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Mac Logic X-Sonos-Line In

I have a midi controller set up with Logic X. I'd like to run the sound currently being output on the Mac's speakers to a Line In on the Sonos system so I could hear it with the Sonos speakers. How do...

New Sonos Amp Apple TV / remote

Apple-TV connected to TV. Sonos Amp (the new one) connected HDMI-ARC. Question will the AppleTV remote control the volume of the Amp like it does with the Playbar?

Audible, again

I made the mistake of buying a bunch of Sonos stuff in the mistaken impression, based on clear statements in Sonos and other advertising that certain features either worked or would shortly work. Now...

Play 5 (gen 1) no audio - dead speaker?

Sonos was working fine for years. Recently had the Bridge go down, rebooted and reset all complete with software updates (2 x play 5 gen1 and new beam). One play 5 now has no audio. Solid white light,...

Set top box/Beam Audio Issue

I have a Beam setup with 2 x Play 1s as surrounds, LG tv and BT YouView box. All works as it should when, for example, watching Netflix or Prime through the tv app. As soon as I power up the YouView...

Sonos purchase in the US - to use abroad?

Has anyone taken a Sonos from the US to Japan? Does a US model work in Japan?

IHeart Radio

I have an Iheart Radio account in Canada. I'm trying to play radio stations from my Iheart radio account on my Sonos speakers in my US residence. It doesn't work. is this a Sonos problem or IHeart Rad...

Sonos Beam buzzing when rewind/forward skyQ

When I rewind or forward SkyQ the Sonos Beam buzzes with the motion of the rewind/forward. Please help it only just started the other day, been fine for weeks

Position for Beam

I’m looking at a Beam but due to the TV stand Beam won’t fit on the shelf directly below the TV but on the bottom shelf which is about 18” below the TV. Is this still acceptable or will it sound odd h...

Some music on phone not available in Sonos app

I have a Playbar and an iPhone 6S. There is some music that is downloaded to my phone (verified in settings that the music is on my phone and not in cloud) that is not showing up in my Sonos app as an...

AppleTV/AirPlay theater integration

Really need some help figuring out which way is up here. I want to use my speakers with my AppleTV for watching movies and listening to music. I listened to demo speakers at the store. To be honest, a...

Vibration from inside the beam

On certain movie scenes and songs, there is a loud vibration sound from inside the beam. As you look at it, it’s just to the right of the middle. Is this a broken part to the speaker? It has never bee...


Samsung tv ue43nu7400

One speaker connects, the rest do not.

I have a Beam, a Sub, and 2 Ones. When I go though the setup process, I can connect one of them, but I can’t add the others. When I go to add the others, it identifies the speaker to be added by ser...

Cannot Connect Speakers

I have had three Sonos speakers and a bridge for several years. I truly love the system when they work, but every few years it seems one thing or another craps out and I have to mess with them. Toda...

What can I Connect to the Sonos Connect

Hey all, New to the Sonos community. Not sure how to ask this question. I was recently given a Sonos Connect XP90. Can I only connect this to an amp and to wired speakers, or can i use this to...

Sonos Play 1 Poor Connection when using Connect Input.

I live in a two bedroom flat. I have a Connect in my home office which uses the Line In coming from my Laptop, and has powered speakers plugged in which all works fine. In my Living Room I have a P...

5.1 Playbar and extend TV sound into another room

I am looking at upgrading my current TV surround sound system in the Living Room, and also want to (at times) extend the TV sound into the Kitchen (we have an open floor plan and sometimes can't hear...

Digital Optical Cable Adapter

Why don’t I hear sound through my playbar when I have my cable playing through the TV? Since my Samsung flatscreen tv is a little older without a Digital Audio Optical port, I had to buy a Digital Opt...

Playbar lost in space

Had a router bite the dust. Playbar still set to old SSID. Trying to set up playbar on new SSID. Tried spoofing old SSID with same password. Didn't work because network? iOS app setup fails rig...

Cannot assign my playbar to a new room

I just moved and to make sure my setup would take into account the new room, i created a new room and renamed the old (setup) "obsolete" i have assigned my 2 ones + my sub to the new room. But i cant...

Connection question

Today I setup a new AT LP120 and Connect to my two Play:1 speakers. Everything went fine from the quick setup guide and in a matter of 5 minutes I was listening to the Beatles Revolver LP. Here’s the...

Unable to play selected items message

when accessing Pandora or other music services. Have not changed anything uggh!

Google Home release date

I have a Sonos Beam. Unfortunately Amazon Echo is very limited in my country. I would like to change the assistant to google home. I would like to know when will the google assistant release. I...

Unable to add my shared music folder to Music Library (1002)

I have been unable to utilize my own music library for a long time. I went to the trouble shooting page and attempted the process suggested. No success overall after multiple attempts.


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