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Deleting podcast from Sonos

I subscribe to various podcast via an installed podcast app inked to my Sonos in Music Services. When I have listened to one I then delete it from the list in the app. However the list of podcast I ha...

Using an Echo Dot - Alexa Routines w/ Sonos One

Hi all, I'm very new to Sonos (have owned a Sonos One for about 3-weeks and I love it!) I have tried searching to no avail. Everything comes back saying that Alexa Routines are unavailable on the Son...

3 Play 1's went bad in a two week period

I am a gym owner and run about 10 Sonos products in the gym. In the past two week period I have had 3 Play 1 first generation speakers start to sound like they're completely blown out. Could this be...

Where is Sonos MacBook App?

I have searched the Apple Store for the Sonos app for MacBook, but the only one they have is for iPad or iPhone. I have the iPhone app, but want to use my MacBook. I see write ups on the site where...

iPhone 4 re authorisation

frustrated- how do i get an iPhone 4s to access iTunes, after an apple password update?

BT Sport 4k channel humming sound

Hi. I have a beam and 2 play 1s for 5.0 sound. All Hd channels sound great in DD 2.0 and 5.1. But BT Sport 4k channel during live football matches has a strange humming sound through the surrounds. Wo...

Sonos, Alexa, and Deezer

Hi, I have just bought and set up some Sonos devices. I also have Alexa and a Deezer account. Is there any way of getting Alexa and Sonos to play my Deezer playlist? Or, is it not available in the U...

Playbar won't work to turn off TV

Playbar turns Samsung TV on via Alexa but doesn't work to turn TV off. It's connected thru HDMI but for some reason had never worked to turn TV off.

Cancelling an account

How do I cancel an account and create a new one with the same email? Just got divorced.

Music mode for surround sound setup

I have a beam, sub and 2 ones setup in a surround sound setup for my TV. It works great for movies and for playing music directly through sonos. The issue I am having is that I watch a lot of music...

Repairs for Sonos Products - where is reccomended

Hi, what are the details of sonos approved repair centres please?


I recently bought a sonos one. How can I play audio that is not in the My Sonos or Spotify? I have a training App that I want to play through the sonos speaker.

Sonos cant all of a sudden play from spotify

Hi - all of a sudden i can't play music from spotify via my Sonos app and via spotify directly. I have tried to recreate the issue, and sometimes i get the 701 error, sometimes it's the 1002 error. D...

Trueplay et Iphone XR

Bonjour, Trueplay n'est pas compatible avec mon iphone XR. Quand l'application sera t'elle mise à niveau ?

Sonos 9.2 update error on desktop

Trying to update my desktop sonos software to 9.2, but it comes up with the following: SonosLaunchUtility.exe - Application Error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00000e5) Click OK...

Sonos One and Beam

Electricity-use en data-use by wifi

When did Gen 2 of the Play:5 launch?

I'm possibly going to order a Play:5, but do I want the Gen 2 version? And when was the second Gen launched? (How can I tell whether the unit I get is Gen 1 or 2?

iPhone XS airplay2

Hi guys i’ve got 2 sonos one and 1 playbase. When i try to activate AirPlay on my iphone and listen YouTube, appears to enter a code.

Is it possible to edit/synch Apple playlists from Sonos app?

Prior to becoming a Sonos user, I had a practice of adding new music to a designated Apple playlist, then editing the playlist (while I am listening to the songs for the first time) to remove the song...

Yousee musik removed from Sonos in Denmark

Yousee musik is suddenly not to be found on my Sonos system I used it yesterday

Songs cut early

I’ve had my Sonos system for over 5yrs now, but recently when playing music from my phone, I’ve been experiencing the music being cut off in middle of the song, and skips to next, does same thing no m...

Alexa built-in Sonos Speakers

Is the chip that contains Alexa in the Sonos One an EPROM? What I'm getting at is, can missing functionality of Alexa built-in to Sonos speakers be added in the future? The two most important being, c...

Songs ending early

I am playing songs from my iTunes library on my phone and the songs are cutting off early.

Can I connect Beosound 9000 to Play:5 Gen 1?

Hi, can anyone help me? I have a BO Beosound 9000 and want to listen to the music through my Sonos system. Can I connect the Beosound 9000 directly to my Play:5 Gen 1? What cables Will I need. If this...

Trouble adding music library

I'm trying to add my music library (stored on an external hard drive) via the Windows 10 app, but I keep getting an error message. "Sonos Was Unable to add the Music Folder. Reason: Unable to add th...


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