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Home Theater and Television Recommendation Megathread

Looking for information on Sonos home theater setups or details on PLAYBAR or PLAYBASE, our home theater solutions? Find answers about surround sound, Dolby Digital, TV recommendations, and all the re...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Playbar sounds cuts intermittently out when playing TV

Playbar sounds drops intermittently when playing TV audio. Does not happen when playing other sources. Happens every few minutes, but is not consistent. Playbar is connected wirelessly to a bridge. Al...

Apple Music via Amazon Alexa

I am one of the many I am sure, to have purchased an Amazon Alexa after Sonos recent update. I also signed up to Apple Music once integrated with Sonos awhile back, but I am unable to link Apple Musi...

New LG TV's and 5.1 pass through

I know this is a recurrent topic, but I actually believe it would be very helpful if Sonos address this issue in a concise webpage with continuous updates. Right now the whole forum is full of questio...

Need Outdoor Speakers

I know there has been a lot of request's for outdoor Sonos systems. I enjoy your product throughout my house and do not feel like getting below quality third party outdoor speakers and a connect or am...

sonos doesn't show my complete itunes library.

I have for example artists named Blue Knights. In my itunes library I show three albums for a total of 21 songs. When I bring up the sonos app on my macbook pro, and load music library, it only show o...

Lost A Room On the Sonos App

Hi, I went on my phone and went on to the Sonos App , i went down to click T Bedroom and it wasn't there. It completely has disappeared and I can't listen to my music through Sonos. It has always work...

Pairing a Play:1 with the new Sonos One

Can this be done? Will it sound the same in stereo? I don’t need two microphoned speakers surely.

Connect echo dot to sonos play 1 or 3

Hi does anyone know if I can connect the echo dot to the play 1 or 3?

Airplay 2 on Sonos

Can anyone confirm whether you will need a Sonos One or a Sonos Play 1 to be able to play content from Apple products using Airplay? I know that Playbase and Play 5 will support it, but don’t have eit...

Google Assistant Support

When does Sonos expect to have support for Google Assistant?

Support for multiple tag values (artist, genre etc)

There have been a few suggestions, but they were targeted toward a single problem (or single tag/format). This thread is for an official request for Sonos to support multiple values per tag as per of...

ZP100 not booting

Hi, I've recently acquired a ZP100 however it looks to be stuck in the boot process with a single white light flashing endlessly. It doesn't appear responsive to holding the mute button on bootup. O...

how do i get rid of not available message that pops up on my samsung when pressing the volume button

Deleting a ROOM

I accidentally added a room I do not need so it always shows up as an option. I cant find how to delete it. Any help out there?

Sonos app skips to next song before the current one is not done playing.

I just got this system set up and have only noticed one issue. I have the Play 3's and they are connected with the bridge. When I'm listening to music using the Sonos app i've noticed that before a so...

Music cuts out/jumps to next track

Worked fine for a month, suddenly it begins skipping tracks or skipping to the next song early when using songs on my iPhone library.

Airplay 2 Support

Delighted to see AirPlay 2 support annouced. However, bubble well and truely burst by twitter support confirming it only works on newest devices - the play5 gen 2, and play base. Can this be explain...

AirPlay 2 request

I understand that SonosNet is allegedly superior to Wi-Fi/AirPlay for streaming.. but I hope Sonos re-considers the decision to not implement AirPlay. Now with AirPlay 2 supporting HomeKit integratio...

Dolby Atmos

Why did the new Playbase not integrate Dolby Atmos?

Using Sonos Wireless Speakers as Computer Speakers

Hello! I am hoping you can help! My husband and I have just purchased a new smart tv with sonos speakers. We have the play bar in the living room and a second speaker in the kitchen (we live in Manha...

Next generation Playbar 2018?

When will we get a new Playbar?! Perhaps in 2018?!

Sonos One Not Responding to Alexa Comands

Just setup the Sonos One. All steps were followed and setup went smoothly, However it is not responding to any commands. It does acknowledge the command where I ask to play music, but doesn't complete...

Blinking orange light

We had our Play 3 down stairs them added another Play 5 and then brought this Play3 upstairs to our bathroom and I plugged it in and all it does is blinks a orange light now and we can not get it to p...


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