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Play 1 / Flexson Wall Mount Vibration Problem

I have two Play 1's mounted on Flexson tilt and swivel wall brackets which I have just installed. On tracks with a lot of bass, there is a buzzing / vibrating sound coming from them. I think that th...

Speakers dropping out all the time!

I have submitted diagnostics #8215055 for this issue. As many others have experienced, my Sonos speakers randomly quit playing pretty much every time I listen to music. It does not matter what source...

Storytel: can't login username or password error

I really would like to test the Beta-serviceintegration from Storytel, but I can't seem to get passed the 'login'. It let's me know, over and over, that my userid or password is wrong and I'm very ce...

Do any of your software developers actually use songs ?

I'm flabbergasted by the unintuitive user interface on the sonos app, I am actually reluctant to use it anymore as it is so awkward to navigate. Flipping between shuffling my music collection , listen...

Sonos surround sound speakers not working with my Sony tv

Sonos PlayBar working but two play 1s producing no sounds when tv on. They work perfectly if I play music. My tv has optical audio out as well. Help!

New Router from Virgin but Sonos soundbar and SUB not working

Can anyone please help. I had a new router installed today but my SUB and Playbar won't play - they are the only 2 SONOS products I have. How do I do it please?

setting up Location (postcode etc.) on Alexa app

Every time I go into settings in Alexa app and do the drop downs for location, address and postcode etc.. it lets me do it, I press save and then it reverts back to being empty as If I didn't put them...

Can't find any artists album on Apple Music - No selections are available

Hi, after the last update this week I can't find any album from any artist. For example - I search for Coldplay, the app shows them in Apple Music, however, when I click on it, it says "No selections...

I don't see SONOS in my wireless network when I try to set up my Sonos!

When I try to set up my Sonos, it says to connect to a wireless network called SONOS. I do not see this appear in the list of available networks. I've set up this Sonos before and it worked fine, all...

TV sound skipping in group speakers

So I have a playbar hooked to my television. I often want to have TV audio on other speakers in my house, e.g. listening to the football game while i'm out on the patio. I'm having frequent audio d...

"Sorry, we cannot connect to Sonos"

I FINALLY got my speaker to work while not connected to the Ethernet cable. Now my controller app on my computer gives me a "Sorry, we cannot connect to Sonos" message even though the music is still p...

Dolby Atmos

how to connect sonos play 5 to laptop and be able to play with dolby atmos sound

"network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer"

I've been having the same problems with music playlists stop playing and "network connection speed insufficient" messages coming up shortly after every track it try's to play and skips to the next!!!!...

grouped alarm not working

Folks, I see postings but no resolution to this and I haven't had any responses from the wise people at Sonos that aid but does anyone have an issue with grouped alarms with 8.2. Essentially when se...

Multi channel stereo

Hi, In a configuration playbar + 2 play 1 as surround, is it possible to have always a multichannel stereo configuration always? I mean music and TV? Because of noisy neighbors I need to always have...

Exclude folders from indexing

Hi Sons-Experts, I was wondering if I can exclude folders from indexing (prevenet Sonos from indexing them) and still play them via the folder view? Folders are on a NAS. Thank you very much! Fuson

Problem Connecting Sonos Bridge.

I have (5) Play 5s and one Sonos Bridge that has worked well for years. Now my control panel no longer sees the bridge. I've tried all the suggestions under support (and also those I found on YouTube)...

TuneIn Voice command not working on AlexaPSonos One

I want to play Mi-Soul radio on TuneIn using the Alexa voice command on Sonos One. It’s saying it cannot play TuneIn and I don’t seem to be able to find the correct command or account linkage to make...

Sonos One showing as two devices in Alexa app

I got myself two Sonos Ones to replace to Play:1s and got them all set up yesterday. I had to reset and remove devices and start over, but all seems to work. There is just one small problem. In my A...

Sonos Play : 5 + Sonos SUB will it live up to my expectation ?

So guys I am using a JBL Authentics L8 speakers as my wireless Speakers as it has AirPlay and Bluetooth and almost everything to stream music wirelessly! It has 120 Watts of sound output with two twee...

The Solution to All Sonos/Alexa Problems!

OK, I exaggerated, this is not a solution to all problems, but for me it did solve several problems, and it resolves several problems discussed on this board. It's not my solution - I read the sugges...

SONOS One speakers arbitrarily failed and cannot be re-set-up

I was having quite the honeymoon with these, to the extent where I optimistically overlooked a number of Alexa issues. Then, the other day, Alexa wouldn't respond to commands. I reset my router and...

Restaurant: how to setup in the most stable possible way?

Hi there, i've taken the courageous (=stupid?) decision to use five Play 1s as the Music system for my new restaurant, but i'm struggling in setting up the system in a 100% stable way. I have been pla...

New App and why it lost my Naspster account

I updated to the new app when forced by sonos, It lost my streaming account and I had to restore this. I have naspster unlimited so I also let my Mother and father in law, and my sister in law separat...

Multiple users on Sonos

Just got and set up a Sonos One. Can I add Sonos and Alexa apps on my wife’s phone for her to use the system? If so should she use the same user and password as I use on the Sonos and Alexa apps or se...


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