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Alexa 'ding' on Sonos One

Are there any plans to provide an option to turn off the 'ding' sound when using Alexa voice control on Sonos One? Amazon's own Alexa speakers do not have a sound like this.

Sonos Beam unwanted Alexa activation.

I seem to be getting more unwanted Alexa activations recently, whilst watching my TV connected with a Sonos Beam. These are activations of Alexa where she is being woken up by a similar word (often ‘e...

Sonos Beam, and Play 3

Hello guys, I have a Play 3 in my room and I am thinking about purchasing a Sonos beam. I know you can pair them, but I am hearing rumors that there will be a delay in the sound when pair together? I...

Stop and skipping songs

My Sonos 1 speaker is skipping music half way through songs using Amazon Prime Music

Alexa has stopped playing an entire album on my SONOS device

I ask Alexa to play an artist and/or specific album from Amazon Music in the Family room. The first songs plays... and then nothing..... It certainly worked a couple of days ago.... now this?

TV sound cuts out, music's ok.

I have a Beam, and 2 ones surround. After last update, TV sound cuts out around every couple minutes. Music is fine. Doesn't matter if I am watching live TV or recorded TV. This is very annoying. My b...

Alexa & My Country Code

Alexa assumes I live in the UK, which I do not. My Amazon account is US, my phone and iPad are also US. Where is it getting this from and how to change it?

Sonos One Not Responding to Alexa Comands

Just setup the Sonos One. All steps were followed and setup went smoothly, However it is not responding to any commands. It does acknowledge the command where I ask to play music, but doesn't complete...

Synchronized, multi group use of Alexa Echo Speakers with Sonos speakers

I apologize if I missed this, but the only answers I could find searching the forum where older. With the release of Amazon's Multi-Room Music SDK (MRM) and the integration of Alexa into the Sonos' O...


Anytime I try to play something from my premium Spotify account by asking Alexa to play anything, she just comes back by saying "sorry, something went wrong". Any suggestions on things to try? I've tr...

Setting up Echo Dot and Sonos

I have a Sonos Play:One is a few rooms and have just bought a Sonos One (with Alexa) as a first step into bringing Alexa into our home. My plan was to have a integrated unit upstairs and then add an...

Grouping all Alexa enabled devices in Sonos app?

Does anyone know if I can group 2 dots, one Echo and 2 Alexa enabled beams to a group?? Am I nuts to see that the Sonos app only allows me to group Sono players and Echos/dots are not recognized while...

Echo’s setting for “Preferred Speaker” doesn’t work with my Sonos One

I’m trying to setup my Echo Spot to play music to my stereo pair of Sonos Ones without having to say “Alexa play music on ,” using the Preferred Speaker setting in the Alexa app’s Groups function. My...

Possible to have Sonos Beams ungroup when asking, “Alexa, play (Artist) radio”

I have Sonos in my dental office. My set up includes 3 Beams each in different treatment rooms, and 4 Play:1s placed throughout the hallway and the reception area. To start the day, I would like to...

Alexa and Sonos playing the same time

I finally got alexa to recognize my sonos 1 speakers. When I give the command to play music on sonos, alexa states that amazon music is streaming on two divices and asks if I want to stream on sonos....

Alexa not working

I need help. It’s setup on the system but it doesn’t correspond at all. I’ve tried enabling and disabling from the alexa iOS app but nothing changed.

Ring Doorbell with Sonos Looping

I’ve looked through every post imaginable on this but not found a solution unfortunately but my apologies if it is out there somewhere (if so, PLEASE point me in the right direction) I just purchased...

"Sorry unable to understand you right now please try again later"!

So I have a sonos One and it worked we connected it to wifi and now we have moved and we connected it again this time jt will play music but when I ask alexa she says "sorry Unable to understand you r...

Sonos One and Echo Dot on same system

I have a sonos one and an echo dot, can they work together on the same system. plan was 1 in office and 1 in family room. I have Sonos set up in 7 zones already with amps and connects

Echo Dot - Sonos as Default speakers

I have the Play One with Alexa which works amazing. I also have an Echo Dot in another room that works beautifully with my Sonos system. The only slightly annoying thing is that I have to tell my Ec...

TV Audio Cuts Out on Non-Living Room Speakers

Hi, I have recently re-setup a Sonos System with a new Router. I have a Sonos Boost Hardwired to the router and 6 Play 1's, 1 Playbar, 1 Sub, and a connect Amp running through that. Each device was gi...

Project using chromecast and play sound using Sonos

Hi, I am interested in getting Sonos and I am trying to find out if following is possible: I want to project a movie (eg. from windows media player) from my PC using chromecast (I connect it to my pro...

Where can I find a list of the standard cords that come with the Connect?

I have an approx. 6-foot chord with red/white male RCA connectors on one end and a single male connector on the other end, but don’t know what it’s for as all of my Sonos products are wired.

Older SONOS Speakers and Alexa

I know the newer Alexa enabled speakers create two entries in the Alexa app - one for the speaker and one for the Alexa part. But why do my older devices (Play:1, Play:3 and Connect) do the same? Can...

Sonos one vocal Music to Playbar optical sound

My system have 1 room "Salon" (1 playbar, 2 one, 1 sub) I can listen music by "Alexa, play music". But after when i want to return to the sound of my playbar (optic cable) i don't know what should i s...


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