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New Colors for Sonos One Speaker Coming This September

New colours for the Sonos One speaker are coming later this year.

Connecting Sonos to Alexa

Sonos One price promotion UK and US

Limited time offer when buying two Sonos One speakers in the US/UK - $349/£349.

15 year anniversary, 15% discount

Sonos are celebrating their 15th anniversary with a 15% discount on all new products. The promotion begins today and ends on 15th September. The email I received this morning suggests the offer is val...

Sonos offering $25 off coupon for Echo Dots

According to this story, Sonos will be sending all its customers a unique code for $25 off an Amazon Echo Dot. UK, US and Germany only.

Privacy Update

I’ve received an email from Sonos regarding an update to their privacy policy ahead of new software and system updates next week. Alexa integration? I think so...

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Unlimited has launched today in the U.K. with several subscription plans, including one for Echo owners:

Spotify Debuts 'Release Radar'

Spotify are rolling out Release Radar, a curated music section that updates every Friday with new music from artists in the user's library.

Radio station artwork

Since the last major firmware update my Sonos controller on iOS no longer caches radio station artwork. Artwork appears on the now playing screen when I'm listening to a station, but radio stations in...

Spotify down on Sonos?

There seem to be multiple reports of Spotify not working through Sonos. I haven't been able to access Spotify music for most of the morning.


Pure has just released a new DAB/FM/Bluetooth radio, and it reminded me of something... (Mods, please delete if this is way off topic for General D...


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