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new sonos amp

My local dealer (a branch of Sevenoaks) emailed me a couple of hours ago, stating: "Indications are that we will get a smattering of them mid-February."

Last.FM - No scrobble or double scrobble

I'd contact Spotify about this. It appears that when playback is via the Sonos app and using Spotify's Sonos-specific API, scrobble settings are ignored. Only Spotify can address this.


Should work. Hard to diagnose further remotely. Unrelated to the presenting problem, but I'd still rearrange your connections as I originally indicated in (1)-(3) above. It would allow you to play an...


It does, provided you're sending something to it. Make sure the Sonoro is set to play its 'AUX IN 1' input.

New Amp for turntable but also 5.1 HT

Personally, unless your space precludes it, I'd skip the Playbase and instead use the Amp with a pair of good passive speakers for L/R and phantom centre duties.

Setup Macros and Stored Configurations

If you use iOS, you could take a look at SonoSequencr:


You appear to have the connections you require. Can you detail the steps you're taking when you try to play via the Sonos app to the Sonoro?


Edited ... I misread your post.


You haven't mentioned what turntable you have but from the information you've provided, you need to make the following two connections: (1) Turntable RCA -> SONORO RCA in (AUX IN 1) (2) SONORO RCA Li...

Dolby Atmos

Sonos might equally be data gathering to confirm a strategic decision not to implement Atmos.

Access my own diagnostic?

The information in (substitute the IP address for the IP of one of your Sonos speakers) is also helpful, especially the 'Network Matrix', which shows the noise...

Need Help, Clunky utilization of New Sonos AMP :(

I choose to believe what’s been proven using valid methods of proof. I’d call that the opposite of uninformed, by definition. You’re entirely free to believe unproven things: lots of people do, but yo...

My Alexa suddenly has an evil twin? Never know who i am talking to.

You could just switch off the microphone in the Beam.

Play:1 not quiet enough on lowest volume

Try it. It definitely worked when I tested it, out of curiosity.

Play:1 not quiet enough on lowest volume

Set the Volume Limit to 50%, in Room Settings. This appears to reduce the minimum volume by a similar factor.

Need Help, Clunky utilization of New Sonos AMP :(

Point me to just one where a properly controlled ABX test was conducted. (The majority of hi-fi reviews and opinions are good entertainment, but garbage from an empirical perspective.)

Dolby Atmos

Well, we're just arguing over semantics and the definition of 'interested' in this context, but it is literally not the same thing. Sonos might have absolutely no interest in implementing Atmos, but a...

Concerning Sonos SUBS

I run two P:5 (gen2) stereo pairs, one with SUB, one without. The SUB makes a definite difference, but it's not 'night and day' because -- as others have observed -- the P:5s themselves have very good...

S5 pair -- two line-in, is that an option?

Yes, this works perfectly. Remember that your turntable will require a pre-amp, either built-in or external, to provide a line level input.

Speakers close to the Boost are disappearing. Wifi interferences?

The coloured boxes show the actual connection paths in use at the time of the matrix snapshot. The grey boxes show the signal strengths on the unused wireless paths. At a given point in time, SonosNet...

Wanting to use sonos to make a home theater with front channels

Honestly, I'd just buy a good quality traditional AV amp and 5.1 speakers, and add a CONNECT as a source. Make sure you have high quality front L & R speakers for stereo duties, and an AV amp with the...

Is the Play:1 overkill as rear effects speakers?

I think a lower-cost SUB would be a preferable product for Sonos to work on -- something that would partner a BEAM or a stereo pair of PLAY:1 or One speakers at a comparable cost. Target $1000 for a f...

Dolby Atmos

All this tells you is that Sonos is interested in finding out if customers are interested.

Minimum Volume is too loud to enjoy background music.

This is one of those strange 'parallel universe' threads. The minimum volume (i.e., volume set to 1/100) on all my PLAY:1 and ONE speakers is so low as to be practically inaudible at close proximity,...

Airplay on a Mac

The benefit is that the speakers do the work, so music playback is independent of the controlling device (apart from the case where music is being pulled from a local library on the device). It means...


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