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2 Sonos Connect setups in separate rooms

I've got one Sonos Connect setup working with a turntable and speakers in one room connected to a router. In seperate room I have another turntable, speakers and another Sonos Connect — how do I conne...

not getting connected to Saavn Pro.

I have subscribed to Saavn Pro but when tried to connect sonos with Saavn, I am getting msg that you upgrade your account to pro to access through sonos. What to do ?

Setting Max Volume or Gain On Sonos Amp

Hello, New member here and first post. I have had a vintage Mcintosh amp hooked up to a connect for some time and love the Sonos experience. My Mcintosh amp keeps acting up and I’m considering...

Sonos speaker still not found by controller

I've rebooted several times - gone through white and amber flashing lights to get to green flashing light - but still the speaker is not found by my contoller. I've switched wifi on and off too. Event...

Dolby Digital?

Quick question regarding surround sound. I have an older Panasonic Viera, using Apple TV 4K, connected with hdmi and the through arc. I have sub, beam, two Sonos:1 for LS &RS. Sonos sounds great first...

Using Autoplay on S5 to create stand-alone speaker

I've just set up autoplay on one of my S5s at home and it is happily playing music from my iPad which is connected using the line-in lead. I want to take it out of my home to a meeting and to play mus...

Sonos One with Alexa/Amazon music unlimited in 2 homes?

Loved Sonos so much, that we bought one for our 2nd home. However finding it's not possible to get Alexa and/or Amazon Music Unlimited to work at both locations. Is there any workaround?

"Manage folder" (to update music library etc. ) for Sonos controller on Mac greyed out

I updated my Sonos controller on Mac (OSX 10.10.5) and updated all my sonos speakers. So my Sonos system runs on version 9.3.2 and all my speakers are running on version 9.3. However the controller o...

Controll API. How play music from mp3 file

Hello From a few days I knowing Sonos controll API form Actualy I did it auth process as well, and now I just to try play mp3 file form HD using So...

Sonas 1 - multiple users

Hi there Recently bought a sonos 1. My wife can only see my spotify on the sonos app rather than her own. How can she see her own spotify account? TIA

Sonos AMP volume issue

Using the new Sonos AMP plus a Sonos SUB in my Office, and when listening to Pandora the volume will suddenly drop for a few seconds...then return to the set volume. I was watching the Sonos app when...

Mac> Music Library> Sleep > Sonos = don't play nicely.

When playing music on my Sonos from the library on my Mac's hard disk with nothing else happening, the Mac and monitor go to sleep at whatever time is specified in Energy Settings and the music stops...

Spotify not found on Sonos app in UAE

Spotify officially launched in UAE months ago and I cannot listen to it on my sonos. When is this problem going to be fixed? Sonos is a speaker not a streaming service and should not delay users!

Compatibility issue - adaptor suggestions

Hi. I have a Telefunken TV model d39f185q3c. There are hdmi outlets but no ARC or optical. Is there an adaptor I can get to play sound through the beam?

Alarm ID ?

Dear all Earlier, hvem setting up alarm automations in Home assistant, I was querying http://:1400/support/review for the various alarm ID's, that I need for the purpose. It doesnt seem to be listed...

Can SmartThings can "Pause/Play" Sonos but does it *know* the current state?

For a variety of Home Automation tasks I would like to know whether Sonos is in "Play" or "Pause" state for the whole group and for each individual speaker. I use SmartThings and Stringify - how can...

Can only play youtube from iphone?

Hello, I bought the sonos one specifically because i like to watch youtube music on my laptop and I wanted to be able listen on good speakers. Now it looks like I can only sync with youtube from the...

Surround sound nlot working with Sony TV

Hi. I have a playbase and two play:1 speakers. Currently I have them setup correctly via the Sonos app but when TV audio plays, no sound comes through the left or right Play:1’s. What do I need to d...

Unable to access options under the "Manage" tab

All the options under the "Manage" tab are greyed out and are unavailable. I am running OS X 10.9.5 and have updated all my controllers. I have tried restarting the computer and resetting the controll...

Setting up Sonos without the app or wireless

I have two Play:1s that I set up to a wired network some time ago. These are accessed solely from desktop computers through the desktop app. I've purchased a third Play:1 but Sonos have seemingly rem...

Play Bar Static

Hello, I know this has been a very ongoing and disappointing issue with Sonos as there hasn’t been any slight attempt to fix it. That said, the best advice I’ve been given after speaking with Sonos, s...

Unable to add music service

I have an iphone 4S that i'm currently using more like an ipod--not linked to a phone service just use it to play music, runs off wifi. I have been trying to sync it to an existing sonos play:1 speake...

iHeart not letting me do unlimited skips

When you pay for an iHeart membership one of the perks is to be able to do unlimited skips. Using the service through Sonos it acts as if if doesn’t recognize my membership status. After a few skips i...

SoundCloud Like’s list doesn’t go all the way

Scrolling half way through and I have over 100 tracks after that. Would be amazing if the app had a feedback section. ux theam do something!!

Why does the tv option dissapears from browser in controller app?

It showed before but now is gone


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