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Connect Amp TV/Music...Can I listen to both?

I am finishing a bar in my basement and am looking to put a couple Play5's in the bar. I am also looking at putting a Connect Amp in the bar to run a pair of outdoor speakers to the patio. There wil...

Out of sync

Out of Sync

Connect Sonos 1 to phone

I don't want to connect via a router. I just want to connect my phone to my Sonos 1 speaker like I have done with my Bluetooth speaker. Surely this is possible?

Amazon Prime Music

I have added my Amazon Music account from my Prime membership. Not an amazon unlimited account. It loads, allows me to see a lot of playlists, but when I select to play, attempts to play, fails with...

Changed wifi network but not seeing SONOS wifi for setup

I changed our wifi network. Followed instructions on the App per the support link( . Got to a point where I am asked to switch the network on my...

Free wifi help

Hi Folks. We use Sonos in the pub to play music. The speakers were on the same wifi as the pub free wifi and were cutting out so I hard wired on ethernet instead and that solved the issue. The issue w...

Play:5 orientation

I'm planning to pair 2 Play:5s for stereo playback. The document "Selecting a location for your Sonos speakers" includes this about vertical vs. horizontal orientation: "While positioning the speaker...

Can Sonos Ones have multiple uses? (Individual + surround when needed)

I was always sold Sonos as being easy to use and that I could have Sonos Ones for both individual rooms and surround when needed. But now it seems they have to be either one or the other. Is this the...

Adding another wired speaker breaks Sonos

Hi all Sonos peeps. Long time user of Sonos here but this is the first time I've really needed to ask for advice, any problems previously I've always been able to resolve easily and I'm happy troubl...

Sleep timer in IOS app bug

Since some time i have to set the sleep timer twice to make it work. First time i set it, nothing happens. When i set it again, it works. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour recently? I'm using...

Amp for Sonos connect in the kitchen

Hi, I am looking for a Stereo Amplifier for my Sonos Connect - ZP90. My plan is to connect two monitor audio CT280 ceiling speakers to the Amp, which will also be connected to the Sonos Connect. Thi...

Sonos app privacy

Hello, I am installing a Sonos system for a house with several zones. However, what we are looking at is to have some privacy like I we have User A, User B and User C. We need User A to be able to co...

Unable to update Connect Amp to 10.0

I have tried to update my Connect Amp several times and it always ends up with error code 30 after it fails. I unplugged, rebooted, and tried suggestions I have found. I've already sent in diagnost...

Setup trouple

After do some changes at my switch I can’t get in contact with my Sonos system from the app. I have restarted router and restarted all my sonos product but still can’t get in contact. The white light...

Balance setting showing for one speaker in a room

I have one Play 3 in the kitchen and when I go to Room Setting I have the option to Left/Right balance it! I also have one Play One in another room and am not given the option and two paired Play 5s i...

Alexa/Sonos - Radio always plays via my Echo dot and not my Sonos

Hi, Alexa will play requested music ok through my sonos 3, but when i ask her to play a radio station it will only come through my Echo dot.........any ideas how to keep through the Sonos? Thanks

Ethernet and Mesh

Hi I have a Sonos Amp Connect and Sonos5, both are connected by cable to a router. I recently added a Mesh network (TP LINK Deco 5) that is connected to the router and defined a separate Wifi network...

The new AMP: 1 in-ceiling speaker setup. Bridge mode / one channel?

I've just received the new Sonos AMP. Is there a way of bridging the two speaker outputs into 1 channel, for 1 speaker? With wiring (+) terminal from Right channel and (-) terminal from Left channel....

My sonos one microphones are not active

I think on the initial set up sonos "de-activated" the 2 x one speakers I had and made only the beam the active speaker to make Alexa more efficient. That's the only one that has a light on the speak...

Hifi headphones

What features must have a hi-fi headphone to be connected to a sonos play:5 ? 32 ohms ? 250 ohms ? In which cases is it necessary to add an amplifier ?

How to check procedure to check latency of device?

Dear all, I am using Sonos play1 device. I have connected the Sonos play1 and mobile to the one access point. I want to check the latency of this device. How much time required to reach the music fil...

Future Request:Sonos Software Controller Stream to Airplay2

I sort of understand why you don't do this but I think it would be great. Airfoil sort of does this but you can't control the input as well as your program. I prefer to stream from a computer, compu...

Changing Pre-Set Volume on Connect

I have a SONOS Connect, which is set up with an Onkyo tuner. The volume control within the SONOS app is set at 100%. The volume on my iphone is also set up to maximum. Here is my problem -- I have...
Answered is not showing in music sources

Full Ethernet sonos system cutting out every time.

Hi, I have a sonos system which consists of 4 Play 1 speakers and sound bar. When playing music from phone on the the bathroom and bedroom units the music keeps cutting out, this happens every time an...


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