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Connect to Sonos Connect

I have had a Sonos connect for several years, which is connected via Ethernet. I just added some access points to my WiFi network, and the Sonos App now says it can't find Sonos on the WiFi network (...

Playbar Ethernet ports

Hi guys, quick question. I've recently set up my bar/sub via WiFi and wish to use the two Ethernet ports on the bar to connect to a wired device, is this possible? Thanks.

Using VLC Media Player

Does anyone know how to use the VLC Media Player with Sonos? The player apparently can act as a streaming server but how? Any ideas would be welcome

Move away two One from PlayBar into another room for music ONLY - WILL NOT WORK

Have PlayBar and PlayBase and two One connected together. Want to play music for a party and move the two One into another room and play as one unit like when all together in the same room. Once I u...

Default to Tunes in Folders?

I want my Sonos library in Windows 10 to go immediately to the tunes stored in Folders. It currently takes three clicks to get there. Is there a way?

Google WiFi and Sonos Boost

Just connected google WiFi mesh and now cannot add subs and P1’s. Error said that a boost is required. Question is- if I hook up a boost to the router will this allow me to re-add my Sub and P1’s (and...

Multi-room from aged macbook

I am trying to help a friend set up a 3 zone multi room system. The music source is an old macbook (ios 10.6.8) and iTunes. The macbook cannot be updated to accept Sonos controller, but itunes works...

Why would I need to purchase a Boost?

I just purchased my first Sonos products, a pair of Ones. When I went through the setup process, the app told me that I cannot run the speakers standalone on my wireless network without a Sonos Boost...

Improve Boost network

I have a Boost network (all components WP:0). A Bridge is hardwired, and there are 4 ZP80s. One ZP80, named "Roving", is outside, in an outbuilding. Sometimes, it gets poor signal and plays music i...

Which Speaker to Group on?

Does it matter what speaker I group on? I've got 5 zones and a connect, which is plugged into the router. Very often, I want to play the same thing on all speakers, so when I group I use the same spe...

2 Sonos Systems

Can i have 2 seperate Sonos Systems running in house..OK i know people will think what is the point..but here is my problem. I currently have 5 Sonos Play 1 around the house with a Boost connected di...

Play:5 Gen1 and Connect - Do I Need A Boost/Bridge?

I have had a Play5 Gen1 and a Connect for years and my Bridge just broke (crushed.) Do I need to buy a Boost or can I just hardwire the Play5 Gen1 to my router and let the Connect work through wifi?

connect AMP with passive speakers and active sub

hi all. im in the market for a new home theatre system. I have older KEF egg speakers with a KEF sub. The speakers and sub work absolutely fine. i have speaker cable wired into the roof so was plannin...

FEATURE REQUEST: shortcut to add a sonos in the group already playing

Sometimes I start listening music from one sonos in one room and then it happens to move to another room and I want to add the sonos in that room to the flow. What I have to do is to use the app but I...

Which wireless network to connect to?

Hi, I've set up two access points exposing the same WiFi network (ssid and password) to cover the entire flat. Phones and tablets switch to the AP with the strongest signal when moving around. The th...


A few years ago, I delivered my daughter a SONOS 3 which she hasn't used yet because unbeknownst to me, she doesn't pay for an internet provider at her apartment. However, she does have a hotspot whic...

Did I do it right? Play + Controller

Hello, I am currently debugging my network as I face the loss of connectivity to my speakers. As only change, I recently added two more speakers to my setup. Now it is 1 controller + 4 Play:1. While...

How to remove 'Update Now' menu item from Sonos Controller?

I have deselected App refresh and 'Automatically check for updates' from Sonos controllers but I still have a menu item called 'Update Now' prominently displayed in the apps. I have tried restarting t...

Possible to rename SSID when using SonosNet?

I'm using several items on SonosNet but I don't need "to advertise" to my neighbours and foreigners about my Sonos system by their viewing, searching and connecting among SSID in the area. Can I some...

Changing system to BOOST setup using CONNECT - Problems

I have had my Sonos system setup in wireless access mode now for a few years and have been experiencing occasional signal drops. I've read about the option of turning the system into BOOST mode, and g...

Authorising another user

How do I authorise my wife to use my Sonos ?

Used Sono Boost connectin issues

I recently bought a used Boost. I am having issues connecting it to my existing system . All goes well until it askes for me to sign into my account . At this stage it askes for a password for the acc...

Trade In/Trade Up for older gear

I've got some older Sonos gear (4 ZP100s + 2 CR100s) that is working fine, but I'd love to upgrade to newer stuff. Does Sonos (or any retailer) have any kind of trade-in program for older units? Or a...

Just bought my first Sonos, BUT annoying buzzing sound from sub??

There is a constant buzz sound coming from the sub, is this normal? I can hear this from 4-5 meters (15 feet) away from the sub, big time deal breaker! Listen:

Sonos Device BTU specifications

Sonos, Please post the BTU and typical in-use power consumption specifications for your product !


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