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Support for Monkey's Audio (.APE) Files

We recently received a request for support for playback of Monkey's Audio (.APE) files in the music library. If you'd like to see support for .APE files as well, let us know by leaving a +1 and provid...

Television Audio on new Sonos Beam Cuts Out Periodically

As it says in the title. Just replaced our Playbar with a Beam to get the Airplay 2 fun working. Sounds great EXCEPT, every few minutes the audio goes silent for a second or two. I've only tested it e...

Lågt ljud med TV

Nyligen köpt en sonos beam, jag är vädligt nöjd med ljudet när jag lyssnar på musik via spotify. Problemet är att när jag ska när jag kollar film på TVn blir ljudet mycket lägre och jag behöver höja v...

Sonos skips tracks during playback

Sonos skips tracks during playback when not requested to do so. How can you fix this. I have submitted diagnostic 8297755.

Update To Mac and Windows Desktop Controllers

Sorry if this has been covered before. I searched and didn't find it. Seems like the Mac and Windows desktop controllers haven't been updated in years. Even the logos are still the old Sonos logo....

Sonos App controls no longer appear on your lock screen

After updating to 9.0 on iOS, I am getting the message "Sonos App controls no longer appear on your lock screen" on all my updated devices. The lock screen controls stopped working on all my controlle...


I have tried everything to fix this issue including most of what I have read on the community boards. I recently bought a new beam set up was simple by the ARC connected to my LG OLED tv simply won'...

Sonos Play:1 keeps skipping before songs are done

I am having the same issue a hundred other people on this site are having. My Sonos skips songs in the middle of playing. I have watched the video and tried all the suggestions on the forums to redu...

Meet the Man Who's Building Sonos' Audio Internet

Great article in Wired.

Songs skip while playing

Hi I'm experiencing a problem whilst playing albums of from my I pad sometimes it plays to the whole song and the next one doesn't play all the way through it skips so it's rather random I've checked...

RadioPlayer and TuneIn - Podcast and "Listen Again" search issues

Being continually dissatisfied with the appalling TuneIn's ability to find podcasts or "Listen Again" programmes, I thought I would try Radioplayer. Sadly, what works fine on the desktop or standalon...

Amazon Prime Music won't play on my Sonos

I have an Amazon Prime account and want play the Prime Music feature through Sonos (which works fine on my computer). I added the account, no problem. But when I go to play something, it looks like it...

customer support?

Has anyone else noticed how bad the customer support has become at SONOS? When I first bought into SONOS years ago, support was fast and well I said then that it was "awesome". Today I have been on h...

Cannot Connect to Sirius XM Streaming on Sonos

Hi All, I was researching this topic online last night and know there were a ton of issues in the past, but I was unable to find anyone that is having the issue I am now encountering today. I have a...

room grouping not maintained

is it possible to have room grouping be maintained? almost always I want to play to a group but have to "re-group" the rooms for each session. is there a way to save the group for the next session?

Best addition to beam+sonos one for small bedroom

I'm stuck on what to get next, I just got the beam and I have a sonos one in my room but I don't know if I should hold off on another One and save up for the sub or go ahead and get a One so I can hav...

Delete Unwanted Imported Playlists

I imported my playlists into the Sonos app on my Win10 PC from a folder called “Playlists”. (*.m3u files) There was a subfolder in my playlist folder with ancient archived playlists that I had used to...

Setup issues

I'm new to the sonos world trying to decide on sonos or the denon heos system for my whole home audio setup. I'm going through the setup with my 1st Play 1 and the only service I can sync is spotify....

Cannot add songs to the queue and error 1002

I cannot play songs from My Music on Apple Music via my Sonos Play 1's. I either get a message saying cannot add songs to the queue or error message 1002. This happens if I select shuffle, if I select...

The Play 3 speakers do not respond to controller.

For some time the individual Play 3 speakers will not respond to volume, source or even turn off. Only solution is to unplug them. This applies to the Android, PC and IPad apps.

BOOST wired to Router but not player

Quick question guys. My system is 1 x playbar, 1 x playbase, 1 x play 3, 1 x play 5 and 6 x play 1. Recently moved house the speakers are now spread out over a larger area. 99% of the time no issues b...

Sonos one vs Echo dot (med extern högtalare. Play:1 tex)

Hej! Jag har googlat runt som en galning nu, men får inte riktigt klarhet i frågan. Jag är sugen på 2 saker. Sonoshögtalare i flera rum för att köra musik mm och Röststyrning av både musik, hemautom...

Sonos App not finding Sonos since Sky Q Installation

Sonos boost setup with 8 speakers around the house. All was fine. Sky Q 2TB box and two Sky minis installed a couple of weeks ago. Since then my iPhone Sonos app can only connect to my Sonos system...

SKY Q with Sonos controller issue

Today we had Sky Q installed along with mini TV box in the kitchen (and wireless sky broadband booster hardwired back to the main Q Hub in the study). The Sonos controller works fine when next to the...

How do I play vinyl through my soundbar

I have followed the various community answers and connected my turntable to my connect. Sound play out through my hifi speakers which are connected to sonos but I cannot get any sound out of my soundb...


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