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Please fix that ducking feature

So I was in the kitchen last night, I turn on the Play:5 using the Android controller. Now when in the living room when I tell my Echo Dot to turn on the lights the Play:5 goes quiet whilst Alexa is l...

Sonos playlists discontinued

I have recently problems( intermittent) to see my Sonos Playlists. Sometimes they load and sometimes not. Customer service informs that Sonos has/will discontinue Sonos Playlist function. Anyone knows...

Pandora Not Working

Started having issues with Pandora about a week ago. It said it needed to re-authorize the credentials. When i tried to put them in I got a network connection issue. Tried to remove and re-add the...

Pioneer VSX-1131 talking to Sonos

Am I crazy or shouldn't this receiver that supports wifi and bluetooth be able to talk to the sonos speakers over wifi and bluetooth? I find it hard to believe that I'd actually have to plug wires in...

What happens to Play 3 speakers if Sonos goes out of business and/or no longer supports the Sonos app?

Play 3 speakers cannot be hard wired to an existing stereo system, and rely on the Sonos app in order to be configured and operate via wifi. What options are there to use these speakers if Sonos goes...

Please go back to the last app, the update sucks SO bad!

Is there any way to revert back to the last app before the recent update? This latest update is just plain stupid.

Can you use Alexa to play to non-standard room names?

I have renamed my play 3 from Kitchen to Pub. If I use Alexa (Dot or Play ONE) and ask it to play music in the Pub it won't play. If I rename it to a standard name, garage, kitchen, patio, whatever...

Windows installer 'error 1324 the path Program Files (x86) contains an invalid charactor'

unable to install Sonos in Windows 10 OS

Pandora Reauthorization?

On the Sonos app, it says it cannot play Pandora because I need to "reauthorize my account". When I click reauthorize, it says I'm not connected to internet when I am. Is there any way to fix this and...

Spotify Connect Suddently Stopped Working

Hi, since yesterday Spotify Connect won't work anymore on my Sonos Play:5. I can start Spotify normally via the Sonos app but I cannot start a song via Spotify Connect. It also doesn't show in the Spo...

Amazon music issue

I can play Amazon Music from Alexa to my Playbase but I can’t do it from the sonos app using my iPhone 7???? I mean I can see it trying to load but then nothing No sound. In fact, it tells me to s...

Sonos playlist in two locations

I have two separate systems, one at home and one at my office. I have a Sonos playlist in My Sonos on my home network, but it doesn’t show up at the office. How do I get the playlist to show up at the...

Cutting out from Spotify

After about 20sec it just cuts off and goes back to tv! I have playbase, Sub, two play 3s every works then cuts of or it plays but the two play 3 don’t output nothing at all very frustrating not long...

Is there anyone that likes the new app? Does Sonos management care?

The new app is so incredibly non-intuitive. I see many complaints. I imagine more would complain if they didn't have to create profiles to discuss in the community. The usability seems bad enough I...

Wireless headphones with Connect and AV Receiver

I have a Playbar and 2X1's in the Living Room and a Connect in the Lounge. The Connect is connected to a turntable as input and a Sony receiver as output. The two rooms are grouped so that we can eith...

Ever decreasing volume output on PlayBase

When I first installed PlayBase the normal volume setting on TV was between 25 and 30. The volume emanating from PlayBase has been steadily decreasing over time. To match the previous output level I n...

Boost Configuration/Placement

We are in an office building with 2 floors. We have a boost on the 3rd floor but none on the 4th floor. We are having playback issues on the 4th floor. Would it be best practice to place a boost cl...

I can't play anything -just stopped playing mid song and now I can't queue anything

So it all stopped playing - over my stereo and an old Sonos speaker - this afternoon. Now the app on my iphone, and the controllers on my macbook and iMac don't give me the option of pressing "play",...

Will Sonos One with Alexa have an option to be upgraded Google Assistant in future?

Will the new Sonos One with Alexa be upgradable via software update to support Google Assistant in the future or will there be a different Sonos One speaker with Google Assistant?

Outage Spotify Playback Issues and Spotify Connect from Android - December, 2017

Hi everyone, We're investigating an outage affecting music playback for some Spotify users. We will update this thread when the outage is resolved.

Sonos One won't play Amazon Music in more than one zone

I just got Sonos One and already had an account with Amazon Music Unlimited. Whenever I try to stream different songs to different rooms, Sonos One Alexa says it can only stream to one room. What give...

Sonos One not discovered by Alexa

I set up my Sonos One. While in the room with it, i can ask it questions and get it to play music. However, the Sonos One does not show up in my Alexa app smart home devices. So i have no “name” to ca...

Line in input (and therefore output) too low

Hi - first post so apologies if this is a duplicate. Rega Planar 3 deck with Linn K9 connected into Sonos 5 via Cambridge Audio CP2 pre-amp - even with the gain settings fully up output volume is less...

Android widgets lose connection

I have three widgets on my android phone, one for each room. The problem is that they don't stay connected, instead I get this message three times instead. Not connected to Sonos. Tap for more info....

Connecting to wired speakers

Setting up a second Connect Amp with wired speakers in another part of other house. I was able to connect the amp with my wifi. I connected a set of wired speakers to the amp but I am not getting any...


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