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New Construction wiring for new Sonos Amp with 4 conductor wire

I currently have a house under construction. Looking to wire (3) zones myself, a beginner. Each of the three zones will have the new Sonos Amp connected to (4) 8 ohm in ceiling speakers. I was told...

New One ticking

Hi, i have bought a new One today to creat a stereo pair and the new speaker appears to 'tick' out of time with the beat. It seems to be syncronised ok but there is a definite odd sound coming from th...

Play 5 loud clicking

My Play 5 has just started clicking really loudly. The only way I can stop it is to remove the power cable. The speaker only has the power cable and line in cable to my PC. The clicking is independent...

All Sonos speakers stopped working

From one day to the next, all of my Sonos speakers stopped working. I tried to play one of my stations on Pandora using the app on my phone, with no luck. All speakers have the green light on and appe...

Will Boost help speakers from cutting out?

I have one Play 5 plugged into an airport extreme via Miniphone along with two Play 1's on the opposite side of the same room. In the evenings we get what seems to be a great deal of interference from...

AC adaptor CR200/Dock ul310-0520, gone bad.

I believe the AC adaptor for my CR200 (same as the dock) has finally gone bad, problem is here in Thailand I will not be able to get a original replacement and buying it online and ship here will end...

Wired Play:1 is on Sonosnet (wm:0) but other speakers still on wifi (wm:1)

I thought I had a nice Sonosnet setup going but found that all the speakers except the wired Play:1 are using wifi. What's worse, I cannot get the the other speakers to forget their wifi credentials:...

Sonos cutting out intermittently - 2x play:5, 1x play:1

Issues with Sonos cutting out. Particularly L:R set up with 2x Play:5s Diagostics: 2083493785

Songs being cut off and Sonos stopping

The Sonos 5 intermittently tops songs part way through and then stops working. Please help.

Moving Sub

What's involved with moving a Sub from TV speaker system to another room with my Play 5s? I'd like to test it before just buying another Sub for that room.

Linux Support

Hello, When can we expect a native Linux controller?

Connecting Sonos to existing speakers

How do I stream everything through Sonos and my other set of speakers? I have a turntable too. Would love for everything to come through Sonos and Bose speakers. I have a Denon Amp. Thanks.

does sonos connect work with JUST an external power amp?

hello, i was wondering if the new sonos connect i bought works hooked up to my Anthem MCA-5 external power amp? I know it would be better with a home theatre or stereo reliever but will this setup wo...

Downloading music onto Sonos.

Is there a way to download/Save music directly to sonos and play it without any internet connection? Our internet has been down so I am wondering if that is a possibility for the future.

Play 5 v2 not connecting

My Play 5 v2 has worked perfectly for 2 years then it just seemed to stop. I've tried a factory reset and now I can get it to connect at all. I've turned off all my other Sonos speakers and reset my r...

Account is registered to an unknown/unfamiliar email -- we have no idea who

Hi there, I need to set up a Sonos account (again), but I the app tells me that "Sonos is registered to XYZ email (nobody in our household knows where that came from). How can we get rid of that accou...

All Music Services Cutting Out

Installed Sub and Playbar last night. Updated software as requested. Cannot get through a single song without getting a message saying there is trouble with network connectivity and then Sonos skips t...

Connect rebooting in a loop

I have a Connect, which is connected to some Genelec power monitor speakers in my home office. A few times now, the Connect has apparently gotten in a reboot loop. The white light on the Connect wil...

System updates always fail

So this issue has been happening for a couple of years. Any time a system update is released the first round always fails. I get different errors each time. I retry several times and eventually get ev...

Duplicate ip, is this why surrounds are dropping?

I have two sonos ones as my surrounds to my beam. Every once and a while the surrounds cut off for no more than 5 seconds. Then they return to normal. I noticed alot of talk about duplicate ips causi...

CONNECT Model Years

Can someone tell me what is the most recent model of the Connect (dates on the bottom of device)? I have seen devices with copyright dates of 2004-2009 and 2004-2013 and I want to know if there's a ne...

Starting a network with Bridge or Boost

I want to set up my Sonos network. My router is in a different room will not have music, does a Boost do what the Bridge use too?

Access music library via the bridge?

I have a Sonos bridge connected to my iMac (latest OS), and three ZonePlayers in various rooms. Everything works a treat. But I can't figure out how to access my music collection from my desk (i.e. vi...

Zoneplayers disappeard

As title - 3 players have disappeared, all the others are still there, managed to add one of them back to the system after much faffing, but then the player that I’d added didn’t show in rooms. Everyt...

Connecting my sonos to a WiFi range extender

I have a sonos connected to my WiFi, but the signal isn’t great so i’ve Purchased a range extender to help improve the sonos connection. I can’t get my sonos to connect to it though. Any help?


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