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Multi-room setup: why would an installer use a Boost rather than ethernet?

My parents are building a house, and I don't understand some of the choices that an installer has made (I want to be sure my folks aren't getting taken advantage of). This isn't the only example, but...

Unable to play...share does not exist

Hello, I cannot play any of my iTunes playlists on my Nas drive as I get the error message that the share does exist. I'd be grateful for any pointers?

Playlist shuffle weighted by historical frequency played

Hi, Is it possible to implement a track played counter so the shuffle feature can be weighted towards tracks less frequently played? I have a playlist of about 1000 songs and (if I was a betting man)...

Using AirPlay 2 without WiFi

AirPlay 2 devices can be used without WiFi. The Apple HomePod has AirPlay 2, and can be used without WiFi. I've tested with my Sonos One, and was disappointed to find this isn't possible. Is this some...

Problems with streaming songs form Iphone to Sonos, with Orbi Netgear setup

After having installed Orbi Netgear from a new internet provider, songs residing on the Iphone played via the Sonos apps keeps stopping and skipping. Never had the problem before with different router...

Help! "There is no shared folder on the computer"

Been using Sonos for years on my PC with literally Zero issues or hiccups. However, today the controller/app on my PC updated to the latest software and now it says that it can't add my music folde...

No Sound from Play 5

I have multiple Sonos speakers. All have been working. Play 5 stopped getting sound. It has been working and still has solid white light but no sound...all other speakers are working. Tried reboot...

Skipping tracks when iPad or iPhone return to lock screen

Not sure if a recent iOS update has caused this issue, but am having problems where I have not had before. Whilst i am using eithe the iPad or iPhone and streaming music from it, I have no problems. H...

Stream from PC to Sonos on a different WIFI network

Hi All! First time caller, new user. I installed a Sonos One speaker at my family's beach house and I would like to stream music from my PC back home. Is that possible? I currently use a system...

Surround oppsett

Bakhøytalerene har "fallt ut" av surround oppsettet. Får lagt til høyre bakhøytaler, men venstre blinker bare rødt etter en stund og det kommer opp en feilmelding: er du sikker på høytaler er koblet t...

Setting up a Playbar on a Sharp Aquos quattron

I have been having trouble setting up a Playbar on a Sharp Aquos Quattron (LC-40LX3) using the Digital Audio Output. Does anyone have any advice? I can't seem to get my TV to send the signal to the Pl...

No sound

When I ask Alexa to play music she says shuffling songs but nothing plays

Sono’s Beam crackling with voices at high volumes on tv

My Sono’s Beam is crackling occasionally with voices at high volumes on tv. It seems to be certain frequencies because it’s consistent with when certain people are talking on tv shows/movies. And co...

Help configuring outdoor movie theater

Configuring an Apple TV 4K (only has hdmi) with Epson Projector along with Playbar wirelessly. Can this be done? I have an old Apple TV with an optical audio in addition to the hdmi that needs a con...

Zone disappeared from Sonos app, but I can still control through Alexa

One of my zones has disappeared from my app, but oddly enough I can still control it from Alexa to play, pause, etc. I tried to add the zone again, sonos sees it, gets the serial number, but they can...

Alexa Account setup autosyncing to wrong email account

Hello, When I tried to use Sonos to create a new Alexa account, I accidentally typed my email address in wrong. Now if I try to set up Alexa through my Sonos app again, I start the process but the So...

Rooms keep disappearing

I use four sonos devices in four different rooms, consequently I try to name them after the rooms. but after a few hours the room names disappear and I see four devices called „Sonos“ (see picture att...

Airplay 2, phone call drops

When I listen to music using Apple Music on my iPhone and Sonos Play:One with Airplay 2, the phone call "drops" after some time. The call is still active, but the sound dissapear for me and the person...

iTunes Music Not Encoded Correctly

I am randomly getting an UNABLE TO PLAY SONG - THE SONG IS NOT ENCODED CORRECTLY when playing ITUNES Playlists. The surprise is that the song plays without any issue. So not sure why I am getting thi...

Apple Music won't play on Sonos via computer. Asks repeatedly for reauthorization.

The past few days my Sonos system asks to reauthorize Apple Music. It seems to work fine on my iPhone, bur not on my PowerBook. Reauthorizing itt does not solve the problem. TIA

Sonos Connect Amp volume control with a URC MX-450

I have the connect amp connected to my Uverse box for the master bedroom and i would like to be able to use my MX-450 remote to control the sound - not the app

Sonos app 9.0 switches rooms and loses contact with Players

Long time Sonos user. It used to be rock solid. Not any more. We have 4 Zone Players in the house (no PLAY speakers), and since the 9.0 app, it's practically unusable. Our zones are Office, Shop,...

Router change

I replaced my router with a new one. I have 1 connect amp hardwired that showed right up. My other 2 connect amps would not show up. I tried to hard wire one of them and it showed up with the other...

Blown Up Version of the Sonos Play Bar ?

Hi Guys, Just like Sonos PLAY :5 Blown up version is there on the website, can I see the Blown Up version of the drivers inside the Sonos Playbar ? Does anyone has it the upper covered taken off and...

iTunes won’t play correctly on my Sonos since the last software update

When I play music from my phone (ITunes) on my Sonos system each song plays about a third through and then switches to the next song. Any ideas how I can fix this. (It was working perfectly the 12 mon...


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