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Add radio station greyed out.

Hi I'm trying to add a radio station. But the add radio station feature is greyed out and I can't use it. Can you help?

Using VLC Media Player

Does anyone know how to use the VLC Media Player with Sonos? The player apparently can act as a streaming server but how? Any ideas would be welcome

How do you set a static IP on a Sonos player?

I keep seeing recommendation that one "reserve an IP" for the Sonos. I assume this means use a static IP? How do you do that? I can't find anything in the settings menu? Thanks1

No green light on power up

I am trying to reinstall my Play 1s after a gap of about a year - I have good WiFi - I have updated the Mac app to 6.0 and updated the Play1 (I think). On power up, I get a flashing white light for th...

Remove Speaker from Connect

Newbie here. My parents have Sonos system. Someone very smart set up a couple of speaker zones. (1) bedrooms, (2) patio (3) kitchen. Each of those selections will play between 1 and 5 speakers. I c...

Music library search bug?

if I search my music library in Sonos with for example "The Fugees", then nothing comes up. But If I search with only "Fugees", then it lists the album by them. It then displays the metadata alongside...

Sonos App

Is any one else sick to death of the stupid updates this App receives. I would like the chance to carry on using the existing working app with a choice to update or not. But the powers that be think t...

Can't clean music library

I've removed all shares from my NAS from the music library but still some "phantom" music shows up, which obviously can't be added to the player because the reference has been lost. My media server (N...

What happens if I string an Ethernet cable between my stereo-paired PLAY:1s?

I have a pair of PLAY:1s in a stereo pair. Both connect to SonosNet via a BOOST. What happens if I directly connect the two speakers with an Ethernet cable? Will one of the speakers receive its commun...

Update Android App Without Google

Hello, In the past, I've received messages on the Sonos android app that the Sonos App has an update available and I would usually ignore it, providing everything is working reasonably well. Today,...

Is 7.3 compatible with a CR100 Controller?

Hi All, Is 7.3 compatible with a CR100 Controller?

Do I need my Sonos Bridge?

I purchased a Sonos Playbar and Sub with a Bridge a couple of years ago and they have been amazing ever since! In the near future I intent to purchase another playbar, some Play 5s, some Amps to drive...

Separating speakers

Hey folks. I am a rookie. I have a playbar, a sub and two play 3's. They are all set up under the "living room" setting. I have been taking one play 3 on the deck and been trying to only play this...

Running latest software but keeps wanting me to update

I am running latest 7.3 software but every time I open sonos app on my iPhone it sends me to app store to check for updates where the only option I'm given is to then open the app .. It's time consumi...

router change

Completely at a loss what to do. changed router - the controller apps now just can't find sonos - tried to follow online video instructions but doesn't work - mainly because limited access to menus no...


spotify does not appear in my Sonos app

Sound Quality Questions! Help Needed

Hi Guys, Recently purchased a playbar to be used alongside my two play 1's as a surround. I have the two play 1's set up behind either side of my sofa however when i sit on the sofa i weirdly hear th...

Connect/ Group a Play 5 and my Sonos sub possible?

Hello there Can anyone point to the thread or let me know how to make a group/pair a Play 5 and a Sonos sub. Right now I have a Play 5 in my dinning room and in my TV room (right next to dinning rm)...

Stereo combinations

Can a play 1 and a Play 3 be combined as a stereo?

How to keep the Playbar and a Play 1 speaker " grouped" so that both speakers stay on?

I have a Playbar and 1 Play 1 speaker. The Playbar is set as living room 1 and the Play 1 is set as living room 2. I group them when watching TV and they are both on and work fine. Once you turn of...

TruePlay - Cheapest option to get compatible controller?

I'd like to try out the TruePlay settings for my Play systems but I don't have any Apple gear to do it with. Worse I know nothing about Apple products. I found the list of compatible Apple hardware h...

two networks one sonos system

Hi ok we have a large house, it was easier to have a different broadband and telephone system in the gym rataher than running a lan cable as it was too far. So I want my sonos in the gym as well with...

Has Sonos made my home Wi-Fi unsecure?

I set up my Sonos last week, connecting to my home Wi-Fi. The following day when I returned home, as my phone connected to the home Wi-Fi, my phone's anti-virus software gave me a warning to say that...

Play 1 power consumption

Play 1 power consumption when using it or in standby

How do I go back and re-sync my Sonos with my TV.

How can I re-sync my Playbar with my TV. When I first set it up it didn't detect and TV audio so I skipped the step. Now how do i go back and syn it? The app doesnt seem to make this option easy at al...


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