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Cable length between Sound bar and TV

I need a cable length of 10 meters to connect my sound bar to the TV control box (its a Samsung Q9). Will this length of cable degrade the sound quality

Beam failure

I have had a beam for 2 weeks out in Portugal and we had a power cut and ever since I have no power response at all. I have power on the lead going to the beam but nothing when plugged in. Any ideas?

Adding Sonos Play 3 to existing Speakers

My existing system consists of 2 Sonos Play 1 (L&R) in a room called "Patio". I have successfully added my new Play 3 to my account, but I am having issues using it with my existing configuration. I...

Using Connect:amp with TT, receiver, and passive speakers

Hi, I have been trying to connect my Non-amped Stanton STR8-80 TT to my new connect:amp using my Yamaha RX-797 receiver and am getting no sound through my speakers. (I have our 2 Mission Speakers hook...

Connecting an echo dot

I was wondering if there was a way to connect the dot and make all sound from the dot speaker come out of the sonos speakers. Currently I have a playbar and 2 Sonos Ones as surround speakers. I use...

Have a CONNECT: I need a CONNECT as well?

Trying to integrate an old analog system

Bridge needed or not

Without a bridge do you need a speaker connected to the Router at all times. I have had a bridge for a few years and just got 2 new sonos 1's . I already have a 5 and wondered if I can disconnect the...

TV Setup Question

Here is what I'd like to do: Have TV sound play in the kitchen as well as on our existing non-sonos TV soundbar. Would it work to get a Play 5, connect line-in from the TV, have it NOT actually pla...

Question About Network Setup and Whether Something is Acheivable

Dear all, I hope the attached image is helpful, but my question (and the premises of same) are as follows. I have a three storey house with office area in the middle storey with network switch. My...


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