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Beam and Samsung TV audio sync issues

I recently purchased a Beam to use with my Samsung UE40NU7120K and I am having problems with audio not in sync with visual when using Dolby Digital and Bitstream as set up on TV. This is using HDMI AR...

My sonos keeps droppin gout

My speakers have recently started cutting out the sound or stopping.

Why do songs on iPhone keep skipping?

Here is an observation that I do not how to fix. I have 4 Sonos Play:1 speakers and a Sonos Boost that is hard wired to my router. I have the Sonos app installed on my PC, iPhones, and iPads. If I dec...

Too much reverb with paired Play Ones

After TrueTuning (2x), there is and continues to be too much reverb coming from the speakers. Any idea what is causing this and how to fix? Note: these are in a new (larger) room that previously....

Play:3 stopped working wireless

Play:3 stopped working on wireless out of the blue. After factory reset, was able to connect via wired connection, but won't connect to wireless. Changed network providers a couple of months ago an...

Playbar drops sound from TV intermittently

My Playbar is connected to my Panasonic TV with an optical cable and has worked perfectly like this for the past 4 years. Just this week it has started to intermittently drop sound. Any ideas what mig...

Wifi Type Question?

I pickup my new Amp tomorrow. (Missed the delivery today or I'd be setting it up now!). Anyway I started looking at the specs and there was this: Connects to your home Wi-Fi network with any 802.11...

Samsung TV ARC HDMI issues

I have a Samsung TV (MU6290) and a Sonos Beam. I can get audio to work through the optical port no problem. However I would like to use the Beam via HDMI (ARC) port. After trying everything i could...

Google wifi added to our broadband and Sonos wont connect....any ideas?

We have added google wifi to our broadband and the Sonos just wont connect. Keeps saying its now created its own wifi 'SONOS' and to find it but its not visible. Also tried connecting it via the Sonos...

Beam Autoplay Issues

I have a Beam connected to my Sony Bravissimo TV. The Autoplay is enabled but sporadically disconnects from the TV. I can't tie down why and when it does it but at times it happens when I stream Spoti...

Sonos use at University

My son bought a Play 1 which he hooked up to my system. He's off to Uni at the end of the year. Can he disconnect it from my system and hook it up through the Wifi at Uni? I ask as I'm not sure how...

Setup Instructions for Play1 Outdated or irrelevant?

I have unfortunately had to manually reset my three Play 1's because of the latest hardware update (separate issue). Each time I am reminded that your stock set-up instructions are not applicable to m...

Siri Shortcuts App

Hey Can somebody tell me something about Sonos and Siri Shortcuts. Would be fine in there are options to use Sonos in the Siri Shortcuts App

Speakers recognized by app are different than on Laptop

I have quite the bizarre issue. 3 speakers show up in my iOS app. And one other speaker shows up in my Mac application. Both the phone and the laptop are signed into the same network. I can't even fat...

Beam - room size

Hi, I want to add a sound bar to my TV and as I have 2 Play 1s in the room already, I'm thinking of choosing the Beam. I see that the information on the Sonos site says it's suitable for small to m...

Not connected...Your Sonons product was not found

So theres my house with an Asus AimEsh system, contains 3 routers AC88u as main, and 2 AC66Bu1 as nods. I have some Sonos components in separated rooms: - Living room - surround system: playbase, su...

Dropping out

This is so frustrating. Could SONOS be the most unreliable and difficult hardware on the planet? Diagnostic is 846218572. My Sonos system is constantly cutting out. I can’t finish a song. I have a wi...

Playbase dropped from wifi

Hi, My playbase has suddenly dropped from wifi and I have to use an ethernet cable to connect now. I have run a diagnostic report (1135747392), so can someone please have a look? Thanks, Mirza

IFTTT - Stop all music in case of a Nest Protect smoke alarm emergency

I'm confused by this IFTTT applet. I want to stop all music on ALL Sonos devices if ANY Nest Protect detects smoke. I'd assume this is what most people want to happen in an emergency, however the appl...

Why oh why is my Sonos suddenly not working?

Sonos (3 x Play 5, 1 sub, 1 Amp, 1 connect) suddenly quit working today (19th Feb Australian time). Not clear why. Now nothing works. Is this just me or something more widespread? Everything fine up t...

Sonos Turn Table Interruptions

Sonos Environment PlayBar 3 Play One's Play 3 Boost Connect Amp Turn Table - Audio Technica AT-LP60 Turn Table is connected to Connect AMP Routers - Apple Airport Extreme & Airport Express. Extend...

Youtube Music, wrong format code, no way to link account

I have a Sonos Play3 and a premium Youtube Music subscription. I tried to link my sonos to the YTM account, but I have a problem that I cannot. overcome. Sonos APP provides me a code in ABC-DEF-GHI fo...

Beam - TCL (roku) TV sync issues

Hello, I have a beam connected to the following TV via HDMI (ARC): TCL - 49" Class - LED - 4 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Roku TV I can NOT get the visuals to synch with the audio (ie...

Sonos just started not playing m4a files

Library on Mac desktop, Sonos won't play m4a files either through desktop or iPhone app

Delete Imported Playlists

How does one do this? I have a number of playlists imported from iTunes on a Mac and I want to remove them from the Sonos. Method 1: Click on playlist. No option to delete. Method 2: Open playlist....


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