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Big wish: Make it possible to change the distance to the surround speakers in the app

When you are setting up your system with surround, you have to chose the distance from your listning position to the souround speakers, (0 - 0.6m or 0.6 - 3m or >3m). Normaly I sit in the middle of th...

Sonos Amp: Get More Enjoyment with IR Control

If you are not using the Sonos Amp in conjunction with a TV via the HDMI_ARC port; but instead to power your favorite speakers, you'll still want to avoid the hassle of getting up from your listening...

Connecting Bose 51 outdoor speakers

I have Bose speakers that came with their own amplifier I now own connect app and connect I want to connect my Bose speakers to my connect amp should I also connect the Bose amp that originally came w...

Alexa not working in Sweden

Sonos Alexa dosen´t work in Sweden, Sonos made it clear that it would be running end of 2018. Feel that Sonos has fooled me. Hur får man Alexa att fungera med Sonos? Utan att koppla sig till amazon...

Change username?

How do I change my username?

Spotify problem

Hello. I have several Play 1 speakers and only having trouble with one of them. It can't play music from Spotify. It says the internet speed is to slow which it definetely isn't. It only plays the fir...

Spotify connection was lost

I keep getting the same problem as lots of others - Spotify connection was lost - with tracks jumping or just being skipped completely. Diagnostic 551216230 sent. Wi-fi is fine. Spotify on its own i...

Ask Alexa to play tv audio on a sono one

Can I ask Alexa on Sono One to play the sound currently on my playbase that is tv audio? I saw in another forum Alexa doesn't understand grouping.

ljudet hackar eller kommer inte ens igång

När jag spelar spotify via sonos har det på senaste tiden hackat ordentligt eller spelar inte upp musiken alls.

Sonos One V play:5

is there any acoustical advantage using play 5's rather than Sonos One's as rear surround sound speakers

Airplay stops working and I must restart iphone

Just bought a pair of ones. Setup was easy. I stream mostly through amazon music or podcasts, on airplay, not through the app. It worked flawlessly for a couple days. But all of a sudden I go to conn...

Spotify connect

In the Spotify app of my iPhone6 my Sonos speakers (Play1 en Play5) do not show in "Available devices". Play 5 is recognized as an AirPlay device. What should I do?

Sonos AMP humidity resistance

Hi, I'm looking to replace my existing swimming pool amp with a sonos amp. As of today i have been unable to find any operating ratings for the sonos amp. Andy advice would be appreciated and if th...

Sonas won’t start or keeps cutting out

Sonas keeps cutting out

Alexa commands now working on Sonos

Alexa not working when I tell it to play music e.g play kiss fm not working or if i say play 90s music. It says it’s doing it then nothing happens! Help! Anyone else having this issue?

Play 5 fungerar inte med wifi

Min ena 5:a har slutat fungera, jag kan få den att funka med kabel men inte med wifi ihop med resten av systemet. Jag kan spela på 5:orna som stereopar där den högra går på wifi och den vänstra på kab...

Problems connecting

My sonos worked seamless for 2 years. 2 weeks ago i got new evac and it woukd not connect to my wireless network so per thr requirements of both link sys and evac i had to set up a new network at 2....

Väldigt låg volym på Play 5 gen 1

Jag har några Play 1 som fungerar utan problem men även en Play 5 gen 1 som bara har väldigt låg volym. Denna har fungerat tidigare men nu kan jag bara få den att höras lite tyst om man drar upp volym...

How do you transfer a product to a new owner ?

How can I transfer a product to a new owner ? I can transfer all but can’t see how to transfer one product I own. Thanks

growing wearier by the day

iPhone - playback issues of it's library music. A simple question. When are you going to fix this issue! It’s an issue that is not new to Sonos, it’s an issue that’s affecting many people. As an inst...

Slow internet and understanding the Sonos setup.

We recently moved to a rural address and the internet is fairly slow. Since moving I'm getting issues playing music from apple music. I understand that streaming will be a problem, so have downloaded...

Volymen höjs till max, går inte att sänka

Har ett läskigt problem. När jag spelar musik från Spotify går volymen ibland bananas. Den höjs till max och när jag drar ner reglaget på låst skärm på min iphone går den upp till max igen, hela tiden...

Router change and now can only connect with ethernet cable on Play 3

Not long ago I changed from a Sky Router to a Virgin one. Since that time I cannot connect via the wifi. The wifi that has the strongest signal an that I am trying to connect to is TP_Link booster. Wh...

iPhone - library playback issues. Send a message to Patrick Spence, CEO and President of Sonos

iPhone - library playback issues. Send a message to Patrick Spence, CEO and President of Sonos follow this link to connect directly with someone who might be able to help with this issue. https://ww...

Using the New AMP with SKY Q

Hi, quick question from a home audio noob. I've recently had an extension to my kitchen, whilst doing so I decided to add ceiling speakers with the intentions of connecting them to the old Connect AM...


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