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Play:3 Cutting out.

The connection to my Play:3 consistently drops after short but irregular intervals. Light remains steady but music playback stops and controller will most times still appear to be connected when viewi...

converting older sonos wired speaker system to wireless system

We bought a house with a full house wired sonos speaker system. We want to convert it to a wireless system. how do we do this?

List of Alexa Commands

Is there a list of Echo commands that we can use now? It would be nice if ALL of the Amazon Echo Skill’s designer would make these lists and keep them current.

SONOS Controller (Android and PC) Loses Connection To Sonos System

Greetings, I have a Sonos Connect Amp, hooked up to a couple of bookshelf speakers. It is currently hardwired via ethernet to my router. I am finding that sometimes the system stops responding to t...

Paired second sonos one for stereo sound and now alexa is not working when I ask to play music

When I request alexa to play a song, she responds: 'Hmm to do that enable the sonos skill in alexa app. then say alexa find new smarthome devices' Then the other sonos one responds: 'i couldnt find...

Do we have more wake words yet?

Does the Sonos One still only support the 'Alexa' wake word, or do we have any new ones?

Sound continues to drop out of my Sonos One

I have a playbar grouped with a one and when watching TV the sound periodically drops in and out. I purchased a boost thinking this would fix the issue but it didn't help. I have submitted a diagnosti...

How to write a Windows firewall exclusion for sonos

I would like to write a Windows Defender Antivirus exclusion in the Windows Defender Security Center so that it stops barring Sonos from accessing the music folder. Has anyone tried this? You are allo...

Pandora station keeps pausing

For the last couple of days our Sonos system playing a Pandora station has paused repeatedly. When we restart it everything is normal. My diagnostic from right after the last unwanted pause is 7305147...

Pairing a Play:1 with the new Sonos One

Can this be done? Will it sound the same in stereo? I don’t need two microphoned speakers surely.

ER Lite with Cisco Wave (2702i) - Sonos surround (2* play 1) not connecting to playbar

ER Lite with Cisco Wave (2702i) - Sonos surround (2* play 1) not connecting to playbar [ Edited ] Options 2 weeks ago - last edited 7m ago Hello Guys, I am posting this thread because after sevral...

Group volume always has to be at 50%

I have a group on Sonos at work that has 3 rooms set on it, no matter what I do the average volume of all 3 of the rooms has to be at 50%. I can't do anything to change it. All are Sonos Connects....

Version 8.2 broke my system:-)

Unless the rare thing has happened and I am an outlier that is far out, the very useful part of the app - Favourites - is now messed up for playlists, though it appears to be ok for Stations, though t...

New Eeros networking

I can’t seem to connect my Sonos to my new Eeros network. Please help.

Alexa stopped working on Sonos One

I got my Sonos One about 2 weeks ago and everything worked fine for a few days then all of a sudden silence. Alexa no longer works on the speaker. Disabled it then reenabled it to no avail...HELP!!

Rock my run app

Can you sync the rockmyrun app to Sonos speakers?

how do I connect my own subwoofer?

ok so I have a playbar and i have a tanoy subwoofer. this one what do i need to do to connect this subwoofer with the pla...

Play 5: Sound very quiet.

Hi all, I've got a first generation Play:5 (maybe 3-4 years old from new) hooked up to a Flexson VinylPlayer. It doesn't get much use either. I'm not sure why, but this evening for no apparent reason...

Error Message "Installation package could not be opened" Now What?

Using desktop w/ Windows 10 - Cannot install controller

Sonos one

I have 5.1 sonos with 2 sonos one, I would like to know if it is good to have alexa activated in the two sonos one? ,,, also it is happening to me that sometimes when someone talks to the music and ma...

3 Zone Set Up

Hi - Ok, I am just finishing building a house, but need some help with the sound equipment. I have a 5.1 system in the living room, 2 speakers in the pool room and 2 speakers on the patio. They are...

Volume control

hello all I have a problem on my echo dots if I ask alexa to turn volume louder or lower alexa turns the volume on the dot not the sonos ?

Sonos One: Voice control for Sonos is not supported in your country, yet

Hi there Sonos community, This is probably a very early question to ask but I have been waiting to buy Sonos just for the Alexa integration. And now they are releasing the Sonos One YAY . BUT... wh...

Please fix that ducking feature

So I was in the kitchen last night, I turn on the Play:5 using the Android controller. Now when in the living room when I tell my Echo Dot to turn on the lights the Play:5 goes quiet whilst Alexa is l...

Sonos playlists discontinued

I have recently problems( intermittent) to see my Sonos Playlists. Sometimes they load and sometimes not. Customer service informs that Sonos has/will discontinue Sonos Playlist function. Anyone knows...


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