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Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Play One not connecting

My sonos one is not connecting to my network. I have tried connecting it directly to my router as well to fix the issue, without success. I have two other play one's and a playbase, which are connec...

Grouped speaker cuts in and out

Here's my setup: 3 play:1s 1 soundbar 1 sub 1 bridge All speakers connected to the router through the bridge (I assume?). Lately, my soundbar has been cutting in and out while playing it in grouped...

Google Mesh wifi compatibility issues?

I added Google mesh wifi because I was unable to connect to patio unit while outside on patio. Now cannot connect Sonos to the wifi. I have 1 connect Amp and two connect units. Have tried both boost...

Move to Spain... Alexa will work?

Hi everyone! I'm recently moved to Spain but my Sonos One is coming later this month with all my stuff. Can I use Alexa from Spain with a new account? How can I set up for continue asking about life...

Please Support Amazon Prime in Canada without Alexa

I understand the only way to use Amazon Prime in Canada with Sonos is with Alexa. It is not feasible to have to lower the volume each time you want to search and play a song when you could more easil...

Sonos Drops Out

iPhone App keeps resetting and asking to reinstall Sonos device. I have a wifi extender in my house due to problems in the wifi penetrating thick i have 2 wifi networks (with same password)....

Pandora vanished

Unfortunately I deleted my well running Pandora service within the Sonos controller under VPN conditions. And now it is impossible to reinstall it because Pandora is not anymore shown in the list of a...

Need Outdoor Speakers

I know there has been a lot of request's for outdoor Sonos systems. I enjoy your product throughout my house and do not feel like getting below quality third party outdoor speakers and a connect or am...

Network Name

I’m trying to connect my sonos:5 on the app using a personal hotspot from another phone. i’ve got to the stage where it is asking me to enter a network name. i’ve tried entering the name of the hotspo...

BBC iPlayer Radio integration: who and when?

I am new to Sonos and I love my SonosOne. However, there is a major feature missing: BBC iPlayer radio integration. TuneIn is fine for live streaming, but not nearly as good as the iPlayer radio app...

Router replaced and Sonos does not pair-up

Replaced my router with a mesh Orbi64 and I can only play sonos1 when hardwired into it. I unplug to take it to the original room and it wont play. Can anyone help? Thank you

BBC radio iPlayer and Sonos

Hi, I have been trying to access my downloaded radio shows on Sonos but can't. After reading some of the discussions on here I decided to send BBC an email and thought I would share on here their resp...

Adding Line-In to Favorites Menu?

I was told to post this in the community. Who do i have to contact to talk about adding an option to add LINE-IN to the FAVORITES MENU Thanks, Sonos is awesome!

Sonos Controller for Mac will not find system

I have the controller installed on my mac book with High Sierra installed however it will not find my existing system nor will it find the speakers when following the guide to press the 2 buttons! HEL...

Bt WholeHome Wifi and bridged system

I have purhcased BT wholehome in order to get a stronger wifi.I currently run my sonos with a bridge.I note that advice on this forum is to put the sonos into boost mode and connect the boost to one o...

Connect amp not outputting anything and not showing up on my Sonos

I have a Sonos system around my house and a Connect amp into which I have a CD player and wired speakers connected directly. It used to work but now no longer outputs anything. The Connect does not sh...


My system volume just went wacky and all of our controller units are within our sight. Can my system be hacked? Is there any other reason the volume would self-adjust?

Amazon Musik Radiosender

Amozon Musik Radiosender können nicht mehr abgespielt werden


I understand there are so many apps for delivering music content, it can be a challenge to keep up.  One service that would be nice to integrate with my Sonos products is Hoopla.  It is a se...

Problem with Beolab 4000 and Sonos Connect

Hi community. I have connected my Beolab with good cables via the "Line" to the Connect using the "Out". Yet there is no visible "Line In" in my App or elsewhere. I can light up the speakers by switch...

Update NAS password to access music library

Due to a new setup I had to change the password to access my NAS. Now the music library is not accessible anymore from SONOS. Is there an easy way without deleteing the entry of the library in setting...

Annoying ads on TuneIn

Anyone else noticed an increase in 'adverts' when listening to live radio stations via TuneIn? The additional ads cut in half way through the presenter talking and traffic and weather reports. Only no...

Dolby Atmos

Why did the new Playbase not integrate Dolby Atmos?

Lost iTunes playlist

Hi all, I seem to have lost my iTunes playlist which sits on my NAS drive, updated from my pc. Any ideas how i could restore it? Thanks


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