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What Watt rms do Sonos have?

Does anyone know how many Watts rms sonos speakers have?

Sonos Amp compared to Connect Amp to drive Bose 251 speakers

I have a pair of Bose 251 speakers in my conservatory driven by a Connect Amp situated in the more controlled temperatures in the house. Not strictly an outdoor situation but the temperature in the co...

Amp & Echo

So, I know the Amp do does not have Alexa built in, but I like to use Alexa voice controls to start streaming music. Could I use an Echo dot connected to the line in jack on the Amp to stream music t...

Sonos Amp - play different things on speakers

If I have 3 sets of speakers connected to one Sonos Amp (living, kitchen and bedroom) Can I play different music through the seperate speakers Can I select to play sound through only one set of speak...

Play 5 + 2x Sonos One or 2x Play 5?

I have a Play 5 but i miss stereo a bit. Is it a good idea to add two Sonos One's? Can the 3 of them work together and create a stereo sound? Or is adding another Play5 the only option?

Trueplay killing the bass

I have tried true play with a play 5, with a paired play 5's and with a paired play 5's and a sub and very time it's on, the bass gets cut waaay too much, so much that I wanted to return my first play...

Connect:AMP and 4 speakers. Safe?

Hi everybody I would like to hear about experiences from connecting 4 speakers to a Connect:AMP. Both good and bad! I’m building a new house and are able to wire exactly as I’d like. I would like to...

"Critical" Music Listening and Surround

Hi all, I'm currently moving from high rise condo to a house. Currently, my (small) living room set up is 2 play 1s, sub, and a turntable, which has been great for when I just want to have a drink an...

Speakers dropping off, system bascially unusable...!

Hi, we've loved Sonos for many years and built up a fairly extensive 10-room system across our house. A few weeks ago, though, it's become basically unusable -- Sonos boxes / speakers drop off the sy...

Play 5 or Connect to connect with Vinyl Player

Curious if anyone has used a Play 5 to connect to RCA cables of a Vinyl Player. Can you then stream to your others SONOS speakers in the house? Is there an advantage or disadvantage to this as compa...

Sonos Subwoofer integration

Can I use a Sonos Subwoofer with wired speakers through my receiver, using a Sonos Connect?

Sonos Connect DAC

I’m hoping someone can help me understand what is happening when Sonos Connect is connected to my preamp via optical input to my preamp, which also has a DAC. Does the optical connection bypass the DA...

iPod dock functionality discontinued: alternative set ups

I have a dock and iPod classic running in a multi room setup (3 Connects + Playbar and some scattered :1s). When the dock stops working (as per 9/13/18 Sonos email), I guess I’ll hook it into a Conne...

Turntable connection to Play:5--via amp in turntable or via phono input on receiver?

My turntable has a built-in pre-amp which can be turned off if the receiver has an input for the turntable. My belief (which may be incorrect) is that routing the turntable through the phono input on...

Which Sonos connection for vinyl?

Would love to hook up a record / vinyl player to my Sonos system which is a mixture of play 1’S, a play 3 and a couple of Sonos ones (for Alexa). I’m torn as whether or not to buy a Connect, a Connect...

Setup connect:amp with sonos sub and turntable

I’m having a hard time figuring out how to get the sonos sub to work with my connect:amp and turntable. Will the sonos sub work with the connect:amp?

External Graphic Equalizer

Is it worth using my old external graphic equalizer (Onkyo EQ35) with analog-only inputs (RCA) between Sonos CONNECT and Amplifier (Rotel RA-12), or is it better to keep a clean digital signal to the...

What's the best music to play to see what a speaker or set of speakers can do?

Eager to hear your best suggestions

Sonos one to India

I am planning to buy Sonos One from Australia . I need it to listen music from Saavn or Apple music. I don't need alexa or amazon music as of now. Is it good to buy. Will it work in India?

Can't connect sub to 2 different rooms

Hi all, I have 2 rooms set up - one with playbar and sub (for movies) and the other 2 Fives and Sub (for music). Issue is the sub only connects to one of the rooms at a time. How can i keep the sub c...

Can I play spotify songs I've downloaded to my iphone on the Sonos One, over my local wifi, without needing internet connectivity?

I live in a remote location and often my internet is down. I have a spotify premium account. Can I play the songs I have downloaded to iphone on the Sonos One without needing internet connectivity? In...

Adding a turntable to a pair of Sonos One Speakers?

I gave my daughter a pair of Sonos One speakers for Christmas. Now she wants to add a turntable. I have a good turntable I am not using. I assume I will need some kind of amp or preamp. What is th...

denon dm41dab + sonos connect

Hi community. I would appreciate some feedback to the following question. I'm intending to purchase a denon dm41dab and a sonos connect. I already have a few play 1's, beam, and sub. I understan...

Horizontal v vertical Pair of 5?

I have a pair of Sonos 5’s about 4 meters apart and keep reading that the preferred orientation for this set up is vertical, other than the fact that it looks odd is there really any advantage or dif...

Stereo Speakers using One and Play 1

Is it possible to connect a Sonos One to a Sonos Play:1 to create a stereo pair of speakers?


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