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how to upset a customer - by SONOS

no I did not know - but what you say is getting close to Mongolian to this old farmer - all I want is a simple sound bar in one room to enhance the sound of my wall mounted TV, and to play Spotify or...

how to upset a customer - by SONOS

Let's finish this with a last comment: As you say the vast majority of returns are unused - which I take on trust. However, why should I take the risk of not getting such a unit ? Like the poor dope...

how to upset a customer - by SONOS

hi guys if refurbishing means EVERY single part is replaced, well that is fine. I suspect they replace the broken part, test the unit - and then mail it out. Therefore I would conclude that a majority...

how to upset a customer - by SONOS

thanks - interesting point about the returns - if I knew thatI was getting such a unit, I'd accept the deal. But I won't accept a 30% discount off a secondhand item - which could be partly 2-4 years...

how to upset a customer - by SONOS

this is what I sent to Mike Carlino in Sonos customer care: hello I purchased a SONOS sound bar 4 years ago, and it has now failed. I live in a house with no children, with a decent surge protector,...


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