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I hate hate hate this companies software!!!!!!

Songs skipping when iPhone locked

So I’ve been having issues with song playback for sometime now and it only happens when my iPhone is locked. When unlocked the tracks playback just fine... but the moment it locks the songs continuous...

Not very elegant Sonos and Apple

Hi, Today happened what I dreaded for some time. I was forced to update my Sonos systems and now both my iPad 1 tablets will not work with Sonos anymore. We have them wall-mounted so we can control m...

2018 Panasonic 4K LED and Sonos Beam - ARC Connection

Sonos Beam seems unable to pair with Panasonic TV - App runs through all the usual setup and everything goes well until it mentions finding the ARC connection. Asks to Enable CEC on TV menu etc. Unabl...

New Sonos Beam Owner

New to the Sonos world so this is my first purchase to replace an aging Yamaha AV receiver and floorstanders, the wife is happy with the extra space she now has! Bought from John Lewis with the benef...

Sonos 9.0 – Support for Sonos Beam and AirPlay 2

With Sonos 9.0, we’re adding support to the Sonos software for the all-new Sonos Beam, the smart soundbar for your living room. See our announcement here for more details on Beam. You can order Beam a...

Sonos App controls no longer appear on your lock screen

After updating to 9.0 on iOS, I am getting the message "Sonos App controls no longer appear on your lock screen" on all my updated devices. The lock screen controls stopped working on all my controlle...

Sonos beam playing music

I cannot figure out how to switch to playing music from watching tv on my beam by using Alexa. Can anyone help out?

Connection problem with Beam and Samsung over HDMI-arc

Evening, I have no luck in connecting my new Sonos beam with my Samsung Q7F smart tv, hdmi-ARc plugged in both ends, HDMI-cec turned on on the Samsung, but the Sonos app cannot connect with the tv. B...

New update broke everything

After tthe new update, nothing works. App do not find any servises or my playbar. Re-installted app, did the turn on-off dance and all the other BS-stuff. No success. Why sonos did this and how to fix...

Tv audio amplifier, Sonos Beam not parallel?

Hello everyone, here's my problem. I have the tv fixed with a bracket to the wall. I can easily move the tv perpendicularly to the wall and watch it from the couch (which is also almost perpendicular...

Play 5 first gen not playing

The play 5 first gen I have stopped playing any sound, the led light is white, the speaker appears on the app and if I connect my headphones to it I can listen to music, otherwise it is dead silent. I...

"Spotify music is not supported on this device"

I've connected the same Spotify account in both the Alexa app, where I've used it for months and now the Sonos app, where playing music "manually" through the app (you know - like a labourer!) and fro...

Sonos app not responding with spotify and spotify app can't send music to speakers

Since the latest update, it looks like original users have been forgotten. 1 - No more lock screen playback, well I guess this is the way now but because none of my speaker are Airplay 2 compatible I...

Speakers cutting out after Airplay 2 update

After I installed the airplay 2 update, my speakers are regularly cutting out (they never cut out before the update). I have airplay2 devices (sonos ones, playbase) but I am streaming directly from th...

Beam as a computer speaker

Is it possible to use Beam as a computer speaker with the use of hdmi port?

Sonos App keeps crashing sinca latest update

Having been forced to use the App Version 9.0.1 on Android 5 when the controllers were no longer supported since April this year; Grrrrrr!!!!, I now find that since the last update a couple of days ag...

Forcing me to Log in

I won't ever buy any more Sonos products, nor will I be buying my kids any, the reason is that you are now forcing me to log in and have an account for a speaker that I simply want to use as a speaker...

Sonos beam lip sync issue

Setup the new beam today, no problem getting it working. Problem is with lip sync - I have a Samsung UHD 8000 series with Sky (in the UK). Beam is connected via ARC. Tried adjusting delay via the app...

Beam not detected by Logitech harmony hub

Hi I have my new Beam and it's great, except.... It doesn't show up as a device in the Harmony hub app. I have a variety of other Sonos devices which do show up. I have renamed one of the previous d...

Unify network with connect:amps

I read in the FAQ that the sonos system will not work with access point wifi networks. I am using 4 connect:amps in my system with hard wired speaker zones. The connect:amps will be hard wired into...

Beeam and a sub

Hi, If i add a sub to my beeam bar, will the beeam change on what frequencies it plays? /robert

Correct Line-In Level for Turntable Pre-Amp?

Hello, I just connected my Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable and my Pro-Ject Phono Box MM pre-amp to my Sonos Connect (ZP90) and am wondering which line-in level I should use. I read the support article...

Volume issues with AirPlay 2 from Apple TV 4K to Beam

I just got the Beam and done some testing with Apple TV 4K. With the "normal" setup (Apple TV > HDMI > TV > HDMI ARC > Beam) everything works perfectly fine and sound quality is great. However, I want...

Sonos Beam lipsync issue

Hi Just set up the Beam, its hooked up to a LG 49UH652T using the supplied HDMI cable. Two issues: 1. Theres a lipsync problem when watching free to air television 2. Alexa cant control the tv on/o...


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