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Sonos Favorites NEEDS the Line-In as a selection!! It's easier for family!

Please add where we can use the Line-In selections as a Sonos Favorites! It's easier for family to select a Favorite than to know what Line-In means. Thanks!!!!!

IPoD 5 obsolete for Sonos - Could it be different ?

The latest Sonos update now rejects controller below iOS 10. Apparently it is not possible anymore to just command a Sonos system with an iPod5 that is up to date with iOS 9.3.5 and can't go above. Y...

New Router

I have just update my router, all speakers are working and the controller on ipad is working but cannot get the controller on pc to connect. I have Sonos boost connected directly to router and the re...

Sonos Stops Playing

I have been having this issue for the last few months with my Play1 where if I put on a podcast through the iPhone app it will play for a short amount of time and then randomly stop. It doesn’t regist...

New Sonos Amp Apple TV / remote

Apple-TV connected to TV. Sonos Amp (the new one) connected HDMI-ARC. Question will the AppleTV remote control the volume of the Amp like it does with the Playbar?

Sound dropping out

Hi our Sonos has started dropping sound recently. Diagnostic is 151214216

Sonos just started not playing m4a files

Library on Mac desktop, Sonos won't play m4a files either through desktop or iPhone app

Playbase + 2 x Play 1's great when streaming but lose Play 1's when on TV sound

Hi all, I have a Playbase connected to TV (Sony KD55XE9005BU) via optic cable. The Playbase is hard wired to my LAN via ethernet RJ11 connector. I have recently added 2 x Play 1 speakers which are con...

Sonos Amp not connecting

Just purchased the new Sonos Amp, was so excited to add it to existing network but no joy. I've tried via Network Cable and Wireless still not joy. Already have Sonos 1, Sonos 3, Sonos 5 and Playbar o...

Sonos speaker grupps diasppear and vant be installera again.

Suddenly sonos starts to throw out my speaker groups. When i try to reinstall the speakers problems apear. It take long time to process and then i recieve ”cant connect to your sonos player”. After a...

Apple Music - Apple Created Playlist error

Apple Music playlist will not play since app upgrades - error message is "we've run into a problem. Try again.". Personal playlists are fine. Happens on all devices I try to use including desktop vers...

Problem with Apple TV 4K

Every time I turn on the Apple TV, the audio output defaults to ‘HDMI’ which is the Apple TV itself. I have to switch it to Sonus every time. This is annoying. Does anyone know how to get the apple...

Sonos Mac APP Memory Usage

Does it make sense Sonos APP for Mac to be taking so much memory (~2GB) , or I am the only one having the issue with it ? Analysis of sampling Sonos (pid 4600) every 1 millisecond Process: So...

ZP90 extremely quiet via analogue output

My ZP90 is showing up in the app, and generally working as expected, except the output is extremely low. Like whisper quiet. System is: ZP90 --->Cambridge Audio Amp (via RCA) Amp and speakers are fu...

Trueplay killing the bass

I have tried true play with a play 5, with a paired play 5's and with a paired play 5's and a sub and very time it's on, the bass gets cut waaay too much, so much that I wanted to return my first play...

Music dropping out

Music dropping out. The system works fine for weeks at a time then days like today it drops out constantly. I've submitted a diagnostic 1494647916.

TP-Link unmanaged switch between computer, router and Sonos speaker

I recently added a TP-Link TL-SG1008 unmanged switch to my network. Though I can still connect to my Sonos speaker from a wireless device connected to the same wifi network, I have lost connection t...

NAS to work on home Sonos system and on boat audio system

I want to rip my CD collection to an NAS so that it can 1) be accessed by our Sonos system, and 2) so we can take it with us and "plug'n'play" connect it to the audio system on our boat. Our Sonos con...

Alarm function issues

Don't mistake me, I love my sonos system but one small matter has gone further than being an irritable itch. I want 2 rooms to start an alarm at the same time each (there is no option to link rooms on...

Unable to play XXXXX - access to// xxxxxx/ music denied

I have had my music library and sonos on the same mac laptop for years and this week I have started getting the following error: Unable to play XXXXX - access to// xxxxxx/ music denied or Unable to p...

Sonos Skiping Songs

Hello, I really have an Issue with the not debugability of the sonos system... I originally I had the sonos system connected to my own wlan where it was running along just fine. Then something in t...

Can't add alexa routines - We couldn't find any audio devices for you

Hello I want to add a routine to my sonos one so that i could say "alexa, play station one" and it would play a specefied radio station from tunein. when i'm at the finishing steps of adding my routin...

Workaround for Lock screen controls

I use the lock screen controls on and off and miss them since the update. As a kind of workaround you may want to check out an app called Sonobit. Sonobit works by swiping from the lock screen to the...

Apple Music keeps skipping tracks. How can this be resolved

For the last couple of weeks, every time I use Apple Music on Sonos Play:1, the player keeps skipping tracks after 30-40 seconds. I get a message saying that Sonos has lost connection with Apple Music...

Sonos Amp and 3rd party subwoofer issue.

Hi! I am having issues connecting my Sonos Amp (Black) to my Klipsch SW-311 10-Inch Subwoofer (or vice-versa). I currently have two Klipsch speakers and the Klipsch Subwoofer connected to the Sonos A...


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