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My poor SONOS CONNECT AMP got wet

I accidentally left my Connect in a place where it got rain on it and now it doesn't work. I have tried to let it dry out. Is there any way to fix it or is it beyond repair?

Sonos no longing connecting to NAS

Hi. Don't know if anyone can offer any advice. Out of the blue songs stopped connecting to my Drobo 5N where my music is stored. I can see my library in the controller on my Mac laptop and phone but w...

ZP100 Dropping From Network

Hello All, I have a ZP100 that constantly drops from the network after roughly 3 minutes of playback. The unit has been used primarily as a connection in my living room for a powered sub woofer and...

WiFi connection of 1 play5 disappeared

The connection of a speaker suddenly has disappeared, i send diagnostic code bere: 1198502619

Wifi Extenders/Boosters

I am using different Sonos products throughout my house. I recently added Wifi extenders/boosters in order to improved overall Wifi performance. What I have found, however, is that when the device (...

Sub Location

I have installed my sub in a cabinet designed for it below the tv and beam. Is putting it in this space affect the sound? Or damage the Sub?

Checking second hand sonos products before buying

Hi all, Is there a way of checking if a sonos product is stolen before purchasing? Buying a beam second hand(boxed never used) but would like to make sure it’s not stolen stock first. Cheers

Log out of all devices

Hi, how do I log my account out of all devices? I let me housemate log in, and no longer want her to have access to the account.

2nd sub in one room

I have a playbar, 2 play 5s and 2 subs. How can i connect the 2nd sub to the same room ? Please help. Anxious to see if this is achievable....thanks for your time.

Amp w/ four ceiling speakers

Just purchased the new Sonos Amp. I have four existing in ceiling speakers that I want to setup in stereo. They are 8 ohm speakers. Do I simply connect these in parallel for left and right inputs?...

Raspberry PI NAS with SONOS - configuration issues - HELP!!!!

Background: I'm trying to setup a Raspberry PI NAS to work with SONOS. However, I am hitting a few issues and could do with some assistance. Problem: -The path to the share is correct. - Can be seen...

Playlists disappeared

Since my last Sonos update I know longer have any playlists in my music library. Updating music library does nothing. I deleted and recreated the music folder, didn't work. I uninstalled the contro...

New Sonos Setup - Recommendations for Unmanaged Switches

Please could you aid with answering the best setup that would work with the following. - Fibre broad broadband - House wired with Cat5e data ports in all rooms coming back to a single location (Locat...

Make Sonos One portable with portable battery with AC outlet?

I've been thinking how I would make my Sonos One temporarily portable for use on patio for an hour or two. Has anyone tried a portable battery with an AC outlet like this ? Not s...

Using a Sonos One in 2 locations.

Hi, I have a system in Canada (2 Ones, a playbar, a sub and a One for patio.) When I go to Florida, I will take the Sonos One used on patio with me. What steps do I take to easily get it working on my...

Sent system diagnostic

System diagnostic #1299705595.

Play 5 version

I have a Play 5 hardware version I am wondering is it possible to connect th latest Play:1 units to it? Thanks

Play 5's and sub

Can you put 3 play 5's and a sub on one group

Play 5 Keeps Dropping Connection

Hi there, This week my Play 5 started dropping out. I have 3 Play 5s and 2 Play 1s connected to our wifi. All of the others are working fine. To be specific, I first noticed the problem last week whe...

Connecting a Speaker without a bridge

Sonos bridge was discontinued and a message informs any audio system can connect directly to router. Is that true? How to do it?

Cutting out song

I use google play to stream even downloaded albums to sonos player and it cuts out near end of song. O have a samsung s8 and I recently sent a diagnostic to you.

Problems with audio cutting out

Hey! I've been having some issues with audio cutting out when grouping speakers. My set up is Beam + Play:1s in the living room, Sonos One in the kitchen and another Sonos One upstairs. The Beam is co...

Sonos player is disconnected - speakers not reachable

Hello I have 2x Sonos One set up as a stereo pair. These are connected to my Ubiquiti Unifi network solution, Last night while playing music the music just stopped and the sonos app on my iphone jus...

SUB installation problem

Bought a Sonos SUB today to complement my Beam which I have been using for the past 4 months. During installation of the SUB - the app hangs atbthe stage of UPDATE ... Getting Started Tried many ti...

All Sonos speakers stopped working

From one day to the next, all of my Sonos speakers stopped working. I tried to play one of my stations on Pandora using the app on my phone, with no luck. All speakers have the green light on and appe...


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