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Alexa and Tidal

So I'm thinking of getting a couple of Sonos Ones and the Beam. But I use Tidal. Does Alexa work with Tidal?

Panasonic TV internal speaker mute

Hi all, So the new Playbar arrived and yes it does live up to the reputation, however I'm having a real problem disabling the TV's internal speakers it's a Panasonic TX-L55WT50 and I simply can't fin...

Windows controller crash on close

OS: Windows 8.1 Controller: version 9.2 Every time I close the controller window, I get an error message that the program cannot be closed. It crashes. Re-install fails indicating a database error an...

Settings Rooms

I have lost "settings rooms" on all my controllers (iMac + iPad) + Sonos app on Huawei.

Alexa habla español… and Sonos?

Hi everyone, Amazon just released the new language and also the Echo family on Spain. Alexa is now compatible with Spanish (from Spain), Alexa ahora habla español, when will Sonos update our speakers...

Marantz 2238b to either Connect or Connect:Amp

What would be the best way to connect a Marantz 2238b to a Connect or Connect:Amp? From the Pre Out on the receiver to the In on the Connect and then from the out on the Connect to the Main IN on the...

Inget fungerar efter sista uppdateringen

Kan inte lyssna på Spotify eller radiostationer sedan senaste uppdateringen försöker lägga till i mitt Sonos men det står bara att det inte är tillgängligt längre. Kan inte heller lyssna direkt från S...

Samsung Q9F remote issues connecting to Sonos

I have the 2018 Samsung Q9F and am unable to get the remote to control sound. I have completed the universal remote setup and it still doesn’t work. Sound is coming out of the Sonos speakers. Please...

Pandora issue? Thumbs down plays prior song?

Hello - Starting about two weeks ago, my Sonos system and Pandora have had a repetitive issue. If I thumbs down a song, The prior song will play, followed then by the song I just 'thumbs downed'. S...

Sonos 5.1 surround volume

I am new with Sonos and have recently setup Sonos 5.1 setup with play bar connected to tv via optical cable, 2 play1's as left and right rear speaker and sub My concerns or questions 1. Should I us...

Sonos One Alexa Calling

Looking for an update on when Alexa calling is coming to Sonos One. Just got a Echo connect for home phone but useless with my current set up of Sonos Ones

Spotify now allow free users to play to speakers that support their new Connect SDK. Will Sonos support this?

I see Spotify now allow free users to play to speakers that support their new Connect SDK (see Will Sonos support this and if...

Continue playing when receiving phonecall

We use Sonos at work. When I receive a call that goes through my iPhone and MacBook, all the speakers on our system turn down (or pause.... not exactly sure which.) How do I set Sonos to NOT pause/t...

Is there anyway to stream Spotify without upgrading to a "premium" Spotify account?

Maybe I just missed it in the sales literature and my pre-purchase research...but I'm surprised (disappointed really) to find out during Sonos installation that it requires a "premium" spotify account...

Alexa and mutliple speakers

if i buy a Beam with integrated Alexa, can i use this and Alexa to play to others speakers in my set up?

Sonos Play 5 - outdoor use?

I’m considering to install 2 Play 5 speakers on my penthouse outdoor area. It a 30 sqm covered area, and 35 sqm open area. The speakers will be protected from rain, but we experience hot and humid s...

Google Home

Google Home and Google Assistant with Sonos

Sonos one. When Alexa in Spain?

hi guys hope you're all well. My question is easy and straight forward: I'm in Spain and I'd like to know if you've got any clue when we'll finally get the chance to speak with my lovely Cube. I see...

Sonos Skill is now available in Spain. Confirmation?

Hi, I have seen that since today Amazon Spain is offering the Sonos skill for Alexa in Spanish, when it wasn't available days ago. I haven't seen any oficial announcement by your side. Could you pleas...

Not encoded correctly

For some time i receive the error message that my songs i play from spotify are not encoded correctly and then skips to the next song. What should i do to fix this? Thanks!

Sonos goes bankrupt! What then?

I'm looking at the possibility of setting up a Sonos surround system upstairs and downstairs as well as Play:5's for music in different areas of the house. This is a lot of money. My concern these d...

Play:3 won't connect

My two Play:3 speakers stopped being recognized by the Sonos controller on my iMac. I see the Play:3 speakers have been discontinued. Is this why my controller no longer recognize these speakers? I...

iPhone App can't find Sonos on the network

I have a pair of Sonos Play One connected to Bt Wholehome Wifi. Sonos is connected to the network and playing music. However when I open the Sonos app on my iPhone 6 it frequently fails to find a Sono...

Alarm Issue and TuneIn

Hi I have had Sonos for about two years now and in that time, I have always had an Alarm set to 06:53 in the morning. The alarm sets off a radio station in Tunein, but after the last Softwareupdate...

Tidal now available as Alexa skill

I've enabled the skill, but don't have an active subscription to test it. It does provide a "don't have permission" message on Sonos One when I ask Alexa to play anything "...on Tidal", so I assume i...


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