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Radio Paradise lossless (FLAC) streams

Radio Paradise now has four lossless (FLAC) streams available, main, mellow, rock, and groovy. Is there a way to play these via Sonos?

Need help connecting bridge to existing wireless network

I have a number of Sonos speakers (8). I recently moved and decided to try to setup the network without using the Sonos Bridge. I noticed the audio was dropping off intermittently so I'd like to con...

Is it possible to play audio simultaneous through sonos optical out and chinch?

The title says it all. Or do i need 2 sonos connect? Thanks!

Multiple Wifi networks (connected to same LAN)

I have a new set up at home where I have two WIFI networks running. Let's call one PARENTS and one KIDS. I have the KIDS on a schedule so it shuts down at 9PM and comes back on at 6AM. It is no differ...

Connect Amp Subwoofer out

Right now I'm just using speaker wire to include my subwoofer in my Connect Amp setup. I go from the Connect Amp, loop thru the subwoofer and then to my speakers. But I would like to take advantage...

Placing a sound bar or beam behind the sofa - Samsung Frame dilemma

Currently have a Sonos 3 and a couple of 1s in the house. We have invested in a nice new TV (Samsung Frame) but don't want to go down the route of buying a Samsung sound bar - i'd rather keep all my m...

Sonos App (iPhone) recognizes a colleague's Play One, not mine

I work in an office where multiple people each have their own Play One devices. We are all on the same WiFi. My Sonos App on my iPhone often pulls up one of their devices, instead of mine. Incredibl...

Beam leaving groups?

Ok m beam is plugged into the LG Tv via the hdmi arc & I also have a Sonos play in the kitchen, yesterday we did a group while I played the PS4 & my wife did housework we wanted to have 80’s on shuffl...

Changed router and network name, now Sonos can't find system

I am ready to throw these damn speakers away and buy a turntable. Please can someone help. I got a new router. I changed the name of our wifi network. So Sonos of course can't find the new network...

Help with speaker

How to disconnect speaker from network

Issues with Sonos app connectivity, keeps dropping connection.

I recently set up two Sonos connects to control my existing home speaker system. I have already had lots of issues with my WiFi so we have multiple WiFi networks throughout our home to have everyone o...

Sonos Connect AMP and Powered Speakers (e.g. Audio Engine A5)

I just invested in a Sonos Connect:Amp, which I'm successfully using with with a turntable I received as a Christmas gift. I love the setup. I happen to have two Audio Engine A5 powered speakers in...

Speakers keep going out of sync

I have 3 sonos speakers in my kitchen, 2 x Play 1 and a Sonos 1. The stereo paired Play 1's keep going out of sync with the Sonos One. Either as soon as I start to play music, or they can be fine fo...

Two rooms, two routers, two Sonoses, not syncing!

I just added a second router (daisy-chained by LAN to main router) in a new room (Loft) and connected my new Beam to it. The Sonos app was already connected to the main router in main room (Living Roo...

Playbar stopped working with IR remotes

I've had a Playbar for the past 18 months, with the volume controlled by my Virgin Media Tivo remote. On Sunday the remote control stopped controlling the volume on the playbar, but works fine with th...

Can't browse to music on my iPhone since controller update

I have a pair of Sonos One speakers. Everything was working fine after the initial setup. After we moved to a new house and tried to setup the speakers. it asked me to update the controller/app which...

Deleting an idex

Is it possible to delete one particular index instead of having to delete the share and then starting from scratch by adding a share.

Damaged RCA ports on connect

Hi. I have a connect that the left analogue audio output doesn't work. The right is fine and will play through to both speakers. The left is dead. I can't use the optical output as my Denon set up onl...

Boost 404 error

I am trying to change my root device to my boost; currently it is an old 1st gen ZP Amp which is connected to the router via a switch which is not ideal, nor is it's basement location as the wireless...

Google Mini and Sonos CONNECT:AMP

Hello, How can I link / connect my Google Mini to control my Sono Connect:Amp ? (My mini has no line out). Thanks.

Change powercord from USA to Europe

Hi all, we recently moved from the US to Europe and took our Sonos speakers with us as well. Is there any possibility for us to switch powecords in our play:1 from US to Europe? Plan B would be to use...

Change from Wired to Wireless

I bought 2 x play 3, a play 5, soundbar and sub in 2013, which were all originally connected via the Bridge. The Bridge failed a few years ago and I connected the Sub to the wireless router to create...

Playing Mono Recordings on Sonos Stereo Pair

Calling all Sonos using audiophiles! Does anyone know what the ideal setup is for playing mono recordings (1950s-1960s rock and jazz music primarily) on Sonos? I currently have various Play 5 and Pl...

Frequent power on/off - could that cause issues

We've had Sonos devices for a few years now. In our new house, the only way that I could find current in the bathroom was to connect to the lighting at the mirror. That works fine in terms of usage -...

New sonos amp with passive playbar

I would love to get rid of my receiver and use the new sonos amp. I already have a sub and a def tech mythos SSA-50 passive soundar that has 5 channels. I enjoy the quality of both. Can I: 1. conne...


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