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Qobuz goes into receivership

'Mark this forum as read' link

There's a link at the bottom of each forum entitled 'Mark this forum as read'. Since there's no indication on the forum page that threads haven't been read -- such as the traditional bold font used o...

Angle bracket pairs in posts

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere but angle bracket pairs in post text are apparently treated as HTML tags come what may. Both brackets and whatever they enclose totally disappear. Th...

Pre-announcement of 5.4

A new format from Apple?

Another attempt to make you buy your music collection all over again? U2 Is Working With Apple On A New Digital Music Format Exclusive: U2 and Apple Have Another Surprise for You Personally I'd thin...

Spotify Radio

Since this thread had turned into a pretty standard request thread, I've moved the posts over to the open thread on the Sound Ideas forum and closed this one. Please continue to add your "+1 from me"...

'My Deezer Library' 400 track limit

Since it's recently arrived in the UK I thought I'd give Deezer a quick spin on the 15-day Premium+ evaluation. Adding albums to 'My Deezer Library', all was well until I soon hit a roadblock and it...

Option to select Sonos node as Spanning Tree root bridge

As the title suggests, it would be useful to be able to explicitly select which Sonos device is elected as 'root bridge'. This would permit the user more control over which 'tunnels' through the wirel...

How does SonosNet elect its root bridge?

Rather an arcane topic, but does anyone have any insight into how the SonosNet nodes elect a root bridge for their own internal Spanning Tree? By juggling ZPs and ZBs I'm trying to exert some control...

Disappearing album art on

I had a quick search but can't find this reported, so.... When I listen to, on some occasions the album art doesn't appear. The odd thing is that I've sometimes witnessed a new track starting...

UPnP controller for iPhone/iTouch

Now that Asset uPnP server is available, does anyone know of uPnP control point software for iPhone/iTouch which plays happily with the ZonePlayers? Thanks for any help.

Spanning tree states

How often does the system recalculate its spanning tree states? And does it take into account link quality (error rates) in its route cost calculations? I have a troublesome zone ('Kitchen'), which i...


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