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Play 1s not playing surround sound with beam

My 2 play 1s are not playing sound on surround sound setup with Beam. Diagnostic: 1528408160

Disable / Enable Alexa on Sonos One

Is it possible to disable Alexa without pressing a physical button on the Sonos One device? I need to be able to disable and enable Alexa without physical contact with the Sonos One device.

Alexa hears my voice command but doesn't play music on my Sonos One?

Hey community, thanks for your time. We just moved and I set up my Sonos One speaker, changed the WiFi settings etc, Sonos app on my phone is updated already, and so forth. I say "Alexa, play (fill...

Alexa not playing current music on Sonos

Hi, Fairly new to all this, but I seem to have connected my Amazon Echo to my two sonos speakers, but if she is playing music on the Echo and I ask her to play it on the sonos speakers they start play...

Alexa Won't Play Music

Starting roughly Dec '18, Alexa stopped playing music on my Sonos One. It acknowledges that it's going to play music, but then nothing; silence. I've logged out of Amazon on all account and on the web...

Alexa doesn't play music by voice but plays from app

Alexa doesn't play music by voice but plays from app


My play one has got a solid white light I have tried all the tips and resets on the forum but can't get it to do anything I have submitted a diagnostic the number is 91166159.

Alexa plays all music except one album

I have a weird one here. I ask Alexa via my Sonos one to play Shake It Off by Taylor Swift via amazon music and it wont play. Says it’s an unsupported format. But it played yesterday, and the day befo...

Sonos Beam Alexa

The voice of alex on my sonos beam is very low how do i fix it?

Ask Alexa to play tv audio on a sono one

Can I ask Alexa on Sono One to play the sound currently on my playbase that is tv audio? I saw in another forum Alexa doesn't understand grouping.

Sonos controller not working after latest update

After yesterdays update, my Sonos controller no longer works for "Music Library". I can play my "Sonos Playlists", which are from my "Music Library" as well, but I cannot select by search, artist, alb...

Sonos not recognizing Alexa voice commands

I have a playable and 4 sonos speakers and a woofer. I have connected to Alexa and so far can play I Heart radio and Sirius. I cannot get the Sonos system to recognize Alexa voice commands. What do I...

Mic not on

I have a Sonos One with built in Alexa. All worked fine for a month but now Alexa is not responding. Having read this community it looks like the mic is not on. However I cannot get the mic to activat...

Help with my Sonos Connect

I have a Onkyo receiver (TX-NR686) and using RCA jack connected on back of the Zone 2 Line Out with the other end to Audio Line IN on the Sonos Connect. I'm trying to play sound on my TV to my Play 1...

Echo’s setting for “Preferred Speaker” doesn’t work with my Sonos One

I’m trying to setup my Echo Spot to play music to my stereo pair of Sonos Ones without having to say “Alexa play music on ,” using the Preferred Speaker setting in the Alexa app’s Groups function. My...

Moving speaker to another location

Hello, I want to take my speaker to my daughters birthday party. They have Wifi we can use so I wanted to check if it is simple to log in and link to my Sonos speaker? I have only just set up my new...

Alexa not playing Spotify on Sonos One

Just started having this trouble today. I ask Alexa to play a song from Spotify. I receive confirmation from Alexa about the song but then nothing plays. I can play music from the Sonos Controller app...

Beam LED light

Hi: I have setup my beam and two sonos one as a home theater system. I am able to turn off white led light of both sonos one. However, there is no way of turning off the light of the beam. Can any of...

Play five music fades in and out lately

Using Spotify. On Google pixel. Diagnostic 965656463 Super annoying. Don't know if it's a Sonos or Spotify issue. Have had tons of connection issues through Spotify connect too ( although this part...

Spotify Connect to Sonos One

I updated the spotify app and when i try to connect to the sonos it does not play at all. I see the clock ticking for the track but no go. If i use the sonos app I am able to play but I did not have...

Sonos One and Alexa Issues

I have two Sonos Ones a sonos play one and play 5. They all work perfectly through the sonos app. Both Sonos Ones have been working with Alexa for last year - no issues. Then in the last few weeks t...

Alexa on Sonos One stopped working, tried resetting, FAIL

Loved the functionality of Alexa on my three Sonos One speakers when I bought them in September (voice control at last!!), though I did notice little glitches here and there. However, one by one, the...

beam set up

HI im new here and have just bought a beam to use as soundbar for my new tv.very easy to set up I think using the hdmi. What I wanted to ask is can you adjust the bass etc Was surprised it didn't have...

Sonos One - can't turn microphone on

Well, until Friday everything was just fine, I could make requests to Alexa. Since then the microphone is off and I can't turn it back on. I've tried rebooting the unit, I've tried numerous times to t...

Sonos One - Alexa not responding

The Sonos One is my first Sonos and the experience so far has been frustrating. Finally got Alexa working then one day it stopped responding. I have amazon alexa products that work fine. I noticed t...


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