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Feature request: Reboot All Devices Option

I have assigned new IP numbers to all of my Sonos devices so that they line up prettily in my DHCP server's list. I know that was totally unnecessary but I was bored. So now my system is glitching eve...

My Alexa suddenly has an evil twin? Never know who i am talking to.

Ok, so I have had my Echo, and my two Play 1s, my Sub and my Play 5 for a year or so now. Have the Sonos skill enabled in my Alexa app and it all works beautifully. I now buy the Beam, add it to the m...

S5 pair -- two line-in, is that an option?

I have two S5 (Gen 1) which I have setup as a pair for my TV using line-in on one of the S5. It is working perfectly. I just got a turntable and wondering if I can use the other line-in on the S5 pai...

Audio Drop-out Issue with Play:5

Some info about my current set-up: I have a Bridge wired into the router in my Family Room. In that same room are two Play:1 speakers, stereo paired together (Family Room L+R). In my Living Room, I...

Controll speakers using web-api

Hello I works on simple integration sonos to my system (web-service). I wondering that exist some sonos cloud web-api to direct controll particular speeker or group speekers using created user accou...

Connect can no longer hold a wired connection

I've had my connect for slightly over a year. It sits in a media rack connected to the internet via ethernet i.e. hard wired. Recently it has begun losing it's wired connection. To restore requires a...

BBC Sounds app

According to the BBC I should be able to access the app on sonos from my iPad or iPhone using the airplay icon within the bbc app. I’ve a Sonos play 1 and ios 12 on both phone and iPad, but sonos does...

Apple Books Audiobooks

My son asked for a Sonos for Christmas specifically so he could properly play audiobooks from his iPhone. Now we find on day of set up and hours of searching the internet for solutions that one of the...

Audio Technica Bluetooth Turntable to Sonos 1?

Feel like I may not be the first person to ask this... I bought this turntable for my friend, who has a Sonos 1, assuming that Sonos was bluetooth. I know it isn't, now.

Integrating Sonos with Onkyo TXNR686 (Works with Sonos)

I have several Sonos Ones, a Connect, and a new Onkyo TXNR686 that features "Works with Sonos". Also existing turntable, DVD player, in-ceiling speakers. Even with older Denon receiver, was able to se...

Can I output old Technics Hi-Fi to a Sonos connect or conect:amp

I would like to add my old Hi-Fi as a source that can be played over my Sonos network as well as being able to play digital sources (my NAS and streaming services) through the old HiFi. I know the la...

Connecting to Existing System

Not impressed with this Sonos customer service experience so far, which is sad cuz I was excited for Sonos. I took over as operations manager at an office with 7 existing devices and cannot connect. N...

Can I use the Sonos sub without Sonos speakers

Trying to use the Sonos sub with Alexa and my existing system (no other Sonos speakers), but I am having issues setting it up in the app. Do I have to have another Sonos speaker or can it be configur...

MIxing airplay and line in on a Play 5

Hi, I would like to mix the music I'm playing through airplay from my iphone with the music that is being reproduced in the line in. Is this something feasible? I've been playing a little bit and loo...

Vinyl to Sonos system

I have a playbar, sub and 2 x play 1 speakers which is great for tv, streaming and cd’s. I have a separate analogue system for vinyl but would like to play it through my Sonos system. I have been give...

Music (record player or TV) entering thru Connect stops, drops

I have a network of Play 3 (2x) Plat 1 (2x), Connect (2) and one Boost. Recently I added a record player through a Connect, and also a TV through a second Connect. The sound form the record player an...


For years I have been using pocketcasts with sonos. For the past three days it will not refresh or allow me to reset it. I can use pocketcasts on all other devices (google home, phone, android auto, a...

Volume problems with Alexa

I want to talk to my Echo Dot and have Alexa respond to me through a Play:1. In order to make this happen, I had to hook up the Dot to a Connect:Amp, use the controller to have the Play:1 play from t...

How to use play 5 for both line in and beam surround sound

The whole point of buying beam was to integrate my play 5 in with the TV and voice control. But I discovered that doing so loses core functionality of being able to play records or CDs or anything vi...

sonos one/pc

how do you connect your pc to sonos one via SWYH or any other way so I can listen to youtube videos through my speakers

Regroup all rooms overnight

I have 3 rooms in Sonos, one of them is the TV room (Beam + 2 One’s). I usually listen to music / radio with all rooms grouped. When watching TV at night, the TV room gets ungrouped. I would like to...

Sonos in University Dorm

Hey everyone! I'm currently attending University living in a dorm in which I am constantly having issues with people thinking that it is funny to blast music off of my Play 5. I am on an open networ...

Music cutting out using CD or Record Deck connected via a connect

I have 3 rooms Room 1 : 2 x play 5s, 1 sub, 1 playbar, 2 x connects (one connected to a CD player other via pre-amp to a record deck) Room 2 : 1 x play 5 Room 3 : 2 x play 3s Hallway is Router wit...

Very frequent cut outs - 7 devices in house

I experience many frustrating cut outs each week in my home setup which consists of 7 components: (2) Play:1, (2) Play:3, (2) Play:5 [a gen1 and gen2], and 1 Connect for my home stereo. I've changed t...

New router

I am trying to connect Sonos to new router. Currently been at it for 4 hours! Am sure it can’t be that difficult? Sonos equipment not showing on App and says I have to connect them to be WiFi in ad...


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