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Sonos One with Alexa and Ring2 doorbell

Alexa works great on my Sonos One but was wondering will it connect to Ring Doorbell 2 and per the amazon echo etc and allow voice control. Anybody had issues or any tips would be great before I purch...

Do Alexa Routines work through Sonos One?

My “Start my day” routine isn’t triggering. Wondering if others got routines to work through a One.

Sonos ONE + Alex speaker group

does anyone know how to group a couple of ONEs with other dot / speak combo? So frustrating having multiple groups when I just want one group of all speakers

Default startup volume?

on a few occasions I have been caught out by my Play 5s coming on stupidly loud when I get Alexa to play something. It would be nice to have a default startup volume that doesn't blow your head off!

Alexa with Sonos 1 will not respond while music is playing on the Sonos

With Sonos 1 with Alexa built in I cannot get Alexa to respond while music is playing on the sonos. i have to wait until the song ends. Same with listening to news radio station . There is no respon...

Alexa app says it need me to set up an Amazon Echo product

I’ve been trying to do this all day but whenever i try to enable alexa on my Sonos Play:1 and i get to the part of adding my music accounts i takes me to the alexa app but i cant get into settings wit...

With Follow-Up Mode on alexa keeps beeping

With Follow-Up Mode on alexa keeps beeping after asking to do something, it keeps beeping 5 10 times? very annoying so i turned off the followup and beeping went away. anyone know why?

Not all Sonos Ones behaving the same

I'm experiencing the microphone sensitivity problem on only one of my three Sonos One speakers. It seems to me that if this was a firmware problem, all of the speakers would behave the same. What wou...

Sonos One Alexa Cime repeats it self non stop

My Sonos One is less then 30 days old and this week when you give Alexa a command IE play music, she does and the Alex chime confirms. However, the Alexa confirmation chime does not stop and repeats i...

Alexa & Follow-up Mode

Alexa recently added follow-up mode. Any idea if this will be available in a software update for Sonos? I checked and it is available in my old Echo and Dots.


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