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Connect signal drops intermittently

We have a One, 3 Play 1’s, 5 Play 3’s, a Sub, a Connect and a beam. All components work brilliantly, except the connect. We have a turntable connected to the connect. When playing vinyl, the signal dr...

Sonos Connect fails to boot after firmware update

I had a fully functional & stable Sonos Connect. It had successfully updated several times with each forced update. Since the last update, it fails to boot. Flashing white light only. I factory reset...

linking amps

Linking Connect:amps; how to virtually create one zone with two amps (change Kitchen + Kitchen2 zones to one Kitchen zone)

Can I control ceiling speakers individually connected to the amp?

Hi, I have a Sonos Amp connected under my TV. Down stairs I have 3 ceiling speakers (two in that room (Living Room) and one in the dining room) and one upstairs in the bathroom. They are wire connecte...

Help, I'm moving and need to move account

I've had Sonos for five years and built some very personal playlists. We have sold our home, and are leaving the hardware behind for new owners, I have a simple one speaker sonic system at our new h...

connectivity problems

Hi all, I have a house of Marley record player, its RCA outputs are going into the inputs on my sonos connect. The sound is coming out go my sonos beam, which is what i want. however the sound is inte...

Podcasts now have skip forward and back 30 second buttons

Maybe they have been available for a while? But I only noticed when playing a podcast yesterday evening. It's been much needed and is a great help (I'm using Pocketcasts integration - don't know if...

Issues connecting SONOS to Virgin Media

HI Everyone, I have had my SONOS products for a few years now (3 PLAY1's, a PLAY 5, Sub and Soundbar. I love the kit and never had any issues. I have been on Sky broadband for a while and yester...

Sonos Playbar with Connect Amp for Surround and third party active Sub for 5.1ch surround

Hi Everyone, Im looking to do the following and hoping someone can confirm whether or not it is possible. Sonos Playbar with Connect Amp for Surround and third party active Sub for 5.1ch surround....


will a 2016 sonos connect be the latest version or should I buy new?

Ceiling speakers for Sonos Amp

Hi, I am buying the new Amp amplifier and would like to install two speakers in my ceiling. What should be the characteristics (wattage and ohms) of the two speakers? I'm completely lost! Thanks

Turntable to connect to bluetooth transmitter to headphones

I have a turntable attached to a preamp, which is attached to a Sonos Connect. It works fine and I can listen to records through Sonos play1s.. but at night when the family is asleep I'd like to liste...

AirPlay Sonos One

I have a playbar, sub and two sonos one connected to my tv. Should I be able to connect to AirPlay if I have some speakers that supports it? Sonos app is saying that I don’t have any speakers that I c...

Audio/ Video LAG

3 weeks ago my SONOS system experiences a lag between video and sound, the problem is presented by the conect, it is more than proven because the transmitter is a panasonic TV and when I connect it to...

Play 5 integration for Vinyl playback

Hi all, I've currently no options to play my record player on my Beam setup (1 X Beam 2 x Play 1) in my living room. as far as I understand it my options are (record player has line o/p RCA) 1: buy a...

How add iTunes

How add iTunes

Volume problems with Alexa

I want to talk to my Echo Dot and have Alexa respond to me through a Play:1. In order to make this happen, I had to hook up the Dot to a Connect:Amp, use the controller to have the Play:1 play from t...

Username and Password Not Accepted to Update

Trying to update Sonos (I have Sonos 1 and Beam) and when entering my username and password in Sonos on my mac it just shakes like it's incorrect. I even went into my account and changed the password...

Led flashes red and white

Hi, Bought a used sonos 3 and tried to hook it up to my existing system. Though it starts to flash red an white. I have not succeded installing it. I have tried to reset it to original settings and re...

Can't connect Sonos to FreeNAS

Running freeNAS. I'm able to connect to the NAS from a Windows machine and a Mac and Plex picks the media files up fine. Just Sonos is unable to connect

since latest update wont finish any songs

Updated this morning and every song stops half way through. I am new to Sonos, and it worked fine until i updated at automatic prompt. I am not happy Diagnostic number 848063051

Windows desktop controller not working

The Windows desktop controller used to work fine, but it now just displays a square Sonos logo for a few seconds then shuts down without even getting to the point of displaying the main software form....

Song skips to next song without completing

I have four Sonos speakers in my home (2 x Play:1, 1 x Play:3, 1 x Play:5) and use the controller from both my MacBook Air and iPhone 8. I am using Deezer as my music provider and have been on this f...

playlists on friends system

I can connect to a friends system however I am unable to see my playlists?

Integrating Sonos with Onkyo TXNR686 (Works with Sonos)

I have several Sonos Ones, a Connect, and a new Onkyo TXNR686 that features "Works with Sonos". Also existing turntable, DVD player, in-ceiling speakers. Even with older Denon receiver, was able to se...


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