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My Play 3 has stopped working (no power) it is out of Warranty how can I get it repaired?

Power at all. Have changed fuse in plug.

Google Play Music changes to next track prematurely

Diag # 1941050195 - using SonosNet on the least possibly congested channel (but did the same on my regular wifi as well).. Songs just end early and go right to the next track when streaming from GPM.

Reconnecting Speakers

I changed my wifi router and now only one of my speakers is connected. How do I reconnect the remaining speakers in my network?


will a 2016 sonos connect be the latest version or should I buy new?

Sonos Connect wont connect my turn table anymore

Sonos connect stop connecting my turn table to my speaker setup. Nothing I do makes it play music anymore. See diagnostics report #646778108

Ceiling speakers for Sonos Amp

Hi, I am buying the new Amp amplifier and would like to install two speakers in my ceiling. What should be the characteristics (wattage and ohms) of the two speakers? I'm completely lost! Thanks

Volume sliders for individual speakers - where did they go

Group some speakers via the PC controller. Change volume of the group would also provide access to sliders for each PC, very necessary as diferent rooms and different speakers - no more just group vol...

Migrate from Iris to SmartThings

I'm migrating from Iris to SmartThings (WiFi router & smart home hub all in one), but Sonos One/Alexa still thinks it's connected to Iris. As a result, I can't connect it to my new SmartThings. Sono...

Reservdel till Sonos 5 Gen 1

Sonos 5 Gen 1 får ingen ström, indikatorn lyser inte alls. Gick till Hi-FI Klubben där vi köpt. Garantin hade gått ut. De konstaterade att det var fel på nätaggregatet men att de inte hade reservdelar...

connect:amp can't be added either wirlessly or over wired

I have 3 Play:1 and they all work great, but when I try to add my new connect:amps I can't add them. I tried doing this wirelessly, and wired and no solution.

Problems finding Sonos system when using powerlink adaptor to extend home network

My kitchen is a wifi blackspot and so I have used a TP-LINK AV200 power-line adaptor to extend the range of my wifi to that room. So I in effect have two wifi access points (for present purposes, let...

Sonos skipping, like everyone else’s

We have a sonos connect amp and a sonos play one, and they have worked great for a couple of months. Now, they skip tracks and then stop, to the point where they are now unusable. Nothing about our...

Sonos One and Audio Device in Routine Not Supported on this Device

When triggering a routine within Alexa she announces that "audio device in routine is not supported on this device", and then carries out whats in the routine. How do I get rid of this "announcment"?

Sonos lacks line-in in their api

Anyone feels sonos is missing the point of their API I feel they should open the line-in selection. We sell crestron and we would suggest buying sonos if they were to open line in selection any one e...

Getting Size of Index

How can I get the size of the index which my Sonos uses? I would like to know how many Songs are indexed and whether I reached the index limit.

No sound with Amazon Prime / Roku Stick+

The set-up: (new) LG oled65B7A TV , Roku Stick Plus with Sonos PlayBar, paired Play 1's and a Sonos subwoofer. Audio wise everything works fine (audio and video) thru cable box and Roku Stick+ to watc...

Sonos - Please STOP with the CONSTANT updates!!!

I've spent thousands of dollars on Sonos hardware, and it's fantastic. I'm ready to sell it all off and just go back to my wired system. Why? CONSTANT UPDATES that are disruptive and anything but he...

iOS volume indicator appearing in Controller, breaking volume control

Very often when I use the Sonos Controller for iOS on iPad Mini2 I get the iOS volume indicator appearing in Sonos, see image. When this happens hardware volume control is broken. Restarting Sonos sol...

Why does my sonos system turn itself on, playing a random song!?

kind of spooky...


Hi, I have a sonos 5 and 2 play 3's around 2 years old - My wife wants to add and Alexa - Could someone please recommend a model which is compatible with what I got - Cheers in advance guys

play 5 returned and replacement still not connecting even when plugged into router

My first couple of months using sonos speakers has been incredibly frustrating. I own two play 5 speakers and a sub. One play 5 failed to connect even when plugged into the router. I replaced the rout...

Trueplay “lost speaker” issue

Halfway through my trueplay tuning while walking around the room, the app stops and reports a “lost speaker.” I can’t finish the tuning repeatedly. My sub and playbase are both functioning. Any ideas?...

EQ Limitations // Idea for improvment from a sound engineer

I have been using the SONOS BEAM consistently for 2 weeks now. I love it, but as a live sound engineer and sound geek, am wondering why there are not more customizable EQ parameters for the BEAM. I h...

Support for Jango Music Service

Connect amp connection problem after router change

Hi all. I have 4 connect amps in my office and we recently changed the router. When trying to get Amp connected to the new router, I have reset my Sonos controller app on my iPhone. Now when I try to...


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