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Search function on Windows app.

I'm not sure if I am missing something, but when searching on the windows app, it seems I can only search one music source at a time. On the Android app if I search for a song it gives me the top res...

Multiple wired zones causes router to fall over?

Hello all! I need some technical suggestions. Something is going wrong....... A few months ago our Virgin Media Superhub 2.0 lost the plot, so the nice man from Virgin gave us a Superhub 3.0. Sinc...

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How easy is this feature to abuse? I only ask as someone with a high percentage of negatively worded posts is currently the most liked..... Is the negativity genuinely attracting a large number of l...

Update issues.

I'm just wondering if anyone can help? I have had a Play:3 and a Connect since Christmas, I have enjoyed them very much since, especially since google play music has been integrated. I have just bou...

Error Encountered Adding Google Play Service

Has anyone encountered this issue using the new Google Play service in Sonos? I go through the add a service routine, I put the generated number into the link on the google web page and tell google t...

Playing Music on the Controller?

Hello, new to the sonos scene, so apologies for being a noob! I have tried a couple of searches, but not sure if I can't find an answer because I am being thick or my search parameters are off. I ha...


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