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Podcast apps that work with Sonos that are not the iOS app?

Can't seem to find an answer here, but are there any podcast apps that will work through the Sonos system that are not the built in iOS "apple" podcast app?

iPhone Exterior Volume Buttons No Longer Control Sonos System

I have had a Playbar and Sub for a little under two years now and just recently purchased 2 Play: 1s. For the longest time, I have been able to leave the Sonos App open, then place my phone on sleep,...

Frustrated!! Repeated issues with two Sonos Ones, now 'sorry that device is offline' all of a sudden

I'm frustrated and annoyed with two Sonos Ones. I operate holiday lets in Devon and have recently set up three luxury Shepherds Huts in an orchard on a hill overlooking our local river valley. In two...

Will Alexa work in a 5.1 Setup with playbar and Ones?

I have a 5.1 setup with a playbar, 2xPlay1 and subwoofer. Further more some Play Ones in other rooms. Im thinking about replacing the 2xPlay1 with Ones. But will Alexa work in the 5.1 Setup? Or will t...

Sonos One Microphone Light

Hi, Does anyone know if you can turn the Sonos One microphone light off? I'd like to do this without disabling the microphone. I have this in the bedroom and would rather there wasn't a light showing...

PC audio sent to Sonos Beam via bluetooth

I'm an audio tech looking for a way to send my computer audio to my Sonos Beam. One of my studio monitors blew and Im trying to use beam as my audio source while speakers are getting fixed. I have an...

Sonos Connect with Apple TV

Dear all, can I connect my Apple TV to transmit the sound through my Sonos Connect to my speakers?

Internet connections

Taking sonos offline

Does Playbar Need to Be Turned on for Individual Play One Speakers to Work?

I have a couple of Play One speakers in two rooms which are deliberately not grouped with my Playbar, Sub etc. If I turn on one of these Play One speakers it is not picked up in the Sonos app until I...

Sonos One Name Defaults Back to “Sonos” After An Hour

I have a pair of Sonos One speakers in different rooms. I updated the software to the latest version to enable AirPlay 2 support. A byproduct of the update: the speakers will not hold their room name....

accessing music library on external hard drive

Apologies if this has been asked previously. I have looked with no help! I have a play 1, play 5 and sound bar. While at my parents-in-law's home I have attempted to setup my play5. Previously work...


Hey all! I know this has been asked a thousand times already, but i still cant find an answer. Most of people here and on reddit seems to agree that 2 play 1/ONE in stereo are better than a play 5. I...

Basic Radio is missing in my sonos?

I want to add a radio station manually. When I do so it says that I'll find the station under Radio - my Radio stations. Well, my Sonos doesn't have Radio - only the favorites. What am I doing wrong?

Sonos One Voice Control

Anyone else having issues with the One Alexa "hearing" you if music is playing? I have to yell a lot or sometimes get very close to it if a lively tune is playing. Is that going to improve?

Flexson HDMI Switch for Playbar

I have been checking the forums and found 2 suggestions for HDMI switchs but neither of those can be found in most EU counties, especially Austria/Germany. I did some digging and found the following:...

Quick question...............

I currently just have a Sonos One which is in my home office but am going to buy a couple more so that I can have a stereo pair in the office and a single speaker in the bedroom. Assuming I do will I...

No optical input for Playbase

Bought the playbase but TV has no optical input to connect to the playbase - can this be converted to support the HDMI connection?

Setting-Up SONOS on a Ubiquiti Wired/Wireless Network

Hi there, I've recently been encountering various issues with my Ubiquiti UniFi network where the signal just disappears for hours on end for no apparent reason. I decided to reset my Sonos system a...

HDMI switcher with auto switch/auto sense (UK) for Playbar?

Hi, I have a Sonos Playbar and am looking to get an HDMI switch with optical out. There are quite a few questions about this on the forum already, which recommend a few reasonably priced ones. Howev...

Does the bridge have to be connected to the router for the Sonosnet to function?

I live in a three level townhouse and my modem/router is on the third floor. Wondering if I can move my bridge to the second level to enhance connectivity for Sonos devices on the first level but can'...

How to hide ZP80 from appearing on music controllers?

I have a ZP80 ethernet connection to my router providing sonosnet. It is appearing on my controllers as a device for music since it was previously used as a music source. How do I hide this device on...

A Sonos Newbie, Two Play 3's or One Play 5?

Hi, My Harmon Kardon speakers which I use in my study attached to my iMac went pop this week. So I was thinking of starting a move to Sonos, starting with my study and moving to the rest of the house...

Legacy controller software for legacy Mac

At a vacation home I have an old Mac Pro whose software is hardware constrained at 10,7.5. The Mac contains music not on my iPad or iPhone. It appears that Sonos 6.3 is the most current version suppor...

Using a Connect and some speakers in the bathroom

I've just won a Connect (ZP90) on eBay and want to use it to add Sonos to my bathoom (6'5" x 5'9" , 1.96m x 1.75m). I don't have much experience with audio tech so just looking for some advice on wha...

NAS Drive for Mac

I'm thinking go buying an NAS Drive for my music collection, to save Sonos having to access my computer all the time. Any advice on which is best (and simplest) NAS drive to use with a Mac. One TB max...


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