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BEAM cuts out while grouping

I have a brand new sonos beam and when I group it to my play-1 the beam will sometimes cutout randomly. Can anyone help with this issue?

New Sonos Amp with speaker groups

I'm considering getting the new Amp and have a couple of questions: 1) Can the Amp be grouped and play audio sent from a Beam which is connected to a TV? 2) Is it possible to have an RCA input into t...

Samsung & Sonos Beam Lip Sync Issue

Hi all, I have a problem with the lip sync on my Samsung 48h6400 TV and the Sonos Beam, seemingly something which is happening on others with a similar set up. We use Samsung's SmartHub to watch con...

WiFi/ Ethernet cable connection problem

I am plugging in a Play One directly to my router using the Ethernet Cable and the speaker does not work. Is my router compatible? I have tried to connect it with the WiFi, doesn’t work either. I hav...

Surround Sound

Is it possible to use a play 3 as 2 channels R/L, or must you use 2 speakers?

sonos one

Greetings I have a few questions before I decide whether to buy your speakers. I plan on buying the SONOS ONE speakers and I have APPLE TV 4K There are several apps within APPLE TV like Netflix and a...

iTunes Match with Sonos

Is there any way of playing iTunes Match music through my Sonos system? I have a library of approximately 10000 songs all stored using iTunes Match, I have access to all my music from all of my device...

2.1 setup with sonos amp , sub and my passive speakers

Can the sonos amp power my Dynaudio passive speakers and let me use a sonos wireless sub ?

Use of the new AMP with CONNECT

The new Sonos AMP looks great. A question: I have a Sonos Boost and a Connect linked to an existing (ancient) amplifier, CD player and good KEF speakers, as well as a Play:3 and a Play:1 in the house....

Forgot to log out of someone elses sonos system

I recently logged into my apple music account on a Sonos system at a rental house. I forgot to delete my account before I left. How can I prevent others from accessing apple music on that other system...

Sonos One - Alexa having problems since installing Orbi router

I have had a Sonos One for over half a year, Alexa voice service used to work on it like a charm until I upgraded my old router to Orbi. Ever since Alexa fails with the message:" Sorry I have trouble...

Denon Compatibility

I want to connect Sonos speakers to my receiver that outputs cable sound. i currently have it wired to two front speakers and a sub. receiver has bluetooth so i'm hoping this is an easy set up. wou...

LG Magic Remote fails to register in SONOS app

Hello! I recently upgraded my television to a newer model and so far everything has been pretty good! I did unfortunately learn that the PLAYBAR does not support DTS which is unfortunate, but it sti...

1st Gen Play5 popping after update to 10.0

Updated to 10.0 earlier this evening on MacBook Pro and have noticed that my 1st Gen Play5 is making a strange popping/crackling sound on bass notes. I have two Play1's and a Sub on my system and they...


I know this has been discussed before. Asking for more attention and resolution. Ive posted in an old thread, but posting here in hopes to get some visibilty. Somehow my system had a major hiccup and...

Beam + Play1 Surround

Hi All. I have tv surround set up with my Beam + two Play1s. All three speakers play fabulous surround sound with Netflix, but NOT when watching tv. Beam works great with the tv; just no surround. Yes...

Sonos Placement in a Great ROom

Hello All! Just moved into a new home and trying to figure out how to place my Sonos system. I have the Playbar, Sub, and two Play 1:s. In my old house i had a pretty small living room so it was e...

Beam & Samsung UE50nu7400

Hi, I'm looking for what setting to use on my Samsung TV to get the best out of my new Beam. I'm kow nothing when it comes to this kind of thing but this is my setup: Sky HD - TV Via HDMI Xbox One X...

Sonos play:5(gen1)

Hey, im unable to connect Sonos play:5(gen1) i tried everything. It only shows white led and sometimes it blink thats it, i tried putting ETHERNET WIRE too but not working, and also tried FACTORY RESE...

Sonos not working

On my sonos play 3 when plugged in the white light flashes a few times then goes off and doesn't re light

A solution for 3.1 with a beam and two play 5

I recently found out that if I set up some delay on the sound from my Beam I was able to make the sound sync up with the sound from my play:5s. After syncing the sound of my Beam and my Play:5s I went...

Alexa ‘sorry I am having trouble understanding right now’

Hi all, My Alexa with Sonos beam and sonos one was not behaving as it should constantly saying ‘I am not sure what went wrong’ so I decided to disable and deleting all the devices from Alexa app. Si...

Beam possible with older TV?

My current setup is an 8-year old Samsung UN46C6300SF TV with 4 HDMI ports of which one is their HDMI-CEC, AppleTV, a Bose 321 audio system for the TV, and also 3 PLAY:1 speakers. Want to cut the cabl...

Speaker placement on kitchen counter top

Has anyone encountered WiFi signal issues placing Sonos speakers on kitchen counter tops made of certain materials such as granite, marble, quartz or tile? My speakers (Play 3s vertically oriented) a...

I have a Denon AVR1601 receiver and JBL S26 speakers that I don't use much at all lately. What Sonos should I get?

Our living room is 20x16 feet. I have Denon AVR1601 Dolby Digital Audio/Video Receiver and JBL S26 speakers that I bought used 15 years ago. They still work but we don't use them much at all. We mos...


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