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Sonos One Stand

Looking to purchase a Sonos One floor stand. Wanted to place them behind my couch, so I need something that is higher than 37 inches. There seems to be some to choose from for the Play 1’s, but it doe...

Solid white light but can't connect

Hello Wondered if anyone can help. I've had my play 5 for about 8 months and it's worked fine. All of a sudden it disappeared from the rooms in the app and I can't connect it back. I can get it worki...

Connecting a Connect:Amp

I am trying to add a connect Amp to my system with a turntable connected to the amp. No speakers on the connect amp at this time but I cannot figure out how to do it. Nothing shows up in my Sonos app.

Sonos will randomly stop/pause song from Spotify

My Sonos Play 3 will randomly stop playing a song from Spotify. Then I have to go back into Spotify and click play again. How can I fix this?

Artist -> album searching

I allways browse by artist and then their albums in ordor of when they came out. Suddenly I have to scroll down a couple of hunderd albums because every album the artist appears on is shown by release...

Sonos can't find wifi with Airport Express (1st Gen)

I moved and my new roommate has wifi set up with an Airport Express 1st Generation. I'm setting up my Sonos play 3 as a new system, but the app doesn't see the wifi network, and I can't wire direct in...

Do you sell reconditioned or scratch/dent units?

Do you sell reconditioned or scratch/dent units?

Voice service: Not available in your country??

Just bought a Sonon One in Singapore - It is advertised to have Alexa voice service but upon setup the app simply state: Voice service, not available in your country? Is this correct, how do i get i...

Need to constantly disconnect/reconnect phone from Wifi to control Sonos

Hello Everyone - Hoping someone can help me. The past 6 months my Sonos system has really started acting up. I connect my phone to my house Wifi, make a change (start playing music, switch between ro...

Music Just Stops

I just got a Sonos One. Love it so far. I ran into a problem today though. When I played music from my iPhone music library after about 30 seconds of a song playing it abruptly stops and skips to the...

Homepod vs Sonos

Picked up a Homepod over the weekend. No comparison to my Sono's fact it has made me fall in love with my Sonos all over again. Whoever said that the Homepod is a Play5 killer is on crac...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...


I set up my Sonos Network recently, out of the box with no issues. Enjoyed it for a few days and in an unrelated situation had to change my wireless network name and password. After doing so the Sonos...

Just bought my first Sonos, BUT annoying buzzing sound from sub??

There is a constant buzz sound coming from the sub, is this normal? I can hear this from 4-5 meters (15 feet) away from the sub, big time deal breaker! Listen:

Sonos - Alexa - Spotify Command Problems

Hi Community, Device: Sonos One Before: I could just say "Alexa, play "The Beatles" Now (since this morning CET): Alexa responds to this command with "I'm sorry, something went wrong". However, it...

Mute sound when receiving a call

Dear Sonos developers, I know one of the selling points of the Sonos system is that it doesn’t pause music when a call is received so this is a feature implemented on purpose. However, this “feature...

Is there any way to play ALL Alexa audio through the Sonos Play 5?

I want all Alexa's audio to come through the Play 5. Is there anyway to do this? Right now, I can only get my music. Thank you, Dennis

No sound after update 8.3.2

Hey, No sound after update 8.3.2 on Sonos connect player. We are wired into the local network. The Sonos Connect is getting an IP address. I have rebooted it several times and replaced the audio cabl...

Tune-In Dropouts - BBC

A couple of years ago I had a lot of 'drop-outs' when listening to BBC programs via Tune-in, this ceased after a Sonos update. However, recently the number of BBC drop-outs seems to be inceasing, thes...

Search library by multiple letters

Heya, I'd like ot be able to search my library by more than just the first letter. eg at the moment if i search for prince i press p and then have to scroll down to find prince, if it searched by m...

Music Controls - Stop After Current

Coming from Winamp, I have to say there are a few small things that I find make a big difference in the control of my music. The one I'd like to mention here is "Stop after current" which does exactly...

Multiple Streams Setup

I'm looking to be able to play different music in 5 different rooms and have them be controlled individually in their respective rooms and centrally from a computer/smart device. Is that something son...

TuneIn radio stations won't play

As of today I can't get BBC Radios 2 or 4 to play on my Sonos Ones. It says it's playing eg BBC Radio 4 from TuneIn but it doesn't. Anyone else getting this?

Indexation Bibliothèque musicale

Bonjour, j'ai installé l'application SONOS sur mon MAC. J'ai lancé l'indexation de ma bibliothèque musicale (380 Go) et elle tourne depuis maintenant 4h. Est-ce que c'est normal ? Y-a-t-il une limite...

Spotify "Unable to browse music"

I'm sure I'm the 1 millionth person to say: when I select Spotify (I have a spotify premium account, for a long time it worked no problem) I get a blue message reading "Unable to browse music." I did...


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