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Radio 4 dropping out of tunein intermittently

For the past 3 or 4 days i have been losing only Radio 4 from my Sonos system. By the time it comes back again, the station has moved on. I am now having to carry my old fashioned radio around. Has Tu...

Values of ObjectID in UPnP when call to Browse

I am developing my own integration to Sonos via UPnP. When I browse I need to fill out ObjectId. My question is which values is it possible to enter and where do I find the documentation?

New Siruis XM Channels not showing up in Sonos

Recently Sirius XM added 100+ new streaming channels. I see them on my Siruis App, but they don't show up in my Sonos. Does anyone know how I can get them to show up?

Sonos won't work with Tidal

Hello, I have a Connect;AMP wired to two floor speakers and streaming to a play one; a play 3; and 2 play 5s. The system is basically inoperable with Tidal as there is ALWAYS a significant lag on star...

Using Audible sleep timer with Sonos speaker

Hello, I have the Audible app, and I am playing it through my Sonos speaker via wifi. I would like to set the sleep timer on the Audible app, but I am not able to do so, when playing the audio book th...

"Your daily mix" Spotify feature

Hi, On Spotify, there is these great 5 or 6 automatically made playlists called "your daily mix" . I like to listen to them but unfortunately I can't find them on my Sonos app (mobile or desktop). Do...

When I save a Spotify song into a Sonos playlist, does it remember the Spotify account?

Before we had Spotify Family my sons created some Sonos playlists using my Spotify account. Now that they have their own Spotify accounts, their Sonos applications are set to use those accounts. But...

Can the Spotify list of albums be sorted differently?

I am no longer able to view my saved Spotify albums in alphabetical order by artist. It appears that the list is sorted by most recently added album. Is there a way to revert back to the alphabetical...

How to search for music that isn't on the devices

Hi, I'm trying to write my own Controller but have got stuck with searching for music from the Content Providers rather than locally on the devices. I am currently using the UPNP solution, but would...


When use volume control (I have Samsung new Q8C TV and Sonos beam with SUB and 2 rear play 1)icon is black but huge size(42x12 cm) what is near 1/3 of tv screen and looks ugly..If it is possibile chan...

Adding a new radiostation.

Hi, How can I add a music website to be played directly, when selected in the musicstation meny, on the sonos list of stations

New Router

I have just update my router, all speakers are working and the controller on ipad is working but cannot get the controller on pc to connect. I have Sonos boost connected directly to router and the re...

Where is ADD SPEAKER function?

I know this topic is not new. I'm hoping SONOS will notice the problem. One of my working speakers got unplugged and now my system is not seeing it. I've rebooted everything and reloaded the softwa...

Alexa in Denmark

I have a sones one and it’s play Music relly good but alexa why it’s NOT coming

Download a Sonos playlist

I have created a few Sonos playlists and I would like to copy the playlist songs to an SD card for playing in the car. I've searched and searched but all references I find refer to uploading songs or...

2 Sonos Connect setups in separate rooms

I've got one Sonos Connect setup working with a turntable and speakers in one room connected to a router. In seperate room I have another turntable, speakers and another Sonos Connect — how do I conne...

not getting connected to Saavn Pro.

I have subscribed to Saavn Pro but when tried to connect sonos with Saavn, I am getting msg that you upgrade your account to pro to access through sonos. What to do ?

TV not outputting DD through optical out :(

Hey all, My Samsung TV (UN60J620D) is only passing 2 ch audio via optical out. I've verified that I can get DD directly from sources such as XBOX and Cable TV but I don't want to have to swap back a...

Setting Max Volume or Gain On Sonos Amp

Hello, New member here and first post. I have had a vintage Mcintosh amp hooked up to a connect for some time and love the Sonos experience. My Mcintosh amp keeps acting up and I’m considering...

Sonos speaker still not found by controller

I've rebooted several times - gone through white and amber flashing lights to get to green flashing light - but still the speaker is not found by my contoller. I've switched wifi on and off too. Event...

Power cable to bridge died, replaced bridge, lost all my stuff

DX#: 845191947 Bridge stopped working, turned out to be power cable, but put a new bridge in and lost all my settings, speakers, playlists, stations, everything, had to start from scratch. Is there a...

Volume decreases by itself

Hi. When raising volume above about 75% it lowers itself down to roughly 75% again. It does this in Sonos App and in Spotify connect. Extremely annoying What to do?

Dolby Digital?

Quick question regarding surround sound. I have an older Panasonic Viera, using Apple TV 4K, connected with hdmi and the through arc. I have sub, beam, two Sonos:1 for LS &RS. Sonos sounds great first...

Using Autoplay on S5 to create stand-alone speaker

I've just set up autoplay on one of my S5s at home and it is happily playing music from my iPad which is connected using the line-in lead. I want to take it out of my home to a meeting and to play mus...

Where are notifications kept?

I keep getting a message saying I have Sonos notifications on my iMac however I cannot see anywhere they might be held on the Sonos desktop (for Mac).


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