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"sorry that device is offline"

I have had a sonos one for about a year and everything worked fine until about a month ago. Now it won't not play spotify via a voice command. It just says "sorry that device is offline". If I unpl...

Google assistant update

November 1st 2918 SONOS wrote a blog post, postponing the launch of Google assistant on SONOS one and beam to 2019. No date given. The post ender with this: Stay tuned. We look forward to sharing ano...

Google Assistant

We have been hearing for over a year now regarding the Google Assistant integration. When is this going to happen? The Alexa assistance is horrible.

iPad mini "outdated"?

Do I need to buy a new iPad to control my Sonos system?

Danish Telmore Musik

This music service just dissapeared from my Sonos ? Can't find it anymore !! Why??

outdoor speakers

do the outdoor spekaers work without the amp?

System turning on by it self

Please help! Our system is turning on the music by it self... Usually in the middle of the night, when everyone is sleeping. AND we have no pets. It is not he same speaker, that turns on everytime an...

Sonos one and echo dot 3

How do I play music simultaneously on Sonos one and Echo Dot 3? In Alexa app, Sonos does not appear when I try to create groups or add multi-room music speakers. I have 2 Echo Dot 3s and 1 Sonos One....

Downgrading to 9.3.1

Hello. I need my system downgraded to 9.3.1since my Ipad controllers does not work with the latest version !! Please explain how to

100% wired Sonos System....still have disappearing speakers

I have a sound bar, a play3 and 3 play1’s all wired to the router....gave up on WiFi after months of frustration. My problem is that the speakers keep disappearing from my app. When I check the route...

Support for SMB2, SMB3 ?

My Sonos cannot access SMB shares on my Synology NAS. Synology disabled SMB version SMB1 due to some recent Severe Vulnerabilities in the protocol. I did some A/B testing and concluded that setting...

Sonos with Google Home

So I've seen quite a lot of posts about this topic, but haven't seen this one specific question: I realize that google home isnt officially supported by sonos yet. But is it possible to simply use the...

Sonos and IMac - Unable to add the shared folder "//iMac/Music" to your music library (1002)

IMac running High Sierra 10.13.6, with Sonos controller on the Mac running fine for years then I recently added some music to iTunes reindexed the music library and it disappeared! On the advice on t...

new router.

New router so I have connected ethernet cable- but cannot locate " advanced settings" to enter new router details and password

Room grouping

Can see 2 rooms can play separately but can’t group together

Using Alexa to play Spotify in different rooms

My wife and I have Spotify Premium. We have a Sonos One in our kitchen and we've bought a second Sonos One for our bedroom. If, say, I ask Alexa to play music in the kitchen it works fine but if my wi...

Amazon Music

Hi, My Amazon Music account has been deleted from my sonos app and when I go to add music, amazon isn't present. Any ideas why? I have just had new wireless service if that has anything to do with it...

Sonos and Alexa - Caveat Emptor

Dear Sonos: I had high hopes when I bought my Sonos One. It promised great sound combined with Alexa and, later in 2018, the Google Assistant. It seemed like a no brainer. I have been sorely disap...

How to choose a specific Spotify Premium Family user from inside Sonos?

Suddenly it’s only my daughter’s Spotify account that shows up in the Sonos app. I can't choose my own playlists anymore...

Deezer music service not working on SONOS

I have been having trouble with accessing deezer through the app and can no longer play music. It asked me to reauthorise but this did not solve the problem. Can anyone help?

Tabs not shown in English

Hello, my Sonos tabs have recently changed to another language. I’m not sure why or how I can change them back to English. Any ideas ? See attached picture

Deezer Search Facility

The facility to search for artists or albums via Deezer is no longer available on my Mac. I can do this on iPad but not on Mac.

Can't get Sonos PC App to recognise my Sonos One

Hi there, I cannot seem to get the Sonos PC App to connect up with my Sonos One speaker. I am on the correct WiFi network for both PC and the speaker but no joy. I have had a look at a few threads an...

Play 5 stereo pair dropping

Hi, I’m having issues with a Play:5 dropping out. It is part of a stereo pair and also has a sub connected. Both play:5’s sit either side of my TV but I’m frequently having dropping issues. I’ve tried...

Error code 701

Bought 2 sonos one at Christmas, linked to Deezer, everything working spot on. As of yesterday, can not access any music, so when I search for any, error code 701. No updates needed, WiFi rebooted, I...


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