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Spotify not working after updradge

I'm using SONOS app on my android smartphone. I installed the update and now Spotify won't play, saying that I need to "upgrade your account to become a full subscriber." It was working perfectly be...

External Sonos Adaptor?

I have an Onkyo TX-NR535 where I have all of my hdmi tv sources which all go into one hdmi that leads to the TV. I have other various sonos speakers but I was wondering if there was a way to stream Sp...

Playbase and Play:5's as surround

Hi Sonos Community I currently have one Play:5 with a second on it's way to make a pair, plus a playbase soon to be delivered also. Keen to check that I can use both Play:5's with the playbase to giv...

Tune In Radio suddenly stopped working

Suddenly Tune In radio will not play the station I typically play through SONOS

Play:1 Will not connect to my system.

My Play:1 Will not connect to my system, it shows a solid white light. I tried factory resetting it and it only shows a solid white light all the time. Am I doing something wrong?

New UPDATE will not complete

I am unable to complete most recent update, and every time I try the update I loose one of the sets of speakers from the app. Must do a controller reset for the group to show back up.

I can't connect to an existing Sonos CONNECT AMP on app or on mac as router has changed.

i have tried to connect to existing and nothing happens and also tried to setup as new system but neither seem to work??

Kan sporadiskt inte ansluta till Sonos

Det händer väldigt ofta att sonos-appen inte kan ansluta till mitt sonos-system (Play 5 & Play 1). Jag har inga problem med mitt wifi, och routerns inställningar är oförändrade sedan länge. Det händer...

Sound cutting out!!

Hi, I have a sonos soundbar, sonos sub and 2 x sonos play 1's. all connected to a Samsung 55 in smart tv. All was well until last week when I had Sky Q fitted. ever since then the sound has been cutti...

Try Amazon Alexa With App Rather Than An Amazon Device

I read the other day that it was possible to try Alexa with Sonos through the Alex app without even having a dedicated Alexa device. I have installed the Sonos skill in the Alexa app and linked my Am...

Spotify Playlist order on the Sonos App

Hi, is there a way to view my Spotify playlists in Sonos with the newest additions at the top rather than at the bottom of the listing. I have large Spotify playlists and when viewed in Sonos I have t...

Alexa doesn’t actually play music after an affirmative response

When I ask Alexa to play music on my sonos one, she responds affirmatively but then nothing happens after that. Sample response - “Shuffling songs by Odesza in Office”. (Band = odesza, room = office)....

Can’t connect to Play One

I have two Play Ones in different rooms. (Also I JUST bought them and they both have problems, so I’m thinking about returning both!) In the short time I’ve had them, both of them have gotten forgotte...

iTunes music / playlists do no appear in the Sonos App

My iTunes Music Library predominantly contains albums, songs etc.. imported from my CD collection (plus some downloaded music from the iTunes store). The main issue I have is that there are quite a fe...

Sonos One with Alexa and Google Home Working Together_Sort Of....

I've been living with the Sonos One since release date 10/24/17. I am very pleased with Sonos One/Alexa marriage. Before the Sonos One with Alexa I was using a Google Home device with Chrome Cast A...

Music only plays for a few seconds.

Sometimes get the message "Unable to play network connection speed insufficient to maintain playback buffer" . Sonos bridge is hardwired to router. Was working perfectly last night with Spotify thro...

Saved rooms

Why can you not save room configurations; As a family we are forever switching things around, party mode, single room, two rooms. Just made it so you can save a configuration under a name, say up to 5...

Alexa doesn't know about Sonos playlists??!!!

I bought Alexa specifically because I was told I would be able to use its voice control features with Sonos. I am now learning that I can't ask Alexa to play one of my Sonos playlists! Only change t...

No Sound

No TV sounds is coming through sound bar...only music sound. TV play button on songs app is not illuminated and can't hit play. I've downloaded latest app as well

Sonos Amp has disappeared

I know there have been a number of threads about disappearing rooms, and suggested solutions. No thread seems to address what to do, however, if any of those remedies fail. I have multiple Sonos Amps...

Volume too low and not even audible when playing through CONNECT:AMP

I recently bought a CONNECT:AMP and Pairs of Blucube speakers (BCK65). Both the speakers are wired to the SONOS CONNECT:AMP. I was trying to play songs from my music library in PC/Laptop through CONNE...

Direct play from 3rd party music clients (Google Play, Spotify, etc)

I see that you can play direct to Sonos from the Google Play music app on Android (bypassing the Sonos Controller): When using this...

Embedded cable routing to wall mounted Playbar

I'm about to chisel a cable run into a masonry wall for a new Samsung TV. My plan is to place a sound bar - and odds are it'll be a Playbar - beneath the TV. The Samsung needs the cables to exit the...

How do I add or use the Relisten App with Sonos

The Relisten app is free and amazing. How do I use it with my Sonos player?

Has an update been released?

Just found Alexa on my echo Dot can now control Spotify on my Play:1 Has an update just been released to Alexa or Sonos as I don’t think I’ve seen any announcements and the Alexa skill still indicat...


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