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Alexa, Play Apple Music on Sonos

Thank you works great


24bit 48khz is ALAC HD apparently

Blu Ray compatible to Sonos Beam

Hi can i know the exact sony model of tv and blueray player please. And what options do you get in the sound menu on your tv and blueray player?

Update: Bringing Google Assistant to Sonos

lol yep i suck a maths my bad thank you for correcting me

Update: Bringing Google Assistant to Sonos

i consider early 2019 to be the first quarter of 2019 i.e. the first 4 months . mid 2019 to be Q2 late 2019 to be Q3 and end of 2019 to be Q4 so they are still on time in my book and sometimes things...

Echo show won’t stream Apple Music to Sonos

the feature is not yet available on sonos. that is why it is not working yet. amazon has to allow sonos to use this feature and sonos has to integrate it into there system sonos does not tell people w...

Sonos controller on older iPad - now stuffed?

it is a third party sonos controller for the ipad/ iPhone (sonophone) it does have some limitations so not full control of all features see here

"feature request" Alexa control of apple music on sonos

thank you for your reply I do hope so as I only have apple music now as I reduced from two music streaming services to one.

Which to get first, Sub or Surrounds?

hi i got 2 Sonos one 1st gens's as i got them before i owned the beam. if you are just using them for surrounds go with 2 Play:1's . if you want to do something different in the future go with 2 son...

Which to get first, Sub or Surrounds?

hi i have a beam as well i have gone for surrounds first it is amazing to be surrounded in sound movies and music have more detail so i think it is more beneficial to do so before getting the sub

Beam + Single Homepod

yes you can you airplay from the apple tv to the homepod with the beam conected via hdmi or optical to your main tv or airplay from the apple tv to the homepod and beam with the hdmi cable disconecte...

YouTube Music Account won’t work

that is what i was trying to say he needs to upgrade to premium version of youtube the exact words escaped me

YouTube Music Account won’t work

he may not have signned up to any google music service that would explane why it does not work

YouTube Music Account won’t work

a subscipition based version of youtube you need to sign up to use it, google put this reststriction on sonos

Now Playing YouTube Music on Sonos

thank you for adding this service looking forward to full google voice control later this year

Unable to play - the connection to TIDAL was lost.

is your speaker connected to your router ? if not connect it with an Ethernet cable to your router and try again see if that helps

Sonos 10.0 is Now Available

thank you very much that worked followed instructions as you said

Sonos 10.0 is Now Available

yes this is happening to me as well when in stereo pair. the chime is still on even though i turned it off in the settings

Unable to play - the connection to TIDAL was lost.

First try rebooting your router that worked for me. i use Tidal as well. are one sonos your speakers wired to the router or are they fully wirless?

Play 1; Echo Dot: Amazon Unlimited for Echo single device

yes echo dot will still work

Alexa will work with Apple Music on third-party devices 'soon'

thank you for the info. looks like sticking with Alexa is a good idea now that google assistant is delayed

Connecting B&O Beocentre 2002

does the B&O Beocentre 2002 have any headphone jacks if so you need a 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Cable i think

Sonos Play 1 and Sonos One grouped together to support AirPlay 2 ?

1.yes 2. not quite stereo but close. the sonos one will sound a lot better than the play:1

Connection problems

Hi try rebooting the BT Router. there are known issues with BT SmartHub6. if you have a lot of devices ie more than 8. then the bt hub6 will not cope with the strain. as i am a bt customer too. we use...

9.0 Update - Sonos One NOT discoverable via HomeKit for Siri integration

airplay 2 is only compatible with sonos one(not play:1) . play:5 gen2, playbase and the beam. and other sonos speakers if grouped with one of the compatible speakers


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