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Outdoor Patio Setup

Building a 16X20 covered patio with another ~13x20 uncovered patio space, all of it abutting a pool deck. We got this bundle (

TruePlay over Satellite internet

I just purchased a Sonos Beam and while setting it up I ran into network troubles with TruePlay. I believe the problem is due to the fact that I have HughesNet Gen5 satellite for internet, so latency...

Can't add any local libraries - Error 1002

Using Win 10. Cannot add any local libraries at all, Just says could not be added; reason: could not be added Error 1002

Speaker Stand for SONOS Play: 1?

We currently have our speakers placed throughout our living room. I am considering purchasing speaker stands. Does the SONOS Community have a speaker stand they recommend for SONOS Play: 1? I want...

If it ain't broke, don't fix it

I am so tired of stupid UNNECESSARY updates that BREAK fully functioning systems for NO REASON.

Lip sync, Sonos Beam & Panasonic TV

Hi, I have a Sonos Beam, Sky Q & a Panasonic FX700B 2018 TV and I am having trouble with Lip sync. I am connecting to the HDMI Arc port but in "Normal" sound on the Sky Q box it is slightly delayed,...

Wildly varying varying wireless noise levels - What could be causing this? [negligible performance issues]

Being a regular visitor of these communities and their predecessors ever since I bought my system, I've been able to head off most issues with my system without having to ask for help here. I've even...

Amazon Music song length limit?

This was a tedious bug to test but I believe I have confirmed it. Desktop Sonos app from Mac Amazon Prime unlimited Song greater than 26 minutes When I play a song that is longer than 26 minutes wi...

Sonos Boost issue with surrounds

I have recently gotten into the sonos community and have purchased the following: Playbar Connect Play:1 (4) Boost I purchased the boost because my playbar which was hardwired to my router wasn’t cr...

Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

Hi all, If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying iss...

Podcasts keep skipping, has there been a fix?

I cannot get through an entire podcast on my Sonos One. They keep skipping randomly 30-45 minutes in and start playing another different podcast from the beginning. I'll go back and painstakingly tr...

Connection issues

Hi I’m having problems with connecting to my speakers my music service is Napster it started cutting off after a few minutes or jumping from track to track I’ve done the normal reboot and check intern...

Lost the wall plate of wall mount

Hi all, we had two Sonos Ones mounted on the Sanus Wall Mount. We had some construction work at the house and lost the small plates that are for screwing to the wall. I searched the accessories, but c...

Reliability; Connect:Amp's drop arbitrarily and frequently

I have 5 Connect:Amp's set up on a wall. They are all connected via a dedicated switch and that switch is, in turn, connected to my local network. I find that devices will frequently and arbitrarily...

problem with connection of MacBook after new Router and extender fitted

I cannot use my home library as the laptop holds all tracks

Tried all solutions but still getting "Sorry, that device is offline" from Alexa on Sonos One

As the title suggests. This is when trying to play music, and has been happening for about 10 days now. Example: I say "Alexa play songs by Foo Fighters". She says "Playing songs by Foo Fighters from...

Sub (smaller) compatible with Beam...

Hi, I’ve got a Beam and two Ones as rear speakers and would like a sub but can’t justify both the spend and the space required for the only Sonos sub offering. Is a smaller Sub out of the question? Th...

RESOLVED - TuneIn Radio: Unable to browse or play on Sonos - 03/23/17

Hello everyone, There is a temporary service outage affecting TuneIn on Sonos. You may have trouble browsing TuneIn radio or playing stations when attempting to use the service. We’re currently worki...

Sonos using a wireless connection from a range extender

I recently added a Netgear Range extender to a room that was having trouble getting a strong wifi signal but not for Sonos use. I have a Bridge and a mix of 7 different Sonos Components. Now, I keep g...

Can't link My Sonos account in the Alexa App

I set My Sonos up a few weeks ago and everything was working fine until last week whenAlexa would repeat the song i asked for as if she was going to play but then silence. I read on here that I needed...

Bridge turns 'dark'

All the sudden my bridge shows nog signs of life anymore; no lights, no wifi traffic indicator lights . Connected it to another wall plug: no effect. PProblem with de power adapter of with the bridge...

Repair ZP120

The amp has no power. Is there an internal fuse for this unit? Has anyone taken one apart?

Sonos ceiling speakers - how many needed for room size? (+ question on external speakers)

Hi there - we are just doing renovation and building work on kitchen, and pulling down wall to make large kitchen dinner. Want to get Sonos ceiling speakers fitted as part of this. The new room will...


Sonos tappar anslutningen till Spotify. Antingen står det "hittar inte filen" eller "tappade anslutningen till Spotify" och så bläddrat den fram i spellistan. Emellanåt går det att spela låtar utan pr...

Sub popping sounds

Hi I have recently experienced some popping sounds from the sub. It comes and goes and usually when the music is rather bass heavy (like The Weeknd). It's a deep popping sound that when it's really ba...


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