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Sonos keeps dropping out and losing connection.

I have 2 play 1 speakers. They run from a sonos bridge which is wired into my Orange live box via ethernet cable. I also have another access point in another room which is hardwired back to the bridg...

Clear Queue button wears Windows skin, not Sonos colours

Here's a little improvement that would be really nice. The Sonos Windows app has some good colour themes but the dialog box that pops up in response to the Clear Queue button to ask if I really want...

How to show length of songs in WIndows Sonos app?

The Windows Sonos app doesn't seem to show the length of songs either in the queue or the library. I can't find anywhere in the options or settings to enable that either. How can that be shown? Som...

Sonos Beam instead of Base?

Hi All I currently have playbase, sub, and two ones in 5.1 via digital out going from base to TV with numerous devices connected via HDMI to TV. I've never really managed to cure lip sync issues wit...

Tired Of Waiting For Google home Integration

I am @ least 10 year Sonos veteran and it seams that Sonos as a company doesn't mind alienating what I would think is a considerable amount it owner base to Add Profit over Customer Loyalty. Sonos ha...

New Sonos Amp vs Sonos Connect with Sony Receiver

Hi there. I am about to purchase a sonos product to connect my regular floor speakers to my Sonos system. Do I want to buy the new Sonos Amp and get rid of the receiver or am I better off buying a S...

Audio Skipping and it is NOT WiFi Interference

For the past two months anytime I play Google Music by either streaming from the Google app or from within the Sonos app the songs cut out and skip to the next song about 2/3 of the way through the so...

Pairing Fire Tv remote with sonos

I just got a sonos beam and I can’t figure out how to set pair it with my TV remotes. It’s a Toshiba Fire TV. I already have Alexa set up and can control the commune through my voice but not on the re...

Support for SMB v2 or v3

With all the recent reports and issues with the WannaCry ransomware I wanted to restrict use of SMB v1 on my home network. My NAS blocks this to the outside world but I wanted to secure things interna...

SONOS Mac app memory leak

The SONOS Mac app v 10.0, build 48261220 has a serious memory leak. Using top -o rsize I find a steady increase in resident memory usage. It starts around 150Mb and grows steadily. I have seen res...

Why doesn’t the tap features on my sonos work?

I hooked up Alexa but I can’t use the tap features on the top of my sonos one

Does SONOS Support Tidal MQA Tracks?

I thought I was playing master quality tracks through SONOS, but have now noticed when playing on my PIXEL 2 Android Phone some titles say "Master"...however, when I switch it over to play on my SONOS...

Beam with New Sonos Amp

Setup question. I have a living room TV with a Beam, Sub, and two play 1’s as surround. I’m having two outside patio speakers installed Wednesday so we can listen to Music outside. I ordered the new...

A Boost Suggestion

I have an audio dropout problem with my Sonos system. I didn't have this problem when I first got my Sonos system, or for several years after. In searching the internet for solutions to the problem...

Just ordered the Beam should it be paired with the sub?

As the title says i've ordered the Beam and it should arrive tomorrow. I currently have a sub paired with two play 1s (with a play 5 as my center speaker for music/not TV). The play 5 will now go up...

Introducing Sonos Amp

Available starting February 2019, Sonos Amp is the all-new, versatile amplifier to power all your entertainment and bring the sonic content you love to every room of your home. The Amp has been redesi...

Beam - TCL (roku) TV sync issues

Hello, I have a beam connected to the following TV via HDMI (ARC): TCL - 49" Class - LED - 4 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR Roku TV I can NOT get the visuals to synch with the audio (ie...

Adding 5’s to a Beam

I’m wondering, in our lounge, I currently have a Beam with a sub. The volume power is good but not the capability I would like. I’m considering adding 2 x Play 5’s to the room. Would these have to be...

Alexa voice volume linked to Sonos volume? Need independent control

It seems the volume of the Alexa voice is linked directly to the volume of the Sonos One unit. That means if I'm playing quiet music in the background, and I activate Alexa, I can't really hear her vo...

Sonos killing its customers ability to play local music

So Where is support for NAS drives using version 2 or 3 of SMB????? Do Sonos really care so little for their customers. Looks like its time to ditch Sonos in favour of something up to date.

Alexa voice volume too loud

Hi there, I already read some posts about other people heaving problems with alexa's voice volume on the Sonos One. Some say it's not loud enough, when they have low music playing. Some say it's too...

Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 - Weak Mids

Hi, Just picked up a Gen 2 Play 5 yesterday. Could not audition the speaker before I picked it up however I heard a pair of play 1's extensively and was quite impressed. I thought that the play 5 wou...

Audio skipping, delay with app updating - using Sonos Bridge

I am having intermittent issues with audio skipping using Spotify. We are using a Sonos Bridge to supply the mesh network to the speakers so I don't think it's the home broadband router and we are on...

Sonos One Stand

Hi, I was browsing the store page and I see a new type of stand is available: It does not state the maker (neither Flexson nor Sanus...

Would buy additional speakers if it would enable Atmos

I have a playbase and two ONEs as my surround. While the sound is great, I think it could still be improved upon. I would like a 'wider' soundstage. I would also like Atmos, so I can hear the overhead...


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