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Music library maximum tracks or folders

Music library has suddenly started missing artists

New interface is terrible

They have ruined the PC interface.

Play 5 not recognised on floor 2.

Hi, I run a boost on my internet provider's router. Via this I connected a home theatre playbar, sub and 2 play 1's downstairs. Upstairs I can't seem to get the Play 5 connected. I have a separate net...

update 9.2 - What a horrid looking user interface

If you are going to muck about with the look of the user interface for windows at least give up the optional to chane the colours or skin. This new style SUCKS

Feature Request - PC Controller - Ability to navigate to artist from Now Playing UI

I can't recall if the previous had this ability or not. Either way, I think it would be more user-friendly if a user could click on an Artist name and go to the artist page, as opposed to having to se...

Update problems

Hi, have been having problems with my system all day (5x Play:1 (with 2 as stereo pair), 1x Play:2, 1x Connect). Nothing would play. It's perfect up to now, just the occasional hang up due to router...

projector recommendations for beam + apple TV

I currently have two Play:1 speakers and an Apple TV and would like to purchase a projector to use as my TV. Can you please recommend any HD projectors that I can use as my TV that will be compatibl...

Bad bass sound from Sonos One

I have a Sonos One where the bass sounds bad, not that the loudspeaker would be cracked, but more like the bass pops or gets distorted. There will be a popping sound in some songs, it may be that it s...

Smart TV application

Can you make a Sonos application for smart-tv? I'm using Sonos Connect in the living room and it would be very nice to get it on the TV (Got a Samsung UE55ES6805). I know a lot of people who chose Ap...

Spotify doesn't work on sonos

I'm in China, use spotify daily with their app and I never had any problem, it works perfectly. Sonos officially support Spotify, but seem the in China it's a big problem. I finally been able to set...

My Sonos keeps cutting off songs before the end

Since the latest software download, my Sonos system will not play a single song to the end - they cut off about two thirds of the way through

Missljud från Sonos One

Jag har en Sonos One där basen låter illa, inte så att högtalaren skulle vara spräckt utan mer som att basen bottnar. Det blir ett bubblande ljud i vissa låtar, det kan vara så att det låter illa om v...

Adding 2nd zone to currently playing zone shuts off my stereo after updating to v9.3 ???!?

For context: I have v9.3 (current) Sonos Bridge Sonos connect (connected to my Onkyo stereo) - called "Living Room" Sonos 3 speaker - called "Bedroom" Logitech Harmony Ultimate universal remote to co...

Sonos Beam Now Available - Setup and Useful information

Sonos Beam, the smart, compact soundbar for your TV is now available. Play music, TV, movies, podcasts, radio, audiobooks and video games with rich, detailed sound that fills the entire room. We've co...

Please add alarm 'grouped rooms' flexibility

There's another topic requesting the same features, but it is over 4 years old and still no action from Sonos. Please consider adding the ability to group rooms in any configuration when using Alarms...

PlayBar 2.0

Is there any plans for a new PlayBar 2.0 any time soon???? I have a large room and Sonos Beam won’t cut it ;-)

Play3 switches on by itself after switching it off with the button on the unit

Play3 switches on by itself after switching it off with the button on the unit. Also it does not show that the unit is playing in the ios app. I am able to control the volume from ios though. Unit and...

Mute with Playbar and other remotes (Control4, Xfinity) not functioning with 8.0

With the new 8.0 software update, the mute function is not operating as it used to. I have multiple setups with playbars and Sonos Play 1s as surrounds. I control these with either Control 4 remotes...

Projector Hookup

I have a projector in my basement and I am having issues streaming sound from the projector. I have an Onkyo I need to get a Sonos Connect and connect it to the receiver in order to str...

Directv Genie connection to Sonos Beam.

I’m setting up a projector with a Directv Genie and am wondering what the best way to hook up my Beam to the Genie for audio.

Remote volume not working

When I installed the app and came up to the part where I had to connect my volume button to the Sonos, it didn’t work so I skipped it. Now I can’t tune my volume up or down. The error “Sonos (Optical)...

Recommendation for adding speakers to Beam

Having had my Beam for just a few days I must say that I am delighted with the sound. The main reason I replaced it was for the inclusion of Alexa in the lounge, enabling voice commands for music & tv...

Using Alexa to change input on Beam

I have had a Beam now since launch and I love it. I have only recently enabled Alexa for Spotify streaming to my Beam and that works great, bit I am becoming frustrated with having to launch the App...

Since upgrading to 9.2 Spotify playback not gapless

Hi. I've been playing Spotify with gapless playback with no issues. But upgraded to 9.2 on the play:1 today and now gaps between tracks. Is there something I need to do to ensure gapless playback con...

Setting Sonos up using a 4G mobile broadband dongle

I had to let go of my ADSL broadband account and switched to a 4G mifi dongle. I can't seem to get Sonos to connect to it, despite every device in my home successfully connecting. I have tried pluggi...


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