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Trueplay adapting speaker sound step not working

When using Trueplay tuning for my Sonos One, the app gets to the screen that says Adapting Speaker Sound...and then never completes. It is stuck. I have tried multiple times. The only way to get ba...

PC Cannot Find Sonos using Google Wifi

I have 2 Sonos Play 5's, a play3 and a Play1 I have a Sonos Bridge Connected to the 1st Google WIFI pod that's also connected to the router Everything is working great except my PC cannot find the s...


Losing our two CR100s will be the most devastating thing to happen to our household. My ONE YEAR OLD can play his favourite music by just pushing the button over and over again. My 7 year old will no...

Connection to Spotify was lost

Having consistent bad experience when trying to play from Spotify. Continually get the error “Connection to Spotify was lost” I’ve read through many threads here but could not find a fix. Diagnostic 1...

Echo Spot - Picture and title on screen when playing music with Sonos

Hello ! Is there a possibility that one day, in Wifi, an illustration of the album and the title of the song are on the screen of the Echo spot when we listen to the music with Sonos ? Thanks in advan...

Alexa Drop-In on Sonos One

The ability to use your Alexa enabled devices' as intercoms (drop-in) does not work on the Alexa enabled Sonos One. Or I can't figure out how to activate. Drop-in needs to be enables on your Amazon...

Playbase WiFi connection permanently(?) lost

Hi, I have a TV surround setup with Playbase, 2 x Play:1 and a Sub which has been working perfectly fine for 3 weeks. A couple of days ago the Playbase lost the WiFi-connection; TV sound through optic...

Can’t add new players

I just updated my router to a google mesh. I had to connect my play 5 to the router to get things to work again and manually set up my two play 1 , my play 3 and 5. Now my wife, on the new network i...

Sonos and Alexa don't work

Here is my story. I started with a Sonos Soundbar, Sub, and 2 Play 1's for my entertainment center. I later added Amazon Echo for voice control. Everything worked great, I recently added 2 Play 1's w...

My Play 3 unfortunately regularly skips songs

Play 3 skips songs from the music library (and jumps to the next song in the queue) or stops playing Radio by Tunein. Error log when songs are skipped from the music library states "network connection...

Alexa stopped playing music through my Sonos 5s on command. Was working fine until recently.

New problem with Alexa and Sonos speakers (Play 5s). Everything looks good in both Apps, has worked perfectly before but recently Alexa won't play music on a pair of my Sonos speakers when asked. Inst...

Play 3 Does Not Connect

I have had my Play 3 for about six years. No problems all these years, including two years overseas. I set up the system at home and was working using my iPhone App but when I tried to connect the sys...

No sound from Sub

I posted this originally in the questions but I think it belongs here. I have a new Sonos Playbar (hardwired into router with Ethernet cable) as well as a Sonos Sub (on WiFi). When I did the initial...

Moving existing setup to unsecured channel on wifi router

Hello - I have Sonos up and running today at our vacation home that has an encrypted wifi channel and an unencrypted channel. We'll be renting our house this summer, and I would like renters to have...

Disable Sonos One Alexa from playing a sound when I say "Alexa"

I just set up a Sonos One with Alexa and the sound is noticeably better than the Amazon Echo. On the Sonos One though, each and every time I call "Alexa" it plays some kind of acknowledgement tone....

Alexa Follow Up mode coming?
Question This features is going to be so nice, I'm guessing Sonos will get this added over time as well?

Sonos bar acting weird(not working)


Sonos Controller for OSX 10.13.3 - cannot download the software to my desktop

My Sonos 1 play well on my iPad and iPhone. But what is the status of controller software for mac osx 10.10.1 and up ??

Playbase TV Optical Input Quiet - Please Fix it Sonos

Hi Sonos and Sonos Community members, I’ve had a playbase for a few months and there is one thing is really annoying and destroying the user experience. I’ve seen a lot of threads about this problem:...

Surround sounds and Sub cutting out

I have tried multiple fix actions with the SONOS engineers to fix my issues. Randomly all but the playbar cut out. I have tried different wireless channels, resetting everything, new router, new audio...

Making Home Share playlist from iPhone visible in Sonos app

Is there a way to have an iPhone Home Share Playlist visible in the Sonos App?

Playing song from NAS with Sonos by Alexa

Evening. My sonos system is connected to my NAS. I can play every music file from my NAS. Now I bought the Alexa DOT. How do I acces the music files om my NAS. If I give a voice control Alexa is searc...

Sonos has stopped working

Sonos won’t talk to my pc-it says pc is not responding so now I have no music library to play

Alexa does not stop playing on Sonos One

After 4 months of living with multiple Sonos One's enabled with Alexa, I have found that the listening algorithm needs a lot of improvement. Sonos One frequently wakes up to a perceived Alexa command...

Add to end of queue to close to replace queue

It is easy when adding music to replace queue instead of adding to end of the queue.


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