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Alexa in australia

I have a sonos one that I have been using with Alexa but now that the service is starting in Australia my account has been migrated and I have lost all my skills in order to get them back I need to se...

LG OLED65B7A TV with Playbar 5.1 Sound problem

I have a new 65 inch LG OLED TV that I paired with a new Sonos Playbar, sub, and two Sonos One speakers for a 5.1 system. After doing some research, I bought a Samsung 8500 DVD player and adjusted tho...

Tunein BBC radio stations stopped working

Hi Using the BBC radio stations from Tunein has stopped working. If I say, for example, "Play Radio four" it replies playing "Playing BBC Radio 4 from Tunein on (Front Room)". Then silence. On all my...

New Sonos One sounds like woofer is blown

Just bought a Sonos One from Besr Buy 2 days ago. Needed something that sounded a lot better than the echo in the kitchen. At first it sounded good, didn’t turn it up real loud. A few songs in, Metal...

Songs on device skip on sonos one

I bought sonos one speakers and every once in a while the songs will skip to the next song half way through. The WiFi is strong as it is on the same floor and the WiFi signal on my phone is high. An...

Sonos One - Does Alexa work in Slovenia, EU

Hi - I just bought Sonos One and have issue activation Sonos One via Alexa app - it says, Discovery Feild. Do you know why is this happening? Is Sonos One not supported in Slovenia, EU or there any o...

Album art

Art not copying from itunes

Incorrect Radio Station Plays (Alexa)

I'm having a slight problem getting Alexa to play a particular radio station that I request in the UK. Previously without issues, I've been able to ask Alexa to "play Absolute Radio in the lounge" f...

File Cannot Be Found (only for one of three services)

I am getting a file cannot be found error when trying to stream from the LivePhish service. I do not get this error with or spotify. playbase, two 5s and one play 1 are all hardwired to rout...

Sonos keeps dropping connection

Hi, This clearly seems to be a common problem with sonos systems. My system keeps dropping connection regularly, especially with the radio. I have reset my router, updated my software but to no avai...


Is there anyway for Sonos speakers to mirror exactly what a phone or ipad is playing without having to download the app or even with the app? Like a bluetooth speaker simple w/o going thru a separate...

Apple TV 4K 5th Generation Remote Controlling Sonos PLAYBAR Volume

The Sonos instructions to use the Apple TV 4th Generation remote to control volume on the PLAYBAR don't seem to work with the new 4K 5th Generation Apple TV. Has anyone gotten the remote to work to c...

Sonos stops playing after 1 song

Sonos stops playing after one song even though there are many songs in the playlist.

Playing Pandora on Alexa - will only play 1 song

When I ask Alexa to play my Pandora station, she only plays one song and then stops

Install and use of Alexa with PLAY:! & Soundbar

How To Install and use Alexa with PLAY:1 and Soundbar

Sonos Device BTU specifications

Sonos, Please post the BTU and typical in-use power consumption specifications for your product !

Alexa Spotify App Support Unavailable

Loving my new stereo pair of Sonos One’s. I can’t quite get Spotify working correctly. The account is linked to Alexa. I can request albums or songs or shuffled artist and they all play from Spotify....

Spotify App unavailble with Sonos One

Morning, New Sonos One added to existing system but as a standalone unit. I can play Spotify from the Spotify App on this speaker but Alexa just asks me to "Link my Premium Spotify Account" when I ask...

Audible Integration - the return

For the past 12 months, many discussions have been created on the integration of the Amazon Audible service as a music source. I believe it was part of the solution but has not been for some time. I w...

Doorbell Interrupt/Resume

Sonos has the option for an audio interrupt but there is no option for a resume playback. I would love to see this feature be implemented so that when I am listening to music outside or if I am insid...

Password Protect Sonos?

I have a PLAY1 in my university halls which has worked well, even being connected to the halls wireless network (StudentCom), but someone has just been trying to play their music on it at full volume....

Volume control Sonos Playbar through Samsung One Remote

Does anyone know how to connect the Samsung One Remote control to the Sonos Playbar so that I can control the volume of the playbar? I tried various ways but can’t get it to work.... I read the the pl...

Dividing a Sonos system in two?

I know this is a heated debate since it involves CR100 but this is a meant as a purely technical question. Leave any hard feelings or need to lecture each other out of it... please. I'm a bit curious...

Rearranging the music source or browse list.

Anyone out there know if it's possible to shuffle the order of the 'music sources' that appear in your list (desktop app)? Same question for the 'browse' menu in the mobile app. Thx!

Problem installera bridge

Hej, Jag har kört mitt system via kabel till en av mina play5:or. Vill nu koppla in min bridge(via kabel) som inte använts på några år (har bytt router sen senast). Får det inte att fungera! Systemet...


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