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sonos app on Mac air running Mohave 10.14.1 stuck in open

Sonos works fine if I run it from my phone. However, once I upgraded to Mohave on my Mac Air, the Sonos app got stuck and I can't do anything with it. It won't close, play, or delete. Attached is what...

Removing Songs from Music Library

I have created a playlist with four or five songs. However the songs are still showing or listed in the music library under the heading "songs". How do I remove them from that location?

Solid green light on both Play:5s

Pair of Play 5 second gen have been paired and perfect for over a year. All of a sudden they both went silent and the LED turned solid green. Thinking someone muted them, I pressed the button on the p...

Moving a Play One to a different room

I have a Play One that I would like to take to a new location to see if I have wifi coverage before adding another speaker. Can I just move it and use its current name on the app or do I have to repro...

Network Path for NAS

I have a MyBookLiveDuo and am trying to figure out the path so Sonos can see my iTunes library. Sonos keeps getting blocked somewhere along the line and telling me that a certain folder doesn't exis...

I want to set up may Mac as a room (speaker) what do I need to do?

I have a Play 5 and I also have an IMAC (with the controller installed) with an external drive and I use ITUNES there as a music folder. I want to know if I can set the mac as a zone on Sonos and cont...

All new play 5 underpowered?

I purchased a play 5 to replace my Bose sound dock 10, and find the play 5 underpowered. I find when listening to old world gift music such as Eller Fitzgereld, Louis Armstrong etc, the recordings on...

Accidentally kicked my Sonos Play5 Gen2.

Hi Sonos team, I'm Edmund. I just owned a Play5 Gen2 two months ago. It's been great experience using it, very satisfied. Just a little info of how i place my Sonos, I'm using it in my bedroom, and th...

"Unable to play . . . [song] cannot be found" error with PLAY1

I've been using my Sonos Connect (feeding my component stereo system) for a couple of years with zero problems. Last week I bought my second Sonos unit, a PLAY1, and added it to my existing Sonos syst...

Sonos speakers dropping off system

My kitchen play 3 dropped off the system. I tried to reconnect and add back to system with no luck. It appears the (2) play 1's and Sub in the LR are also offline. I have a support ticket open but t...

Help in antigua

We have a wonderful sonos system on our boat, it stopped working something has crashed who can help in antigua

New build setup - Wired or not?

Hi all. We have a new build house just getting to first fix stage - electrician actually started this morning! Plan is to have speakers in multiple rooms - main room is large open plan kitchen livin...


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