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Help choosing best combinations of Sonos required!

Hi All, I love Sonos and have been working towards expanding my current set up in my new house. I've gone from a flat to a 3 bed house and need music to envelop my living space accordingly. I current...

Sonos Spotify Problems

When I tried to connect my Spotify account to the Sonos controller it connected to my friends old account and I can't find any way to remove it. Furthermore It won't let me connect a new Spotify accou...

Pairing two sonos Play:5 to a TV?

Hi there. I own two Sonos Play:5 (2gen) and want to pair the two to a TV, is that possible?

Hoe to "unbundle" Playbar

I'm sure this question has been asked many times before. I truly appreciate the help and patience community members show, but I do find it difficult to maneuver in "search". I recently added a Playbar...

Setup used system

I bought a used Play 5. I got it setup and working, but how can I get it to point to my Pandora account, instead of showing me all the previous owner's stations? Thanks.

Play:5 stereo pairing disconnects, Play:5 disconnects, Soundbar out of sync, Play:3s cut out

I have two Play:5s, two Play:3s, two Play:1s, a connect:amp for floor-standing speakers, a Soundbar, and boost directly connected to the router. I have two Play:5s (1st Gen) set up as an audio pair...


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