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Google Assistant

We have been hearing for over a year now regarding the Google Assistant integration. When is this going to happen? The Alexa assistance is horrible.

Adding new email

My son set up our Sonos system using his email address and account. I have now set up our own account but cannot swap over our app to it. How do I do this as there is no option to change email.

Echo Dot Connectivity

Hi, I have recently installed the Alexa app on my phone, and linked it to Sonos. This is fine. My problem is I can't link Echo Dot machine to Sonos. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

AirPlay stops working after Controller 10 Update on MacOS

Since updating to Sonos Controller 10, if I'm playing video on my Mac with sound streaming through my Sonos One speakers via AirPlay, if I pause the video and resume the sound will fail. This did not...

iTunes playlist importing issues

Hi - I used to have my iTunes playlist in the imported playlist folder. Noticed as I updated playlist or added new ones it would not update in the Sonos controller. I deleted my Sonos music library...

Sonos Amp

I tried to register for be notified for the New SONOS Amp, however it keeps coming up with an error. Is there a rough arrival availability date?

Loosing connection to Deezer

Hi guys, Getting constant connection drops trying to stream from Deezer. I've reset the router and all sonos components. Also changed the wifi channel. No improvement as yet. Tge issue began with the...

Sorry That Device is Offline

I've got 2 Sonos One and a Playbar. I came back from vacation and when I ask Alexa to play anything I get "Sorry That Device is Offline" This is the same whether trying to use it via Spotify (premium...

Play 5 Gen 2 fails to connect via WIFI

Hi Like several other users, my Play 5 suddenly disapeared from my rooms and stopped working. It seems to be initialized by upgrade to Ver. 10 It has been working well for more than 1 year, Yesterday...

Audible on Sonos

Hi, i not find audible service inside services list. It's possible add it? If yes, how can i do it? p.s. i'm sonos beta program's member Tnx a lot for help

rename a room with the Sonos Desktop Version

hi, any way we can rename rooms with the Sonos Desktop Version ? I am using Version 10.0 thanks for your reply. f

Play 1 with Alexa link to apple Music

I have just upgraded my Play 1 to a new play 1 with Alexa. so I can control and play music via the Sonos app and love how I can now use Airplay to control so don’t have to use Sonos player app. Howe...

Sept 8,2018 Update

Update causes rooms to be lost

Naming Room Sonos Beam?

Anyone name their Room on the Sonos app as their Sonos device name because either Sonos sends Room name as device name to the Alexa app or Alexa retrieves Room name as device name? On the Alexa app m...

Playbar constant whine

Hi My playbar has developed a constant whine as described in several threads here. I have done the factory reset and diagnostic as mentioned and have still got the issue. I have tried unplugging all n...

"Queue Not in Use" on mac and can't re-gain access to it

When I first used my Sonos, I somehow shut off the Queue and now cannot access it on my mac. I tried to reload the app and that only resulted in losing my music library - controller re-loaded with sa...

Sonos and IMac - Unable to add the shared folder "//iMac/Music" to your music library (1002)

IMac running High Sierra 10.13.6, with Sonos controller on the Mac running fine for years then I recently added some music to iTunes reindexed the music library and it disappeared! On the advice on t...

Block explicit lyrics from Spotify

Hi my son listens to Spotify playlists through Sonos 1 and I can block explicit lyrics in Spotify but Sonos lets them through though. I see that it doesn't with Apple Music. But what about Spotify ? I...

Amazon Music has disapeared

Anybody else's amazon music gone from Sonos, Its not on any apps or software and its not in the list of services

Change room titles?

Hi, new to Sonos and have a used Play 3, got it up & running ok, but somehow gave the speaker the wrong room name How can I re-assign it please

How do you open a PLAY5 speaker?.

I have a Play 5 gen 2, and it fell off a shelf, fortunatelly on a sofa, but the cable tore apart. I’d like to see if I can repair it.

Error 900 on MacOS Mohave 10.14.2

Getting an error 900 on MacOS Mohave 10.14.2 when trying to add a Music Library. "Unable to add the shared folder "//037533/Music" to your Music Library (900". Have checked firewall settings, read all...

Play5 gen1 surround

Hey, I have a sub with a beam and two play5 gen1 speakers. Setting up a surround system does not work because the play5 gen1 does not seem to support. Is this right? A Play 3 seems to be supported and...

Updating a support ticket - it shouldn't be this hard?

Pulling my hair out here. I submitted a support request this morning and Sonos support have email me back with standard response and case number. But now I want to update that support call to help...

Access YouTube

I know you cannot play YouTube videos on a Sonos One through an Android device, but if I enable Alexa, can I have her access YouTube for me?


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