too tall for my TV, meaning that the Beam itself raises up about 1cm above the bottom of the sc...

Next Sonos: Play:3 for Stereo vs Beam vs PlayBase

Hello, I am an existing Sonos user and my current setup is: * Living room = Play:3 * Bedroom = Play:1 * Kitchen = Play:1 I recently purchased a Beam but have not yet opened it and I am considering...

Living Room setup - Playbase vs 2 * Play3 vs Beam + 2 * Play1

Hello, I am currently looking to update my living room Sonos setup, which currently has just a Play3 in it (with 2 Play1s in other rooms). Ideally it would be great to upgrade to a system that suppor...

Playbase or Playbar?

Hello, I am currently considering buying a soundbar for my living room TV, so I am thinking of getting the Sonos PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE to add to my existing Songs setup. What are the key differences b...

What Sonos to buy next, Play:3, Play:5, Soundbase or Soundbar?

Hello, I am currently looking to add to my Sonos setup and I'm not sure what speaker to go for. Currently I have a Play:3 in my living room, a Play:1 in my Kitchen and a Play:1 in my bedroom. I am...

Music Service/Source limitations and concerns

Hi All, I have a relatively small Sonos setup comprising 1 Play:3 and 2 * Play:1s. I love the speakers, the Sonos HW design and the innovation in features such as Trueplay. I was considering adding...

Can full volume damage speakers?

Hello, My Sonos collection is growing and I now have several speakers, located throughout my home. One thing I wanted to confirm is whether or not the Sonos speakers can be damaged by being played a...

Sonos bad build quality?

Hello, I recently bought my first Sonos system, a Sonos Play 3. Having got it home and setup I noticed that there seemed to be a hardware defect with my system. The rubber ring that surrounds the f...


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