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Sonos One Keeps Dropping the Connection

Reference number for this afternoon: 921764712 Reference number because it continued this evening: 909702846 This morning, I could listen just fine. This is sending music that is located on my iPhon...

Play:5 (gen 2) resets name to "Speaker" despite attempts to change it's name

I have a play:5 (gen 2) and despite what name I give it, it will accept the name change and then an hour or so later it will show up on the network as "Speaker". This happens regardless of what I chan...

Optimal set up with old speakers

Hi All I would be very grateful for some advice. I have a PLAY:1 (in the dining room) and a PLAY:3 (in the sitting room). These were purchased around 2014. I realise the kit is older than the newly...

Poor sonos connection

I’ve had sonos for 4 years with very mixed success. More times than not my device won’t connect to the speakers in the kitchen. WiFi strength is very strong. My iPhone X has much less success than my...

How do i play music from my laptop running windows 10 on my sonos devices?

How do i play music from my laptop running windows 10 on my sonos devices? We have sonos speakers and one with Alexa

Muziek hapert soms

Ik heb sinds enkele maanden een beam en een sonos 1. Op zich erg tevreden, maar soms hapert de muziek (ook op beide apparaten tegelijk). Ik heb ze gekoppeld middels google wifi en heb al gelezen dat h...

Sonos One Alexa not found

Good Morning, my family has given me for kings a sonos one, I have experience in settings and I am familiar with Sonos, because I have a problem with the device, is updated to the latest, in the appl...

Beam - TCL (roku) TV sync issues

Hello, I have a beam connected to the following TV via HDMI (ARC): TCL - 49" Class - LED - 4 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Roku TV I can NOT get the visuals to synch with the audio (ie...

Beam keeps turning on the TV

Hi, we have a Sonos Beam hooked up to a Samsung TV, have it connected with Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC). However, the TV keeps being turned on for no reason. Is there a setting I'm missing or something we have...

Beam with sub and 2 Sonos Amps for in ceiling Surround AND Rear Surround speakers????

Can you have a Sonos beam with a subwoofer plus 1 Sonos Amp for in ceiling surround speakers AND 1 more Sonos Amp for in ceiling rear surround speakers? Is this an option in the Sonos setup? I curre...

No sound from speakers

I just bought a pair of PLAY1 speakers, and there is no sound. They appear to be connected to the playbar because I can adjust the volume coming from the playbar from either speaker. What can i do no...

Using Sonos app to disable voice control

Hello, I recently purchased a few Sonos Ones (first time Sonos user). I have been playing around with the Alexa integration and I find it pretty useful.... and so have our little kids. The kids lov...

How do I connect a new TV to y Play 3?

An audio company set up our Sonos system and since then we bought a small HDMI smart tv for the kitchen counter. How do I connect it to the Play 3 which it sits right next to?

Not quite surround sound

Can a Beam and ONE Play One (as opposed to two) be set up as a TV audio system?

Problème sonos play 5

Plus de connexion

Wired mode speakers on the router

This is probably pretty straightforward, and I'm missing something obvious. My Sonos network is set up in wired mode, using a Bridge, and the controller app confirms wired mode. Yet each of the indivi...

Beam volume display keep appearing on TV

Hello, I have just purchased a Beam. It sounds great however having connected it to the ARC port on my TCL TV avery 30 seconds or so the volumn display on the tv appears for a few seconds and then dis...

Cannot connect Play 5 wirelessly

This speaker has worked in the past. We have one other Play:5 and on Amp working wirelessly. This one, though, now only works when hard wired. I have a solid white light on the speaker. Try to add...

sonos is limited to 65000, how do i manage this

if sonos is limited to 65000, how do i manage this ie can I select files for sonos to manage?

Beam (ARC)+ Play 1 (wireless) - Will that dog hunt?

I have a set of Play 1's that I set up as "surrounds" with a Beam, and the controls on the Play's (pause, volume up, volume down) work, but there is no sound coming from them. The Beam is working fine...

No ethernet port available

Connecting the Boost

What Android OS for latest Sonia App

I don’t want to go and buy any new tablet if I have to at the moment. Not working due broken leg in July. My X-10 home control app on the iPad is no longer available on Apple Store, but it is on And...

Sonos one alexa will not understand commands

So I got my sonos one all set up and got alexa all set up and when calling aleaxs name she keeps telling me that she is having a hard time understanding right now and to try again later. I even was a...

No 5.1 sound from Nvidia shield via arc to beam

Hi, I am having an issue, I have the 2017 Nvidia shield going into my Samsung ue406670 via hdmi 1 and the Sonos beam out of hdmi 2 (arc) I get 5.1 using the TV Netflix and Amazon app but Netflix and a...

Adjusting speaker (s) volume individually on surround system

I'm and "old" sonos newbie who has screwed-up his surround setup to the point where my wife wants it returned because it does not perform the way "we" thought it would. My system consists of a Beam &...


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