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Connect Amp will not power on

My connect amp will not power on. I have tried multiple working outlets with no success. Is there an internal fuse that may have blown and can be reset? I do not even know how to access the interna...

Wifi for CONNECT Amp

Does the CONNECT Amp need to be hard wired to network with ethernet cable or can it access network via wifi (as the Sonos One does)?

Excessive Heat/battery drain on 2018 MacBook Air when playing to 2 or more Sonos speakers over airplay 2

Hi all, Just got a new 2018 MacBook Air a few weeks ago. I noticed excessive battery drain when I play to 2 or more Sonos Speakers from iTunes on Airplay 2. I have 10.14.4 the latest Mac OS relea...

Creating Zones

Multiple Zones - I am renovating a motorhome and I would like to set up 4 zones - zone 1= surround w/ soundbar, sub & 2 rears. Zone 2 = 2 One's in BR. Zone 3 = 2 one's outside. Zone 4 I would liker to...

Volume fluctuates with LG TV use

I have a good Sonos setup and love it to bits. I rarely have any problems. I love it being connected to my home theatre to really punch out some volume when it's needed. But, I have a friend (who is...

Soundbar completely dead!

I have a 3-4 year old soundbar and it has done this 3-4 times before but now nothing works. The problem is that it shows a steady white light but does not appear in app and no sound even coming throug...

speaker disconnects from sonos network

oe of my speakers (sonos 1) disconnects and is not recognized by network (blinking white light) I can unplug and reconnect and establish the connection but it keeps happening.

Beam mic not working with Samsung/PS4

Hi kids have a PS4 the they were able to play with their friends over the internet using the built-i TV mic - since I hooked up the Beam, they can hear their mates but they can no longer s...

network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer - Spotify

When trying to use Spotify, I keep getting interrupted play and the error message "network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer". I can stream radio stations just fine. Amazon...

Lost a room

Have two Sonos speakers in two different rooms. This morning, one of the rooms has gone away from the app on my computer, but I can listen to the speaker manually, and can control the volume. Cannot...

Securing access?

I have a fairly simple (I think) question. It has been a long time since I installed by system, so i don't remember the setup details. I have a friend who was sufficiently impressed that he bought his...

5.1 Playbar: Possible to play stereo sound in back speakers?

I have a home theater setup with a playbar, sub and two Ones are backspeakers. My TV passes through sound signals from the top set box via s/pdif, and it works fine for both 5.1 signals and stereo, bu...

Setting up surround sound system with zp90 (connect), a beam and 2x play1

Hi, I have an existing set of speakers connected via zp90 to a peach tree amp, I want to intergrate those speakers to the Beam and two play 1s to create a surround sound system. Can this be done? I re...

HDMI ARC - Digital Audio Out (Optical) - need two/splitter?

It seems my tv may not be compatible to use the Beam while using Apple TV (or anything else I plug into the HDMI ports). I have a TV with no HDMI-ARC so I'm using the Digital Audio Out Optical adapt...

NFL Gamepass Europe no sound on Airplay

I have a very peculiar problem. I've got my AppleTV 4K hooked up to a monitor and I Airplay the sound to a Play:5. Everything works fine on Netflix, HBO, Apple Music/Podcasts and a couple other apps....

Error 1101 on updating

Update error 1101 has me locked out from my Sonos. All devices say the same thing. Tried all the things listed on help screen. This is ridiculous. I have a party in few hours and now i cant use my S...

Play 1 will not connect wirelessly, works on Ethernet.

My play 5 will no longer connect wirelessly but will connect over Ethernet. It slowly flashes green and will not connect via the normal setup method.

Amp, beam, existing surround sound

Trying to set up my Amp, Beam, Sub to my existing surround sound speaker. I am able to play music just fine through everything but the TV sound will only play through the beam and sub. How would I go...

Sonos One with Bose Soundbar?

Hi, my parents are deciding between an Apple Homepod and a Sonos One as their smart assistant. I was wondering if the two work together fairly easily? They have Apple Music - would the Sonos One be ab...

No Arc or Optical Audio - Trouble Connecting Beam to LG 42CS560

Hi, So I've got an LG-42CS560 with no Arc or optical audio jack. After speaking with a guy at BestBuy, I bought an Insignia converter that was supposed to convert my L and R audio to optical. It does...

Podcast and ipad

Sonos just made a update so now the only iOS device I had left can not play my podcast. It plays a couple of minutes and then goes to the next podcast, like the rest of my IOS devices. As I can read t...

Turntable + Pair of Play:5 speakers not in same room. Is Connect my answer?

Hello, I have a stereo pair of Play:5 speakers and I am adding a turntable with an integrated preamp. The problem is that the turntable cannot physically sit anywhere near either of the Play:5 speake...

Error message: unable to play [songname] - access to //[laptopname]/music denied

I've had sonos on my MacBook pro now for several years. Even ran it earlier this weekend. I made the fateful mistake of upgrading (as prompted) to the latest update (build No, 49263270). As a resul...

Add existing speakers to the surround system.

Hi! I have spent half of the day mounting Sonos One speakers on the wall to have a home theater surround system. Now I'm trying to add the speakers to my Playbase and the app acts like I am adding new...

Songs end mid song

Songs stop and next song starts from playlist on iPad randomly. No issues when playing not through Sonos system. Diagnosis sent: 1477821219


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