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Spotify connect

In the Spotify app of my iPhone6 my Sonos speakers (Play1 en Play5) do not show in "Available devices". Play 5 is recognized as an AirPlay device. What should I do?


Hi is it possible to add an Additianal sound bar and subwoofer into my kitchen and leave my living room set up as it is ?? Will it work as differant TV set up ?? Thankyou

Video Audio Playback in App for Play 1

Would it be so hard to all for video playback within the Sonos controller app? I mean I love the play 1 speaker and I like to listen to music but I think a lot of functionality is lost with it just be...

Sonos 10.1 update breaking Savant Systems integration

Sonos! What did you do?!?! When is this going to be fixed? From Savant: Field Impact Notice Sonos Software Update 10.1 Causes Savant Integration to Become Inoperable Document Date: April 3, 2019...

Sonos Connect dropping while playing turnable

Hi I have a Connect with 2 Play 1 and one Play 3 with the Connect hooked up to a turntable (Audio Technica) and it sometime drops randomly and then continues to play. Any ideas? Fairly new to the...

Songs Skipping On Sonos

When I play music from my iPhone X the songs frquently stopp half way through and then the next song starts. There is no problems when I play a radio station via TuneIn on the same iPhone. How can I...

Connecting devices to speakers via 3mm jack/audio cable.

Hello, Sonos community Until I can afford a smart TV and a beam to go with it, I'm hoping for a possibility of connecting devices that have a 3mm input (smart phone/tablet/laptop etc.) to my stereo p...

problem with connection of MacBook after new Router and extender fitted

I cannot use my home library as the laptop holds all tracks

Sonos one fading

One of our sonos play1s occasionally fades in and out of music when paired with the other sonos play1 and the sound bar. So when they are all playing together this happens. Please advise

Why don't Sonos offer a repair service?

Sonos are no longer a young start up, that has not had time to think about repair. Sonos, like all electronic products, occasionally one goes wrong. Your products are expensive to buy, and you could... being heard as

We have 2 Sonos one units. On one of them when we ask Alex to open “” she comes back and asks do you mean “” on the second unit and a connected echo dot works fine. I’m...

Sonos ceiling speakers - how many needed for room size? (+ question on external speakers)

Hi there - we are just doing renovation and building work on kitchen, and pulling down wall to make large kitchen dinner. Want to get Sonos ceiling speakers fitted as part of this. The new room will...

Suffering from seemingly rare issue of random song skipping

Yes that is sarcasm, I see about 3 million posts related to your questionable products extremely poor performance on wireless networks. Diagnostics submitted reference 1111405618. Have been having t...

Sonos iOS App and Wireless Extenders

Does anyone know how to cure a problem with the Sonos iOS app not being able to switch to the base wifi network when moving from coverage of an extender? Seems only to occur on iPhone (OK on MacBook)...

Musik startas av någon annan?

Någon gång i månaden sådär startas musik på mina högtalare från ett Spotify gästkonto. Oftast på rejält hög volym :-( Musiken slutar ofta ganska snart men innan dess har man ju hunnit få en mindre hjä...

Big wish: Make it possible to change the distance to the surround speakers in the app

When you are setting up your system with surround, you have to chose the distance from your listning position to the souround speakers, (0 - 0.6m or 0.6 - 3m or >3m). Normaly I sit in the middle of th...

First Sonos - Working fine, then with Plex intergration - disconnects from Wifi and never comes back

Had my Sonos plugged in for a week. Playing random tunes from the app. No issue then last night I set up Plex and the Plex Alexa app. Works for a bit and then all of the sudden Sonon stops working...

Lost Alexa

We recently purchased a Sonos One and installed Alexa. It worked for about a week and now Alexa is gone. No chime. Nothing. Where did you go Alexa?

Audio Cutting Out

Audio on my sonos system is cutting out continuously. Diagnostic Info#: 280951624. Thank you for any help you can provide.

Sonos app skips to next song before the current one has finished playing

I just got this system set up and have only noticed one issue. I have the Play 3's and they are connected with the bridge. When I'm listening to music using the Sonos app i've noticed that before a so...

2 pairs of play 1 in stereo

Have a pair of play1 in stereo with sonos sub and added another pair of play1 in stereo but the will not play. Thanks for suggestions on how to fix this issue

More Problems with Xfinity and Orbi

I had my Sonos set up with Xfinity as provider and it all worked fine. Then I replaced my router to an Orbi mesh wifi network. Got that working with Sonos also. Then I upgraded my service with Xfinity...

Music starts when I Geta phone call

Every time I receive a phone call when, the music starts on my only Sonos speaker. I can be in the house or miles away, but the music starts!

Two homes, one app/account?

I have Sonos devices (one Play:5 + two Play:1), in different locations (not moving them around or anything). Is there a way I can use the same phone, with the same app and account, for both places?...

4K blue ray player

Hello I’m looking for a 4K blue ray player that will support 5.1 output. I’ve got a playbar and two play1’s and a sub. I’m using a ps3 at the minute but am looking to upgrade but don’t want to lose th...


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