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B&W Formation Anyone noticed this announcement? Thoughts?

Android device with older software?

I have a android device that I put version 8.xx software in it some time ago ( never connected it to my system) I now want to see it as my CR200 is not working all the time and support has come to the...

Read so many threads.. Would like a response

ALEXA > SONOS > Plex.... I've asked in the plex forum and was told Per that list of supported companion “receiver” applicati...

How do the controls on the top of the One work?

Seems like a dumb question, but the web site lacks a Product Guide and there's nothing in the box. Play/Pause is obvious, but the rest of it is a mystery to me.

Alexa and music library on NAS Drive

Hi I have just purchased a Sonos One Gen 2. I use Apple computers and phones. All of my music is stored in a NAS Drive on my network, and is the default music library in my Sonos setup. I am try...

"There was a problem adding Alexa"

Hello, I've just purchased a Beam and Sonos One and went through the installation process. I'm having a lot of trouble activating Voice Services on both of them, as I keep getting the "There was a p...

Sonos and Plex Broken Again!

Hi Sonos, Why is it that Plex always fails for me? I was listening to my music for 2 days without problem and today with no changes made, it stopped working. My library is reachable from the inte...

Airplay not showing all my sonos speaker groups

I have a sonos5 and several sonos1 speakers. In iOS 12.2 I can see my speaker groups for my sonos5 but not my sonos1 speakers. Is there a way to make apple discover my other speaker groups? A good...

"sorry that device is offline"

I have had a sonos one for about a year and everything worked fine until about a month ago. Now it won't not play spotify via a voice command. It just says "sorry that device is offline". If I unpl...

Spam, still? Wake up in the Boston Sonos office

It is 6am PST which means it is 9am Monday on the East Coast. Are there no forum Admins awake over in the Boston Sonos office yet? The spam content this weekend is continuing this morning, with appare...

Sono's Play.1 volume

Hello, I've got a question about my play.1 when listening to tune in radio I find randomly the volume goes quiet for a moment then back to normal. is there a way to fix this in settings somewhere. sor...

PC audio from Sonos App

Can I send audio from Sonos to my PC audio or bluethooth? I would like to send audio to my hearing aids via bluethooth (either from PC bluetooth, or from my bluetooth transmitter plugged into PC's a...

Pairing sonos one gen 1 and gen 2

Hiya, I have a sonos one gen 1. Want to set up a stereo pair but availability for a white gen 1 difficult so would it sound unbalanced to pair a gen 2 with my existing gen 1? Cheers

I want to "Set up a new Sonos system" but I am not given the option.

My first option is "Connect to existing system" which I do not have. Second option is "Learn how to set up a new system." When I click on that it just brings to this site which tells me to select "Set...

Amp freq response: Sonos vs Peachtree

There have been questions about the high frequency response of the Sonos Amp. User hodgeal posted a very interesting plot showing the frequency response of the Sonos Amp using the software REW. It did...

WiFi is blocked, but airplay still works.

I'm trying to restrict use to part of my system when my sons are home, as I know they will possibly abuse it. So I use the advanced controls on my BT router to block access to the relevant play units...

Sonos one issue. was working perfectly and now Alexa uncooperative! Repeats command but then nothing happens.

Repeats command like "play bbc radio" but there nothing happens. Think issue coincided with a new password on WIFI. Have deleted Sonos app, reinstalled, connected to Sonos with ethernet, followed su...

Spotify lower quality when using Chromecast - Future Sonos One issue

TLDR: When using Google Cast/Chromecast, Spotify transcodes from their native 320kb/s Ogg format to 256kb/s AAC. This will be a huge problem when Sonos enables Google Assistant on the One/Beam. We nee...

Resolving (the majority of) Issues with Alexa on Sonos

This thread is intended to help get you going if you get stuck setting up Alexa with Sonos, or if you have run into any errors. The setup process does use two different apps, so don’t stress if you’re...


Hej, Just bought a Sonos One and connected Spotify with the Alexa app. I have trouble Alexa accessing the Spotify music. I set Alexa up to UK and sonos app too. My Spotify account is Swedish, migh...

Will AMP will improve/work with my setup?

Hi guys! I have a 5.1 home theater with playbase, sub and two play:1. I'm a little jealous of the ARC in the beam. So my question is. Can I add the AMP to my setup just to take advantage of ARC or th...

Play1 looses Stereo pair

sometimes when i start my stereo pair of play1 the left speeker wont play, then i have to unpair and pair the speakere again, they both have the same firmware. its very frustrating

Sonos One with Alexa - In desperation!

3 hours of forums, videos, resets etc and i still cant get Alexa to enable on my Sonos One (Series Two) I have followed every thread i can find including all of the "log out of everything, delete al...

Beam developed crackling sound

Hi all, I've had my new beam for a week now and today it's developed a crackling sound in the back ground., I also have 2 play 3's connected as surrounds. I've tried various things but still no joy....

Alarm remote shut off

I use every morning m/f the alarm clock feature with my Sonos system, which works pretty well. However every time I leave home for a few days for my business trips I ALWAYS forget to shut it off so th...


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