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Sonos One and Google Home playing together?

I´m about to get a Sonos One and have a question regarding Google Home as I understand is upcoming for Sonos. When Google Home is integrated with Sonos, will it be possible to set up a group of speake...

Sonos Beam: TV has no HDMI ARC port so is optical functionality limited?

My Samsung only has an HDMI and HDMI DVI ports, no ARC. I have a DVD player and Apple TV in those HDMI ports. With the Beam connected through the optical cable, What functionality will I be losing...

How about one answer? LG OLED and Beam/Sub/2 Play:1's

Have spent a considerable amount of time reading through these topics. PLEASE - Yes or No - Is is possible to use my Sonos Beam/Sub/2 Play:1's for sound with my LG OLED C8 TV? Thank you to whomever r...

Lost a speaker

I have two sonos one speakers. Previously connected and working properly. One speaker dropped off the network and I am unable to locate it. Unplug the speaker, plug it back in, LED blinks white, th...

Sonos Update Error 1101

Since we updated our router, we have not been able to update sonos on our desktop PC. I've tried all of the things listed in many of the other posts, but nothing seems to help. I have sent a diagnosti...

Sonos Beam - how to get Netflix 5.1?

I'm looking to add the Sonos Beam to my two Sonos Ones in order to get a surround sound while watching Netflix. It doesn't look like any of the current streaming devices (Chromecast, Roku, Amazon, my...

Google home

When the hell is sonos going to deliver on promises to work with google

Can't Manage Music

I am unable to Manage my Music. My options are greyed out. I have a Mac with 10.10.5 opererating system and my Sonos has the latest updates 9.2. Help...

Bluetooth output for headphones

I have the Bose sound bar and I'm looking to see if any of the Sonos bars (either the beam or playbar) have a line out for, specifically, blue tooth headphones.

Starting problem with app

I'm trying to set up a new One for the first time. I have connected the One to electricity and downloaded the Sonos app on my MacBook and iPhone. In both cases, the first screen is which does not gi...

Sonos streaming Spotify turns off overnight

I recently acquired a Play1 that I added to my Play5. The P1 is in my dog’s room. He sleeps with very low volume music that streams from Spotify. The background sound keeps him from waking and barking...

Can Sonos Beam Connect to Receiver?

My TV is a dinosaur, no optical, two HDMI, NOT ARC, etc. Can I connect my Beam to my receiver as a workaround for an old TV? If that doesn't work, is the next best option using a HDMI Arc converter?...

Overheating issue of the Asus Laptop

I have a laptop of Asus, AND IT GETTING SO HOT AFTER few hours, I don't know why happening so?

Update to 8.6 resulted in Play 1 pair cutting in and out

I just updated to 8.6 and now my Play 1 pair are cutting in an out (mostly out). Nothing else in my system has changed and I never had any problems prior to installation of 8.6. Can someone help?

Play one

I have 3 play:1 in my house and yesterday i bought a sonos one because the store said it was going to work with play:1 but when im trying to connect it dosnt work... Is it going to work or do i have t...

Another Google Home integration request, is there really still no release date?

The only reason I still keep Alexa in my house is for telling my Sonos speaker to stop playing when my phone rings. Is there really still no release date, the longer it takes the better the Google Hom...

Blu Ray's go mute when I begin the movie

The sound works fine when I'm watching the previews & even the disc menu but when I start the movie it goes mute. My phone app says "Unsupported TV Audio". I had an LG 4K Ultra HD player then I wen...


Hi all, Recently brought a PLAYBASE + SUB and looking for some help with the setup to my LG 4K TV. The model is OLED55C7V. I have everything hooked up and the Playbase contacted directly to the TV w...

PS4 Pro - DTS Transcoding / PLAYBASE

My current setup and TV is able to passthrough DD 5.1 Playbase is connected to tv directly via optical and Apple TV, cable are all able to passthrough 5.1 verified on the sonos about app. My PS4 for g...

Need Help Choosing a budget AV Receiver with Audio Line Out for my Connect:Amp

My Onkyo 705 HDMI died. I am looking for a 7 channel AV Receiver with audio line out. That seems to be hard to find. (And, the Onkyo wouldn't convert all digital source audio to analog. ) The Rece...

App for iPod touch connecting to NAS & manage music library settings

Hi, we have a 4th generation iPod touch running on ios 6.1.6 and have the sonos controller version 6.2. Just got a NAS box and trying to connect sonos controller to it but the settings for manage musi...

re: App / Device

Hello, General question from a new user re two devices connected, via the Sonos App, at the same time; my wife's iPhone and my iPad. While the Sonos system works great, when my wife is playing music f...

Can I use a Connect to stream an audio source (TV for example) to my tablet?

I was wondering if I can use a Connect to stream an audio source (TV for example) to my tablet? The goal is to use either wired or Bluetooth headphones to listen to the audio source. This would allo...


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