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Sonos skip to next song

Hi - this just started last night i will be playing a song. At some point I want to skip further ahead in the same song. so I use the timer control dial in the app. Rather than going to the point in...

Echo Dot with Sonos speakers: "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

I have 6 Sonos Play 1 speakers in my house, and purchased an Echo Dot to enable Alexa with my speakers. Here are my initial impressions of "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly": ========== THE GOOD ======...

Sonos controls on iphone locked screen.

The sonos controls (volume, skip, play) on iphone locked screen disappeared after the last update. I used this function alot when it existed. Is it possible to fix this?

Wireless connection failure

So my wired playbase works fine but I have nothing out of my sub and 2 play 1 speakers. I go to Wireless setup, enter the 2.4 g network password and after a bit it says wireless problem. Opened up...

Lost Sub

After every update my sub is never connected to my playbar anymore. This last update that I did last night again lost my sub. I reconnected it and it’s showing up that I have it but no sound is co...

Sonos Play 5 II power cable "broken"

The cable is not "totally" broken but the outer cable casing has broken by the input to the power 5. The unit is not that old and has never had unnecessary stress on the cable. What can I do?

Speakers cutting out after Airplay 2 update

After I installed the airplay 2 update, my speakers are regularly cutting out (they never cut out before the update). I have airplay2 devices (sonos ones, playbase) but I am streaming directly from th...

What system I should buy?

Hello there! I am a really happy user with 2 sonos one old generation As you can see in the photo my setup has one Panasonic TV and one Benq 1070 projector. My concern is what setup I should buy for...

Airplay 2 - IOS devices can't find Play 1

I've updated all my software (Sonos and device) and the only speaker option offered in my iPhone5s control screen is Apple TV. My Play 1 does not appear. Help please. Thanks

Sonos, Powerline Extenders, Boost and BT

In my pre Sonos days, I had a BT HomeHub 3 router. I added Powerline adaptors, and WiFi worked well. I then got a Playbase, and in a separate room, a Play:1. All working over WiFi. Sonos worked ok,...

Fully setup account first time today

Owned the system for over seven years and never once have I been forced into creating an account or face not being able to use the product, of which was already been paid for. If I was notified at the...

Sub and surrounds (not the playbar) keep cutting in and out

Any know how to fix this issue?

Beam Ship Date

I ordered the sonos beam Saturday, July 14th. When can I expect it to ship?

Sonos Beam - Night mode?

How do you turn on and control the night mode in the new Beam?

Surround sounds and Sub cutting out

I have tried multiple fix actions with the SONOS engineers to fix my issues. Randomly all but the playbar cut out. I have tried different wireless channels, resetting everything, new router, new audio...

Mix Sonos One and Play:1 for surround speakers

I currently use a PlayBar and SUB for my home cinema. I have a spare Play:1 so was considering getting a One and using it alongside the Play:1 for surround speakers along with the PlayBar and SUB. I...

Music skipping

Since the last Sonos update, it lost one of my rooms, now fixed by turning speaker off then back on, but if I play from my music on iPhone or iPad it stops randomly and skips to next song half way thr...

Beam and LG OLEDs -Audio delay over Dolby DIgital still a problem?

Has anyone connected a Beam to an LG OLED tv and tested whether the audio is delayed when using Dolby Digital? My Beam is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (canceled my B&H order and ordered on the Sonos...

Missing Speakers After Updates

I’ve generally loved my Sonos for a few years now, but it’s getting frustrating to do any updates. Every time I do an update, it guarantees that at least one, if not more, of my speakers will not show...

Music from iphone cutting out

Songs being played from my iphone are cutting out and not being played in full. Its skips to the next song, plays part then skips again.

Continuous update ------ I am tired of it

I just want to let know Sonos that I am fed up with all the perpetual updates and password requirement (it is only a music system for christ sick not my online bank....). I am sure that commercial peo...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Issues with the 9.0 update - Stuck!

I'm experiencing issues with the new Airplay 2 update. First of all, the Sonos controller on my macbook won't even find the new update. I'm on version 8.6 but when I check for updates it says that my...

Using a Time Capsule for iTunes Music

I am interested in purchasing a Time Capsule to backup a customer's iTunes library. If I am not mistaken the Time Machine backup on the time Capsule is encrypted and compressed. Can Sonos read the mus...

Beam volume

#Beam Using the ARC connection with my Samsung tv I have no volume level numbers displayed when I adjust up or down, just a plus and a minus symbol and a Receiver HDMI ICON. Is this how it is for othe...


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