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Apple Music & Explicit now working

Noticed today that the explicit "E" tag now shows for tracks, previously it was only at Album level. Tracks within playlists are also tagged but the playlist themselves are not.

Over 200,000 tracks can now be indexed on Bluesound

Just seen a post on the Bluesound forum, their latest BluOS software will now index over 200,000 tracks.

Google Play Music & Explicit

Can anyone confim if the explicit filtering work on tracks and albums when playing in Sonos or is it just for GPM radio please?

Play current queue automatically

Hardly advanced but cannot see any means to do this automatically. I want to play from an existing queue, at a set time each day for an hour. The alarm would be the obvious tool but it does not allow...

Apple Music "My Music"

Could someone please explain how Apple music works... If I use the iOS Apple Music App there is an area called "My Music" music apears here which I have liked within Apple Music as a quick way to fin...

Qobuz Sublime

Any know if the Qobuz Sublime subscription works on Sonos? Its basically the Hi-Fi subscription but also offers higher bitrate purchases and then the ability to stream your hires purchases. Of course...

Sonos S100 at FCC

Not seen any speculation here about the S100 so my guess is a Soundbar or Playbar replacement.

Alarm Duration

I would like to have either a shorter alarm duration such as 30 seconds or for the alarm to sound only for the length of the music track (not radio or streaming service). The idea is that an alarm...


I'm a novice That's what I get on my status after passing the digital expert test 10 years ago. Never mind..

iPad local music

Is there anyway of getting music files that are in mail on an iPad to show in the Sonos app "This iPad" section? Cheers

Blinkbox music UK

Seems to have gone awol... or bust. Can anyone confim please?

Flexson Extension leads - soon

In my quest to find longer extension leads with the correctly fitting right angle fig 8 for my Play 1's I have recently been in touch (pestering)!with Flexson who said that they are working on extensi...

Blinkbox Music Uk down?

I'm getting an unable to browse message on Blinkbox music. Was working just before 6pm last night and then it stopped. Please can anyone else confirm if its Blinkbox or me...

iPad Mini touch screen / Sonos issue

Ok this is driving me mad. On my daughters iPad mini, in vertical orientation we are unable to select the search or rooms function. Turn the iPad horizontally and it works. At first I thought it was...

Musaic - another contender

Obviously aimed directly at Sonos. Its a Kickstarter project, but does make a very interesting read. They are are also planning to build a Sonos:connect alternative. A bit mor...

Sonos Sub in Gloss or Matte Black - UK

Just picked up a Sub here in the UK to find that its Matte Black. Could not find any mention on the Sonos Shop of matte black only gloss. Any idea's?

Deezer UK half price (£4.99)

Came across this on a Blog, Deezer at £4.99 a month.

Deezer Down

I'm in the UK, Deezer appears to be down on New Years Eve. Anyone else?

UK Radio URL pls Chiltern

Does anyone have the Sonos friendly URL handy for Chiltern Radio 97.6 FM please?

Laptop & ZP100 shutdown behaviour

I have a laptop connected via Ethernet to a ZP100. The ZP100 connects to the rest of the Sonos network wirelessly. The laptop does also have a wireless NIC but this is disabled, due to it location of...

aacPlus Codec

I came across several internet radio stream that use a codec called aacPlus, which promises near CD quality Stereo audio at 48kbps. Obviously I could not play the stream on my Sonos system, but wonde...

How to - Factory Reset

Does anyone know how to perform a factory reset on my Zoneplayers and Controller please? It just that I am moving house this Saturday and the wired / wireless configuration will be different so I th...

FLAC under Windows Media Player & MCE 2005!

I finally managed to get FLAC files to play in Windows Media Player version 10 and within Windows Media Center Edition 2005. This was my main obstacle for switching over to FLAC (but it did not stop...

Live365 username & password

Is there anyway to enter a username and password into a live365 URL? The Radio station I am trying to get is (Shopsonic Radio) With just this URL Live365 tell...

Media Money Web site

Has the web site gone down for ? Many thanks


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