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Ask Alexa to play tv audio on a sono one

Can I ask Alexa on Sono One to play the sound currently on my playbase that is tv audio? I saw in another forum Alexa doesn't understand grouping.

Sonos Beam Alexa voice control problem

Trying to set up the Alexa voice control in the sonos app But keeps saying Alexa Problem adding, have followed all the forums and a lot of people have had same issue, have re set up deleted apps made...

Alexa Dot and Sonos

Is the Alexa dot compatible with Sonos system? Can you play your Spotify music on Sonos via Alexa dot? Or do I need the Alexa spot? And does someone know if Alexa can create a shopping list for exampl...

Stop and skipping songs

My Sonos 1 speaker is skipping music half way through songs using Amazon Prime Music

Sonos One Gen 2 and setting up Alexa issues.

Hi, I just picked up a Sonos One Gen 2 and i am trying to set it up with Alexa but i keep getting an error saying "there was a problem adding alexa" I have uninstalled and reinstalled both the sonos...

Trouble with Alexa Group

I have an Echo, a Play 1, a Play 5 and a Sonos One. I grouped all four speakers. The three Sonos speakers will play, but not the Echo regardless of whether I direct Alexa through either the Echo or...

Alexa with multi-speaker (in one room) setup

Glad to see we finally have proper Alexa integration with Sonos. Have been using Sonos speakers since the company first launched. I currently have a bedroom setup consisting of a Playbar and a Sub. S...

Sonos Playback in Alexa Routine

Adding music to a wake-up routine, trying to get the playback device or "Alexa will respond from" to be my Sonos speakers, but only see Amazon devices available for selection. Only other choice is to...


Recieved an email in Spanish from Sonos and I cant read it

Sonos Beam/One responding to commands meant for Echo Show: ESP/Device Arbitration issues

I have an Echo Show in the kitchen, Beam in the living room, and a Sonos One in my bedroom. If I stand 1ft from the Show and issue a command, the Show, Beam (15ft from the Show), and sometimes the One...

Alexa on Sonos One stopped working, tried resetting, FAIL

Loved the functionality of Alexa on my three Sonos One speakers when I bought them in September (voice control at last!!), though I did notice little glitches here and there. However, one by one, the...

Alexa Deezer Issue

Trying to play music on my sonos one using Alexa and my Deezer account. Alexa is saying "Playing song from(my choice) using Deezer" but nothing is playing. Any ideas folks ?

Auto grouping for music playback

I have a Sonos one in my bedroom and kitchen. I used to be able to ask Alexa to play music while in one room (say the kitchen) and it would only play in that room. Now it’s playing in both rooms autom...

Sonos Mic not working

Recently purchased the Sonos One Gen 2. I don’t think the microphone has worked since I brought it. It does not light up. On have it in stereo mode with another One Gen 1. I in paired the two to see i...

Speakers keep grouping when not wanted

Slightly odd problem which started last week. When asking a Sonos One/Beam to play something, it is automatically grouping together all other Alexa-enabled Sonos speakers to play it. This is despite...

No Music Plays After Alexa Command

If I ask Alexa to play music from a specific artist, the typical response is “shuffling songs by [artist name] from [my name’s] Spotify on Sonos.” Then no music plays. How do I troubleshoot this?


My Sonos would not stream amazon music as said sonos offline. So i then de authorised it on the alexa app in the hope of re authorizing it. I now cannot find how to recoonect sonos to my alexa app

Multiple games from MLB in different rooms

I'm finally getting ready to cave and purchase an Echo Dot so I can get MLB on Sonos again. We have a number of Sonos speakers in the house, but none are voice-enabled. My wife is a bit anti-voice-con...

alexa problems to play spotify, please help

hi I am having problems to get my Sonos speakers to play music using Alexa voice commands if I say Alexa play Elvis Presley Spotify it responds shuffling songs from Elvis Presley on Spotify but I cann...


My Alexa responds to my voice and if I ask a question (example) play the killers it responds playing the killers on living room but no sound. If I select it on the app it plays?

Adding speakers to existing room

Need some help. I have a Beam, 2 play ones and 2 Ones that I want to add all to the one room connected to my TV. I have added the Beam to the room "Living Room", but then when I go to add the Play...

Sorry, that device is offline.

I have two Sonos One's grouped as a stereo pair. For some reason, recently whenever I ask Alex to play music from Pandora or Amazon Music, both of which are enabled in the Sonos app and in Alexa app,...

Advice - I'm confused!

So... I'm having a house redesign and my new kitchen/dining room/lounge needs a Sonos setup! The room will measure 9m x 5m - I'm investing in a 65" TV - I currently have a Beam, 2 x Play 1's and a pl...

Sonos Ones/Alexa auto-grouping multiple speakers for music playback, can't change!

I think this is due to a recent update by Amazon or Sonos. I have 2 Sonos Ones as the Alexa-enabled speaker in my "Family room" (Alexa group), along with several other Sonos speakers (playbar, sub, su...

New Sonos Update loses stereo pairing from the "Music EQ" icon

Stereo Pairing Option has gone. I am on a PC running Windows 7 the New Sonos Update loses stereo pairing option from the "Music EQ" icon, Where has it gone? Does anyone know??. Now, How do I pair and...


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