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Detailed network information available ?

Hi, I have been running a Sonos 5 for a few years now and it works mostly good. But sometimes, the app does not find the Play5 speaker and it mostly happens at parties when it's most "critical" that...

Connect and Play 1 delay in sound

I have a Sonos Connect that is connected to my surround speakers in my living room. In my office I have 1 Play 1 and in my kitchen I have 2 play 1 speakers set up for stereo. All is set up in a single...

Play 1s disconnect from Group after silence

Hi I have a Connect:Amp hard wired to two speakers in my living room, and a pair of Play 1s in an adjacent room. The sound is sent the Play 1s by grouping them with the living room. Whenever there...

Changed router and now can't set up our 2011 system with zone bridges

All our equipment is from 2011 which this website doesn't seem to support in the Sonos help section - as all the online help is for the Zone bridges that are newer models than ours - and we can't acce...

Google wifi and 3rd party router

I have Sonos working fine with my existing network, and I use HomeSeer home automation to control it (things like announcing when someone unlocks the front door). The wifi is terrible in our house,...

PLAYBASE sync issue.

I've recently purchased a PLAYBASE and I have a lip sync issue on most TV channels. I am using the optical cable. Has anyone else had an issue with this and is It possible to correct the issue?

Google Pixel no longer connecting to Sonos

My android 7.1.2 Google Pixel is no longer able to find the Sonos component. My Windows PC and both iPads are working fine. This just started (I've been able to connect until two days ago from my ph...

Playbar out-of-sync with surround speakers

Recently my TV Room (1 Playbar with 2 Play:3 surround speakers, Playbar is wired, rest of speaker through SonosNet) is starting to play music out-of-sync. When I watch TV nothing seems wrong (TV and m...

Sonos loft storage

Hi everybody. I have 2 sonos connect amps in my cold dusty loft and am wondering if they should be in some sort of box that protects them but still allows it to connect to the wifi on the ground floor...

Android Hotspot

We use our Android hotspots as the WIFI connection in our house. Our router is no longer connected to an outside internet source. There were no problems until my SONOS wanted to perform an update....

Using a travel router (or "normal" router") on a wired only LAN to connect to Sonos

Hi, I have a shared Wi-Fi (where you log in with through an log in splash screen on the browser, not typing in a password) and wired only LAN. I can't use the the Wi-FI, because it's shared and I d...

Unregister Sonos controller apps

I have Sonos controller apps listed from old computers and tablets that I no longer own. Though I have reformatted those drives and tablets before I got rid of them they still show up in my account....

True play.

I have my stereo play 5s set up horizontally at about two meters above the floor. If I change their position to vertical, but otherwise they'd remain in the same place, will I need to do true play...

Sonos Controller App and Switching between Sonos Systems

My boyfriend spends 3-4 days a week at my house and has a Sonos Controller App installed in his phone to control my Sonos Play 1 and Play 5 systems. He got a Play 1 and Play 3 for Christmas and is hav...

Ubiquiti Port Blocking with wired PlayBar

Hi all, I've attached a network diagram here. I'm experiencing some super odd network issues that I can't pinpoint. I've been reading about STP, port blockling, and other shenanigans. Completely...

Delay restarting audio after input to Connect Line-In paused

I have a Connect attached to my TV using the Line in connector. This is set to Autoplay on a pair of Play 1's. This works fine for me and I dont notice the 70ms delay. However, if I pause my TV, or Ca...


Hello and good afternoon Sonos community, I am an AV designer that has been tasked to outfit a semi high-profile residence of a state Governor with a "wireless sound system" This system is to resi...

Play one bleeping in middle of night

Hi, My sonos speaker works ok no problem ,but when i turn off by the controller ,usually in middle of night,it starts making loud noises, bleepig etc. Have to pull the power from it to stop ?? any hel...

Delete in "My Radiostations"

I don´t now how delete radiostations in "My Radiostations" A lot of my stations is not working anymore and I want to delete them.

Autoplay Volume not working on Line-in

I have moved my Play5 into my study, where I'm going to use it as the audio for my PC (as well as music). The PC is connected to the line-in connection on the Play5. I have gone into the settings o...

Technics Turntable Audio issues

HI community, I have just purchased and installed a Sonos Amp Connect, PlayBar and Play5. Set up and playback from TV and Spotify is great. However, I also need to play my large collection of LPs....

Help Setting up CONNECT with Rega Mira 3

I have just recently purchased a sonos CONNECT and 2 play speakers to stream my existing hi fi wirelessly but cannot get the CD player or record deck to play through my speakers. I have been connectin...

Connecting my B&W 805 speakers to sonos system.

I'm looking to add my B&W 805 speakers to my Sonos system. Currently I have a sonos connect and a independent Rotel power amp which I used to use to power the speakers from my old non sonos system....

Play 5 TV line in problem

I'm having regular problems playing my TV sound through the line-in on my Play 5. The signal cuts out for sometimes 30 seconds or more and always seems to happen when the source volume is low (for exa...

How to find a particular music library file using Sonos

I've been trying to clean up erroneous meta data as I find it in the Sonos music library interface. With a large number of music files it can occasionally be daunting to find the correct match for an...


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