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Alexa and SONOS play local music content?

I am working on a smart home design and as part of this am looking at Sonos and also being able to use the Alexa functionality of it for voice commands. I also want to be able to tell Alexa to play m...

Problems after update 10.0

After the update I have problems with the sonos app. On one phone it works on the other one it doesn't Of the 6 sonos items only 1 can be found. Th rest can not be seen by the app. Does any one has t...

airplay 2

will airplay 2 be compatible also with play 1 end play 3 in the future?

How many speakers on the new amp 2019

Hello, I want to know if i can put 4 harman kardon speakers on my new amp 2019, and how to do this? Thank you.

Alexa, Play 1, spotify not working

Hi I have an Amazon Echo Dot connected to a Play 5 via the line in in my dining room, and two sonos Play one with Alexa is separate bedrooms. I have a spotify Premium family account. The issue I hav...

BEAM with TCL Series 6

I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how the ARC functionality would work with the TCL Series 6 through ARC Would you foresee me being able to control the volume of the BEAM through the standar...

What does Sonos Amp do?

Does the sonos amp boost existing power of sonos speakers or is it just to be able to connect non sonos speakers? Is there any benefit to adding the amp if all my system is entirely Sonos?

High powered, 2 pair speaker selector with volume controls

Hi! I am looking to get the new Sonos Amp in the next month or so. I have 2 sets of wires running from 2 different locations in my house. Both sets of speakers are rated at 8 Ohms, 100W. I want fl...

IQ 4 to Fox

How do I connect my Beam to my IQ4 Box?

Dropouts - Sub and Play:1 Surrounds

I am having very frustrating problem with sound drop-out, especially when playing the TV, with my two surround speakers and my sub. While it'll be about two weeks until I can get back to the Condo wh...

TV Arc Port Connection Issue

Just bought a new Beam and trying to connect it to the TV Arc port. When I connect the HDMI cable and then search for the Arc receiver on my Samsung TV it says it can’t connect. I’m trying to connect...

Dining room set up

I currently have one Play One in the dining room, one in the bedroom and a Connect Driving Martin Logans in the living room. I'm looking to add two more One's throughout the house. Would you recommend...

Beam with Apple TV - No HDMI Arc and No Optical

Is it possible to set up my TV with Beam when I have no HDMI ARC connection? Also my optical broke so I can not use this. I see some responses. However I want to have my cable box and also an Appl...

Questions about Playbar

I have a few questions about using the sonos Playbar: 1) If I setup the Playbar in boost mode and then later the broadband internet drops out, will the Playbar still automatically play sound from the...

Pairing Beam and Echo Dot

Hi - I've seen a couple of different answers on this. Can an Echo Dot be paired with the Sonos Beam and if so, what functionality can be used between them when paired? I note a couple of other questi...

Confirm best way to connect aux devices to Sonos

I've seen a bunch of threads on using Connect or Play 5 to connect up a single audio device. My Sonos replaced my entire home theater system so I don't have a good way to connect my CD player and tur...

Taking Sonos One on Vacation

Hello, I'm a newbie in the community (but a passionate Sonos user). I got my first Sonos one a few weeks ago. I'm planning to take it temporarily to a friend's vacation house for a few days, which mea...

How to setup my Sonos system?

I am going to setup a Sonos 5.0 system in my living room, it’s about 25m2(269ft2). The function I need are: 1) connect to TV to watch movie(it has HDMI ARC); 2) play music (surround setero, support Ai...

Sonos Zone 2 Outdoor

I am looking to use sonos to allow my zone 2 thru my Denon for my outdoor TV to pair my outdoor speakers which are Play1s. Any suggestions? What I want is that when I watch my movies outside, the so...

Sonos AMP... how does it switch between sources (TV vs. Spotify vs. Phono)

Super simple question (I'm sure), but I can't find a clear answer... how does the Sonos AMP select the audio source? I don't see that there is a user selection between streaming audio (Spotify) vs. HD...


ON and OFF controls on the application - where are they??

Using Amp with normal line in source (RCA jacks from a CD player)

My new AMP is all set up and working for streaming to the connected speakers. I used my Spotify service and was able to stream music to the connected speakers. Great! Next I ran a normal RCA cable f...

Should I get Play 3 or two Play 1’s if I’m deaf in 1 ear.

I’m getting a Beam soon, but I’m thinking of getting rear speakers. I’m deaf (5% hearing) in my left ear and I’m not sure to get a Play 3 or two Play 1’s to get a decent sound.Anyone else who is deaf...

Mixed wired-wireless home theater system

I would like to implement home theater system in the new flat, but on the opposite to the current flat, I do not want nasty long cables to the surround and rear speakers anymore! I would like to imple...

Integrate Single Sonos 5 with home theater

I currently have a single Sonos 5, but am replacing my home theater system. I plan on buying the playbar, subwoofer and two Play 1's. My question is, can I integrate the Play 5 with this setup or sh...


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